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See Christie Brinkley Modeling With Her 2 Daughters

Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Alexa Ray Joel did a new shoot with their mom.

Christie Brinkley spent 25 years as the face of CoverGirl and made history on Sports Illustrated, but now, she's booked one of her most cherished modeling gigs yet. Brinkley and her daughters, Sailor Brinkley-Cook and Alexa Ray Joel, recently modeled together in a Mother's Day fashion campaign for NYDJ, formerly known as Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Keep reading to see the supermodel and her daughters posing together, and for more on another model's kid, See Heidi Klum's Adorable Selfie With Lookalike Daughter Leni.

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Brinkley taught her daughters some modeling tricks.

christie brinkley sits alongside her daughters alexa and sailor

NYDJ partnered with Brinkley and her two daughters for a new campaign ahead of Mother's Day. Joel is Brinkley's 35-year-old daughter with singer-songwriter Billy Joel and 22-year-old Brinkley-Cook is Brinkley's daughter with Peter Cook. (Brinkley also has a 25-year-old son—Jack Brinkley—with Richard Taubman.)

A behind-the-scenes video of the shoot shows the happy trio getting ready in their dressing room and modeling different outfits, including matching denim and white blouses. "It's really fun. I mean, it makes it not as intimidating when you go to work," Sailor told Entertainment Tonight of working with her mom and sister on the NYDJ set. "It makes it sort of more fun and free and comfortable, because we're all laughing at each other and not taking each other as seriously."

"I love working with them," Brinkley added. "I love doing anything with them."

Brinkley also, of course, taught her daughters how to pose. "We all do—as I guess Mom taught us—tricks at the posing, the laughing thing," Joel said. "So when we smile, to smile naturally, we all giggle a little bit."

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Brinkley revealed the key piece of advice she always tells her daughters.

christie brinkley explains the secret to beauty

While on the NYDJ set, Brinkley shared the one thing she always tells her daughters. "Bloom where you're planted," she said. "No matter what's going on in your life, there's always something that you can appreciate about it."

The mother-of-three also said in the video that she's tried to instill in them that beauty only lasts if it comes from within. "If beauty doesn't start in your heart and soul and include kindness, then it's not lasting beauty," she said.

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And they shared what their mom has taught them about beauty.

sailor brinkley-cook with her mom and sister during nydj campaign

Joel said that to her, "beauty is being creative." "It's about freedom of expression," she explained. "My mom really does have that Bohemian spirit that she imparted to me and my siblings."

Brinkley-Cook, a model like her mom who's appeared in Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and Sports Illustrated, said her mom has taught her that beauty is about how you feel, not how you look. "She doesn't need to, like, get on a face of makeup and full outfit," Sailor told Entertainment Tonight. "It's not always glam."

She continued: "With supermodels, you think that they're constantly stressed about how they look, and I think with my mom, it just comes really naturally to her. Like if she feels good, she's gonna look good. She focuses on feeling good, which is definitely important."

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Joel said there's much more to her mom than her supermodel prowess.

Alexa ray joel sits next to her mom christie brinkley, sister sailor

Joel told Entertainment Tonight that Brinkley is also a woman of many more talents than just modeling.

"She's an incredible painter!" she said. "People don't realize she's really a renaissance woman. She's multi-talented. She has beautiful penmanship as well. Like, I actually tried to copy her cursive because it's so good. She's very, very, very artistic, and she instilled that in me."

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