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These Are the Best Places to Score Savings on a New Phone

One man's iPhone 8 Plus can be another man's treasure.

Nowadays, smartphones are something of a necessary evil. Yes, they're expensive and easy to get addicted to. But they also keep us organized, provide directions, and make it possible to stay connected with friends and family. So, if you've accepted the reality that you can't escape cell phones, you might as well make sure you're not overspending on yours, right? We've scoped out the retailers that have all the latest iPhones and Androids for a fraction of what they're worth. It turns out, it's not as difficult to save money on a phone as you might've thought. Now, if spending too much time on your phone is becoming a problem, you should explore these 11 Easy Ways to Conquer Your Smartphone Addiction.

Best Buy

Best Buy exterior {Save Money on a New Phone}

You might not be able to save money on a brand-spanking-new phone at Best Buy, but there are still plenty of phone-related savings in store here. The electronics retailer has a refurbished and pre-owned phones section, offering devices in certified working condition for far less than face value. (Think an iPhone 7 for $350 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 for $400.)

But that isn't the only thing that makes Best Buy a great place to save money on a phone. Every now and then, you'll get perks like gift cards or free accessories if you buy a smartphone at Best Buy.


Screenshot of Swappa Website {Save Money on Electronics}

It may sound risky to shop at an online marketplace for old smartphones. But those who've bought from Swappa have nothing but good things to say about it. "You won't find a better online market," one Reddit user remarked.

Another noted that they've had "no issues at all with activation of any of the phones" they've bought through Swappa. "When it's time for new phones, we'll most likely buy from Swappa again," the Redditor said.


Gazelle Website Homepage {Save Money on a New Phone}

Gazelle is another virtual marketplace similar to Swappa. And a few years ago, an editor at CNET took a trip down to Gazelle's facility in Louisville, Kentucky, and detailed the rigorous process the company puts each pre-owned phone through before it gets listed on the site.

What they found is that Gazelle doesn't just act as a marketplace, but also as a quality assurance inspector of sorts. "A 'small subset' of iPhones can be sold 'as is,'" CNET reports. "Gazelle repairs others, sometimes by using components from other phones that were traded in, before selling them to consumers." Thanks to this intricate inspection and repair process, what you see is what you get on Gazelle. And if you're not satisfied or if something isn't what you thought it would be, the company has a 30-day return policy.



Glyde sells all of the best smartphone models in both new and used condition for far less than anything you'd ever pay retail. (A $980 iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB of storage, for instance, starts at just $600 on the site.) The risk here is low, too. Defective items or items shipped in error are returnable within 14 days of purchase—and Glyde will even handle the shipping.


B & H Homepage {Save Money on a New Phone}
B & H

Audio and video equipment isn't all that B&H sells. Both online and in store, the electronics outlet has hundreds of used and virtually new phones for sale. Plus, they're rated from 1-10 in order to give you a sense of the condition they're in.

For example, you can get a Google Pixel 2 with 128 GB of storage for $590—and it's rated a 10! That's more than $100 in savings from Google's current price.


costco {Save Money on a New Phone} {Costco Store-Brand}

At Costco, you can save money on a new phone as long as you're paying attention to the warehouse store's promotions. Right now, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and get $200 back in Costco cash. Or, if you'd prefer an iPhone XS, XS Max, or XS, you'll get a $100 Costco cash card—as long as you're an AT&T user.


Computer, laptop open with Craigslist {Always Buy on Craigslist}

Sure, there are sketchy sellers on Craigslist, but it is possible to buy a cell phone on the site that's legitimate—and to save in the process. Of course, before buying a used phone from Craigslist, you should always ask to meet a seller in a safe place where you can examine the phone carefully.


samsung genius facts

Looking to save money by buying a pre-owned phone, but worried you might get scammed? Then just buy it straight from the original retailer! If you're an Android user, for instance, you can head to a Samsung store or to the Samsung site to shop for a certified pre-owned phone. Each device comes a with 12-month manufacturer warranty and a brand-new charger and accessories, just like a brand-new phone would.


Apple Store Dad Jokes

No, Apple unfortunately doesn't have secret sales on phones that we can get you access to. What the company does have, however, is an extensive inventory of pre-owned iPhones, many of which you can buy via the Apple website.


Newegg website {Save Money on a New Phone}

Online retailer Newegg is known in the tech community for selling both new and used electronics on the cheap, cell phones included.

Scroll through the site and you'll come across a Samsung Galaxy S9 for more than $200 off and a brand-new 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus for under $800. And now that you know how to save money on a phone, become a savvy spender in every aspect of life with these 20 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money.

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