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See Laura Dern's Model Son on His First Magazine Cover

The actor's son with ex Ben Harper is also an emerging musician.

His mom is an Oscar and an Emmy winner, his dad is a musician, and his maternal grandparents are both actors too, so Ellery Harper, the son of Laura Dern and Ben Harper, was probably destined to go into the business. At just 19, Ellery has his first album under his belt and is covering his first magazine in his other emerging career, modeling. Read on to see Ellery's cover debut and to hear what his famous mom has to say about his accomplishments. And for another star's kid breaking out in the modeling world, check out Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Looks Just Like Her in New Ads.

Ellery is gracing the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine.

Ellery Harper on the cover of ODDA Magazine
ODDA Magazine

At 19, Ellery is covering his first magazine. ODDA, an arts and culture publication out of New York City, debuted the cover on Instagram on Mar. 1. Ellery is one of eight artists appearing on eight different covers of the magazine's Spring/Summer 2021 issue.

In the caption, ODDA calls the young musician and model "the face of the next generation of multifaceted creatives." The outlet continues, "From a very early age Ellery has been passionate about music and fashion, both of which have been part of his quotidian since birth. The son of actress Laura Dern and musician Ben Harper, Ellery has been exploring his different aesthetic tastes across multiple creative fields, building strong relationships with a number of different fashion designers and discovering what truly matters to him as an artist. Ellery's new EP is a clear melodic reflection of an artist who is deep in the throes of self discovery, each song a signpost along his voyage of maturity. An ongoing process where the worlds of music and fashion mix to create his unique origins story."

The caption goes on to highlight that this is his first ever cover story and that Ellery was interviewed by ODDA's founder David Martin about his "creative process as a musician, model and artistic being who is enjoying the process of self discovery."

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Ellery is one of Dern's two children.

Ben Harper, Ellery Harper, Jaya Harper, and Laura Dern in 2009

Dern was married to musician Ben Harper from 2005 to 2013, and they share two children. Ellery was born in 2001, and his sister Jaya arrived in 2004.

Ellery graduated high school in the spring of 2020, and Dern shared the proud moment with her Instagram followers. "My boy's day!!" she captioned a series of photos of her and her son, who celebrated his lockdown graduation at home. "Happy Graduation, amazing Ellery! Class of 2020!!!!!!!!"

She also shared ODDA's post about Ellery to her Instagram Story, adding the text, "So proud of my boy and his art."

And if all that doesn't prove that she's her son's biggest fan, check out her Instagram bio: It's a link to Ellery's EP, Lost at Sea.

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He's already been modeling for a few years.

Laura Dern and Ellery Harper in 2019
Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

ODDA may be his first cover story, but it's not his first modeling gig by a long shot. Ellery walked in his first runway show in 2018 when he was just 17. WhoWhatWear reports that Calvin Klein designer Raf Simons had actually wanted him to walk the previous year. "[Ben] wanted him to wait a little bit more," Dern told the publication at the 2017 show, explaining that Ellery's dad thought he was still a little too young to be strutting down the runway. When he finally did make his runway debut, Dern was cheering him on from the front row.

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One of his mom's most popular roles led to an awkward moment at school.

Ellery Harper and Laura Dern Instagram

You don't have to be a wealthy Monterey mom to appreciate Dern's HBO series Big Little Lies, as Ellery learned when he was still in high school. The actor told Town & Country in 2019 that her son ended up in an awkward conversation during lunch at a summer program he was attending, when some of his peers were discussing the popular mystery drama. He stayed quiet as they talked, prompting someone to ask him if he even liked the show.

"It's not that," he said, per Dern. "It's just…my mom is Renata Klein."

"I love that he didn't say Laura Dern. He said his mom was Renata!" the star continued, laughing about her angry and entitled character. "I was like, 'That this happened to you around that character, of all characters.' Poor thing."

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