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20 Best Bargain-Friendly Buys at Best Buy

Electronics and home essentials at only the best prices.

When Best Buy was founded back in 1966, it was an audio-specialty store called Sound of Music. It wasn't until 1983 that the retailer rebranded to Best Buy, due to the fact that it had begun to sell far more than just audio supplies and needed a name to reflect that. Today, the electronics powerhouse is a far cry from the small audio equipment store it once was; with more than 1,000 locations across North America, Best Buy is largely considered the place to go for everything from cameras and cell phones to appliances and audio equipment.

However, it's not just the store's ubiquity or even vast selection that makes Best Buy such a great place to shop. Rather, people flock to the superstore because, in every department and throughout every aisle, there are always deals to be had. Herein, we've rounded up some of the best cheap items from Best Buy.

JLab Audio Wireless Earbuds

JLab Earbuds {Cheap Items from Best Buy}
Best Buy

$50; buy now at

If the infamous Apple AirPods are simply out of your price range, then consider buying these wireless earbuds from JLab Audio instead. With a charging case that provides 10 hours of battery, three different audio settings, and a built-in microphone, these sound-blasting buds work hard and play hard.

Hatchimals Two-Pack Blind Box

Hatchimals Toy {Cheap items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$5$2; buy now at

Who could forget Hatchimals? In 2016, the $60 hatching eggs sold out worldwide just weeks before Christmas, leading to price hikes on third-party marketplaces by hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Luckily, the demand for the toy has died down a bit since then, but that's not to say they've fallen out of favor.

Kids still go crazy for all of the various Hatchimal products on the market, and so whenever you see a deal on one—like this sale on a two-pack of collEGGtibles—you should snatch it up and save it for the next major holiday or gift-giving celebration.

Insignia Bluetooth Speaker with Google Assistant

Best Buy Smart Alarm Clock {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$100$46; buy now at

If you've been waiting for the right moment to invest in smart home technology but simply haven't had the nerve to pull the trigger, then consider this divine intervention. Right now, the Insignia voice-activated Bluetooth speaker is down from $100 to just $46—and in addition to Google Assistant, it also comes with an LED clock display and the ability to sync with other Google Home products. Talk about a smart purchase!

Samsung Wireless Charger Bundle

Samsung Wireless Charger {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$70$31; buy now at

Wireless chargers are a great investment, and even more so when they're on sale for more than 50 percent off. This Samsung wireless charging pad in particular can bring any smartphone to full charge in just a few hours—and as a bonus, it also comes with a dual-port car charger that you can use on road trips or even just en route to work.

Caribou Coffee French Press

Caribou Coffee French Press {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$30$16; buy now at

Consider making this fancy French press your next impulse purchase. The next time you have folks over for frittata, you can whip out this bargain buy and brew up to five cups of juicy java in just a few minutes. Plus, the glass container is dishwasher-safe, so you won't have to worry about hand-washing everything once your breakfast bash has wrapped up.

Serta 61" Loveseat Sofa

Serta Loveseat {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$362$174; buy now at

On its own, this loveseat already has a lovably sleek and simple look, but what makes it even better is its price. Down from $362 to just $174, this 61" sofa costs less than most chairs, and it's the perfect size to fit in a home office or small bedroom.

LG Soundbar System

LG Soundbar System {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$280$130; buy now at

Everything you need to transform your built-in television speakers into a surround sound system can be yours for just $130. Don't believe us? Then perhaps 1,410 positive reviews will convince you otherwise. Customers who have purchased this soundbar system bundle rave that the "sound and the bass is solid for TV" and "you really get a lot of bang for your buck out of this unit."

Insignia Pressure Cooker

Insignia Pressure Cooker {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$100$30; buy now at

Take your meal prep to the next level with the kitchen gadget people can't get enough of: the pressure cooker. Usually, the small appliance is too expensive a purchase to justify, but right now at Best Buy you can pick it up for just $30. And not only does it cook all of your favorite foods—like chicken, rice, soup, vegetables, and fish—in half the time, but it also doesn't need to be watched, so you can simply set it and forget it.

Dyson Vacuum

Dyson Vacuum {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$400$250; buy now at

Though Dyson products are some of the most sought-after, they're also extremely expensive. That's why whenever you spot a deal on anything from the company, you should act on it before it disappears. This upright vacuum, for instance, normally retails for $400, but if you buy it now you only have to spend $250. And seeing as the cleaning appliance has more than 2,000 reviews on Best Buy's site and a 4.7-star rating, this won't be a purchase you'll soon regret.

