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Costco Rolling Out Controversial New Shopping Carts: "I Loathe These"

Shoppers seem to be divided on the wholesale retailer's recent update.

There's nothing worse while at the store than grabbing a shopping cart that you can barely push because of a wonky wheel or one that sounds loud and squeaky. But while you can usually go back and swap it out, what do you do if it's not just a case of one bad cart in the batch? Recently, retailers have been introducing new shopping carts that are causing mixed feelings among shoppers. Read on to learn how Costco is the latest store with a cart controversy.

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A Dec. 6 Reddit post in the r/Costco subreddit called attention to an update from the wholesale retailer. "New carts," user @joeblow112233 wrote, sharing a photo of one from their Costco store. "Anyone else have the new rides?"

New shopping carts from Costco

In the comment section, many customers chimed in, with some saying they got these new carts at their local Costco store as long as two years ago. But as the retailer continues to roll them out at more locations, shoppers seem divided on whether or not they like the update.

Some appear to agree with the original Reddit poster, who indicated that the carts "ride like a dream." Another user from Livonia, Michigan, commented that they had just gotten the new shopping carts as well, writing that they are "great rides." One Redditor even called them "high quality carts" in their response.

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But not everyone is thrilled with the change. "I loathe these carts," one user replied. "'I'm short— 5'2"— and I have to lift my arms to practically shoulder level to push them. This becomes fatiguing after not very long. There's a reason that standard carts have lower handles: so that everyone can use them comfortably, not just normal-to-tall people."

Several more shoppers called out the height of the new shopping carts. "They are too high for me. It feels like I'm pushing the Harley Davidson version of a cart," one person commented. Another added, "Don't really like them, too hard to [reach] down in to get stuff out unless you move to the side."

Others also pointed out how the height makes it harder for many customers to get their kids in the cart. "The whole ergonomics of the new cart is horrible for shorter people. Whoever designed this has no idea how difficult it is for shorter/pregnant/disabled people to lift 25 to 30 pound toddlers into the seat," one Reddit user responded. "It's physically very demanding to push at this higher angle… I've written many feedback cards on this at my store."

This wasn't the only complaint, though. "I find them a little harder to steer as they're a bit blocky," one person wrote. Other customers even claim that the new shopping carts shock them. "Dude I get shocked like crazy," a user replied. Another commented, "I get shocked constantly by the new ones, and it's strong enough to hurt!"

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