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Cindy Crawford Says She's Jealous of Daughter Kaia Gerber for This Reason

The iconic '90s model wishes this part of her was more like her daughter.

Cindy Crawford is one of the most iconic models of all time, so it wasn't a shock when her daughter, Kaia Gerber, began following in her footsteps. At the age of 13, Gerber started taking on small modeling gigs; now, at 19 years old, Gerber has taken over the modeling industry, walking in the biggest fashion shows and appearing on the covers of the most notable magazines. While Crawford is of course proud of her daughter, as any parent would be, there is one aspect of Gerber that she just admitted she's jealous of. To see what it is, read on.

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Cindy Crawford said she's jealous of daughter Kaia Gerber's hair.

Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford
Venturelli/Getty Images

In the '90s, Crawford was known for her shiny, voluminous hair, among other gorgeous features. Now, as she's gotten older, 55-year-old Crawford feels like her mane is falling flat. "For me, it was like my hair finally caught up to my face," she told WSJ Magazine in a new interview, published on June 16. "As a woman, you know you're going to get wrinkles, and your hair is going to turn gray, but no one really talks about the hair itself aging."

Crawford said now she pines for Gerber's youthful hair. "When I look at my 19-year-old daughter's hair, I'm like, 'You have my old hair; give it back.'"

Becoming a model like her mom was fully Gerber's choice.

Kaia Gerber

While one may assume that Crawford would nudge her daughter into modeling, Gerber said that wasn't the case. During Vogue's 2019 Forces of Fashion conference, Gerber said Crawford "never pushed" her into the industry. Her mom was supportive and helpful, but Gerber said getting into modeling was a decision that she made on her own.

Although Gerber was eager to get started in the industry, she waited until she felt ready. "[I] didn't want to start until I felt self-confident enough and like I knew myself enough to protect myself," said Gerber.

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And it's brought the mother-daughter duo closer.

Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford
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Gerber has also said becoming a model has brought her closer to her mom. "Modeling has given my mom and me something new to bond over. I didn't really know what questions to ask her until I found myself immersed in this world that she knows so much about," Gerber wrote in Vogue in 2019.

Crawford agrees that their shared career has helped them come together in a new way. "At an age where often your 18-year-old daughter doesn't necessarily want to listen to anything you have to say, this has been something that's brought us closer," Crawford said  during Vogue's 2019 Forces of Fashion conference.

And she loves seeing the confidence modeling has given her daughter, especially when they've gone to fashion events together. "It was incredible for me as a mom to see Kaia totally feeling comfortable in this world in her element," said Crawford.

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Gerber admires how her mom separated her personal life and her career as a model when she was growing up.

Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford

Having a model as a mother could easily make you feel different from other kids. However, Gerber has said Crawford did her best to separate her work life and her personal life. "My mom always made a point of creating a healthy disconnect. She would leave her work in the studio—when she got home, the first thing she would do is go upstairs and take off her makeup. Take off the lashes. Just take everything off," Gerber wrote in Vogue.

"At home, she was just my mom, and for that, I am forever grateful," she added.

Crawford was so good at keeping her work and home life separate that Gerber didn't fully understand what her mom did for a while. "I didn't really grasp the concept of what her work meant until later when I watched her do it," wrote Gerber. "I didn't know what Naomi Campbell, for example, did, either—I just knew she was my mom's friend. Models were people long before I understood them as models."

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