Vibrating Scalp Massager

Vibrating Scalp Massager {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$60$18; buy now at

Do you need a vibrating scalp massager to "release tension from your head and neck" and "evenly distribute shampoo, conditioner, or hair oil"? Probably not, no. However, it's hard to resist the rejuvenating product when it's on sale for 70 percent off. Plus, with reviewers describing the product as feeling "like 1,000 angels kissing your scalp," your head will thank you for this bargain buy.

Toshiba 43" LED Smart TV

Toshiba Smart TV {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$330$230; buy now at

Say hello to the 43" Toshiba LED Smart TV. It includes a built-in Fire TV so you can easily stream all your favorite shows, plus a voice remote with Amazon Alexa technology. Oh, and the best part? At Best Buy, it's on sale for just $230.

Insignia 14-Bottle Wine Cooler

Insignia Wine Cooler {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$130$100; buy now at

No room in your humble abode for a wine cellar? No problem. With this wicked cool wine cooler, you can both proudly display your collection of vinos and ensure that they're being stored at the proper temperature. And seeing as the cooler is so cheap, you'll still have plenty of cash left over after your purchase to spend on a nice vintage or two for your collection.

Bobsweep Robot Vacuum and Mop

Bobsweep Robot Vacuum {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$670$200; buy now at

Pet hair, crumbs, dirt—if it's on your floor and it shouldn't be, then the Bobsweep robotic vacuum will take care of it. While you're out and about, the smart technology will get to work cleaning your floors for you—and by the time you return, your carpets and wooden surfaces will be spotless.

Philips Hue Multicolor Starter Kit

Philips Hue Lights {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$190$120; buy now at

Smart technology knows no limits. Case in point: these multicolor smart bulbs exclusive to (and currently on sale at) Best Buy. With this kit, you can replace up to three bulbs in your house and connect them to any smart speaker. Once everything is set up, simply let your assistant know what you want to do—dim the lights, turn the lights off, change the lights' colors—and voila. If you really want to get crazy, you can even set these bad boys up to sync with your music, TV shows, and video games.

Michael Kors Smartwatch

Michael Kors Smartwatch {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$350$250; buy now at

Meet the smartwatch that's as stylish as it is smart. Surrounded by a pave-lined bezel, the face of this watch will tell you the time and date, of course, but also notify you of new emails, inform you of upcoming meetings, and keep you up-to-date on your social media notifications. Normally the Michael Kors wrist accessory is $350, but right now on Best Buy it's on sale for a much more reasonable $250 (given what it's capable of).

Bio-key Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprint Lock {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$70$35; buy now at

It's hard—nay, impossible—to forget the code to your lock when it's just your fingerprint! And if you share your lock with a friend or family member, then worry not, because this bluetooth-enabled sensor lock can store up to 20 fingerprints. (Also, should it so happen that you can't unlock your lock, you can always use your phone to activate the backup mode.)

Samsonite Suitcase

Samsonite Suitcase {Cheap items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$230$138; buy now at

Samsonite is a luggage brand that you can trust. This sale-priced suitcase model specifically has a "unique wheel system" and a "wide height-adjustable handle" that makes it easy to lug through the airport with "minimal strain on your arms and back."

Vanity Planet Electric Hair Brush

Vanity Planet Electric Hair Brush {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$140$41; buy now at

If a hairbrush that straightens your hair while you brush it sounds too good to be true, then pinch yourself, because you're not dreaming. On sale now for 70 percent off, this electric brush slashes prep time in half by combining the brushing, blow drying, and flat ironing steps into one. "I have extremely curly frizzy hair and this will smooth it out in no time," one happy customer says.

Beats by Dre Powerbeats Wireless

Powerbeats {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$200$100; buy now at

Beats by Dre on sale, you say? You better believe it. And that's not even where the perks of this Best Buy purchase end. If you buy a pair of Beats by Dre Powerbeats now, you also receive a free three-month subscription to Apple Music!

Insignia Air Fryer

Insignia Air Fryer {Cheap Items From Best Buy}
Best Buy

$100$40; buy now at

Eat all of your favorite fried foods without the added fat with an air fryer. Rather than using bucketloads of oil, the machine circulates hot air and "creates a crispy outer layer that locks in moisture" with "little to no oil." Even if you don't plan on air-frying foods every day, $40 is a good enough price that you can justify the purchase.

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