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See Christy Turlington's 17-Year-Old Lookalike Daughter

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this famous family.

If you were alive in the '90s, Christy Turlington needs absolutely no introduction. Known as one of the original "Big Five" supermodels, alongside industry icons Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Tatjana Patitz, the famed Calvin Klein model transcended runways and magazine covers to become one of the biggest household names in fashion.

Now 52, Turlington is married to actor and director Edward Burns, with whom she shares two teenage children. These days, it's 17-year-old Grace Burns who's making headlines as a budding social media star. Blessed with her supermodel mom's good looks, it's no surprise that the legend's lookalike daughter is stepping into the spotlight. Read on to see the fashion icon and her mini side-by-side, and for more on your favorite celebrity families, See Kate Winslet's 20-Year-Old Daughter, Who's Taking Over Hollywood.

She's a hit on TikTok.

Grace Burns Christy Turlington Daughter
Instagram / Grace Burns

With over 86,000 followers, Grace's TikTok account consists mostly of lip synching videos with her friends, glimpses into her life in New York City, and the occasional photo tribute to her famous mom and dad. In fact, her supermodel mom has made more than one guest appearance, surprising fans by rapping along to a Nicki Minaj track, lip synching famous lines from Grey's Anatomy, and performing dance routines with her daughter. And for more celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox sign up for our daily newsletter.

She shares her mom's love of fashion and modeling.

Grace Burns in blue sweater and gloves
Instagram / Grace Burns

On TikTok, Grace has recently enjoyed showing off her fashion sense, even donning some of her mother's iconic looks in one popular video clip. She clearly inherited her mom's natural aptitude for modeling—and she has Turlington's full support, which the model frequently voices in comments on her daughter's posts. "When you get can't decide which pic is cuter. I love the last one," said the proud mom wrote under one snap. And for more grown-up kids of legendary celebs, See David Bowie and Iman's Daughter at 20.

They also share a passion for social justice.

Christy Turlington and daughter Grace
Instagram / Grace Burns

When Turlington gave birth to Grace in 2003, she famously suffered complications that she says could have been life-threatening without the excellent care she was provided. To make sure every mother has access to those same lifesaving resources, she founded Every Mother Counts, a medical justice and maternal care nonprofit.

In an interview with InStyle, the supermodel shared that Grace has now joined her in supporting the cause. The 17-year-old has also promoted racial justice organizations on her Instagram account—something her mother does with frequency on her own social media. "When you don't tell your kids what to do, when you don't say, 'You should do this, and you should be thankful for this,' they get it themselves," Turlington told the magazine.

For now, she's busy being a kid.

grace burns against red wall
Instagram / Grace Burns

Yes, she may have her parents' good looks and an ease in front of the camera that evokes her mother's legendary ad campaigns, but Grace is still just 17 and in no rush for a career. When questioned about the possibility of her daughter modeling professionally, Turlington reportedly said, "There is no job that cannot wait for a girl to become a woman." For now, we'll happily settle for more mom-and-daughter TikTok content, please and thank you. And for an update on one of Turlington's contemporaries, Christie Brinkley's 22-Year-Old Daughter Looks Exactly Like Her.

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