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Supermodel Elle Macpherson Poses With Her Lookalike Sons for "Elle"

The supermodel called shooting the cover together a "momentous" occasion for her family.

Elle Macpherson isn't the only member of her family to take the world of fashion by storm. The supermodel recently landed the cover of Elle France with her two sons, Flynn and Cy Busson, 22 and 17 respectively.

The cover shoot was a full-circle moment for Macpherson; the image of the family was captured by famed photographer Gilles Bensimon, who had shot Macpherson for the French magazine nearly four decades prior. Read on to find out what Macpherson had to say about posing with her kids and to see their photos together. And for more celebrity kids who are strutting their stuff now, check out Paul Walker's Daughter Just Landed Her First Major Modeling Gig.

Macpherson called the cover an "homage to family."

elle macpherson and her two sons in dark outfits posing on Elle France cover
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Shooting the Elle France cover, which was subsequently posted by both Macpherson and her sons to Instagram, was a "momentous" occasion, according to the supermodel.

"The release of this image, an homage to family with our sons @cyfly08 @cybusson is momentous," Macpherson captioned her pic of the cover. "Not because it's the cover of an iconic magazine, but because it's a celebration of long lasting evolving relationships, friendships, family, love, and life." And for more celebrity doppelgängers, See James Gandolfini's Lookalike Son as Tony in the "Sopranos" Prequel.

This isn't the first time the famous family has landed a magazine cover together.

elle macpherson in a blue dress and her two sons in suits with no shirts on vogue australia cover
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While the Elle France cover may represent a major milestone for Macpherson and her sons, it isn't the first time they've joined forces in front of the camera.

In 2019, Elle and her sons graced the cover of Vogue Australia together, an experience Flynn described as "such a privilege." And for more celebrity kids making waves in the fashion world, see how much Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Looks Just Like Her in New Ads.

Both brothers are making names for themselves as solo models, too.

elle macpherson and her two sons wearing all white and sitting on a table next to a brown dog
Cy Busson / Instagram

The Busson brothers, whose father is French financier Arpad Busson, aren't just riding their mother's coattails in the fashion industry, however. Flynn is currently represented by top modeling agency IMG Models, while Cy is represented by Next Models Miami and has posed for Kenzo print campaigns. And for the latest celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

Macpherson has made a point to keep her kids focused on school, too.

flynn busson in cap and gown emerging from a brick building
Elle Macpherson / Instagram

While both of Macpherson's sons have burgeoning modeling careers, the supermodel has been just as supportive of their academic achievements. In 2020, Macpherson had nothing but praise for Flynn as he graduated from college.

"Congratulations on your brilliant academic life. It seems only yesterday you were this young boy or the teenager graduating high school," Macpherson captioned a throwback photo of Flynn at his high school graduation. "We are so proud of the man you've become and how you've evolved and adjusted to life's twists and turns and flourished with humor, grace and elegance." And for another celebrity kid who's balancing school and an acting/modeling career, check out Milla Jovovich's Lookalike Daughter's New "Vogue" Shoot.

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