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17 Stores That Will Give You Discounts for Bringing in Old Stuff

Reduce, reuse, recycle (and get paid in the process).

Buying new clothes and shiny new electronics is always fun. Getting rid of old items, though? Not nearly as exciting. But what if we were to tell you that there was a way to get rewarded for recycling your unwanted items? Yes, believe it or not, there are a surprising number of stores out there that will actually give you money and coupons just for bringing in old garments, electronics, and even empty makeup containers. Herein, we've rounded up a list of retailers who provide discounts for old items.


H&M Storefront {Discounts For Old Items}

H&M has garment-collecting boxes located in stores all over the world. As the brand states on their website, "the ambition has always been to make it as easy as possible for the customers to give their garments a new life." And as a thank you for recycling, the cheap clothing retailer gives out 15 percent off vouchers to everyone who puts something in the garment box—even if it isn't from H&M.


Inside of a Kiehl's Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Since beauty brand Kiehl's is far from cheap, every last ounce of product counts. And believe it or not, you can score a little bit more for free just by holding on to your cleaned-out containers and bringing them to a store. The brand hosts a recycling program that rewards people for helping the environment—so for every 10 empty containers you bring in, you'll receive a complimentary travel-sized product!


GameStop store {Discounts For Old Items}

At GameStop, you can trade in your old video games, consoles, and even cell phones and receive either cash or trade credit. Plus, there are always special trade offers going on at the game store; right now, for instance, you can get 20 percent extra credit when you trade in at least three games or a $25 bonus when you trade in an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch.


A Levi's Jean Store in the Mall {Discounts For Old Items}

Naturally, Levi's' recycling program revolves around everything denim. You can go to any Levi's location in the world to drop off your old miniskirts, jeans, and vests and leave with a coupon for 20 percent off a single item.


Outside of a Staples Store {Discounts For Old Items}

If you have an old electronic you're looking to get rid of, consider taking it to Staples. The office supply store accepts smartphones, tablets, laptops, and eReaders in various used conditions—and in return, they give out store gift cards for amounts determined by what's being traded in. Use their handy estimator to get an idea of what your stuff might be worth. For example, a functioning 256GB Apple iPhone 7 will likely result in a $29 gift card.

MAC Cosmetics

A Mac Cosmetics Store Where People Are Buying Makeup {Discounts For Old Items}

The Back-To-MAC program makes it easy to recycle old cosmetic containers and get rewarded in the process. Every time you return six MAC containers either at a MAC store or via mail, you are eligible to receive a free MAC lipstick of your choosing.


Apple Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Apple devices are unarguably expensive, but you can at least save yourself a few bucks by trading in your old fruit-embellished electronics before you buy any new ones. Depending on which iPhone model you own and the condition of your device, for instance, you can trade in your old smartphone at the Apple store and pay as little as $449 for a brand new iPhone XR.


Shopping Inside a Walmart Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Video games and voice-activated speakers are just two of the many electronics you can exchange for a gift card at Walmart. If you're not certain about trading in your device but want to know how much it could be worth, you can simply answer a few questions about the condition of the console on Walmart's website and receive a free estimate.


A Cart Outside of Target {Discounts For Old Items}

Like most of the other superstores, Target accepts technology trade-ins in exchange for store credit—but the retailer doesn't stop there. You can also bring in unwanted gift cards from a surprising number of stores and exchange those, too, for a Target gift card loaded with the same exact amount.


A Samsung Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Samsung's trade-in promotion makes it possible for customers to bring in their old devices and in exchange receive an "instant trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new qualifying Galaxy device," per the company's website. There are some caveats, though. In order to receive a credit, your device must power on, have a fully functioning display, and meet the other requirements listed on Samsung's site.

Best Buy

Best Buy exterior {Discounts For Old Items}

From televisions and wearable tech to video games and the consoles you play them on, Best Buy has a trade-in category for virtually every electronic out there. In exchange for old devices with life left in them, the retailer gives out Best Buy gift cards—and if your tech is dead and gone for good, then you can give it to the company to be properly recycled.

& Other Stories

And Other Stories, & Other Stories Storefront {Discounts For Old Items}
Ivan Marc/Shutterstock

Launched in 2013, & Other Stories is one of the newer brands under the H&M Group umbrella. Like its parent company, & Other Stories has an in-store recycling program where you can bring in old textiles and even empty lip gloss tubes for different discounts on future purchases.


Madewell Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Madewell wants to do well when it comes to helping the environment. That's why they've created a denim recycling program, in which customers can bring their pre-loved pairs of jeans into the store to be recycled and in exchange receive $20 off of their next denim purchase.

The North Face

north face company {Discounts For Old Items}

The North Face understands that sometimes people outgrow their garments, both in size and in style. That's why they've partnered with the non-profit Soles4Souls to collect old shoes and articles of clothing at all of their retail and outlet locations. And, as an incentive to recycle, the brand gives out vouchers to anyone who donates for $10 off of a purchase of $100 or more.


Lush Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Lush's 5-pot program is easy to take advantage of. Simply bring five empty and rinsed-out black Lush pots into your local shop, and the store will reward you with a free face mask.


A Sign For a Patagonia Store {Discounts For Old Items}

Don't throw away your Patagonia sweaters just because you don't like the style anymore. So long as they're in good condition, the store will accept them as trade-ins and in return give you a credit to use on either or on their website. Technical fleeces and cashmere sweaters can result in returns up to $40.


microsoft logo

Microsoft's trade-in program is as easy as 1-2-3. One: Bring your used device to a Microsoft store to trade it in. Two: Receive a Microsoft store credit for said device. Three: Spend your store credit on a brand new device of your choosing! And if you love technology, then check out these 20 Things You Didn't Know Your Smartphone Could Do.

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