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5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Big Game Party When You're Over 60

Plan a get-together your friends and family won't forget.

Super Bowl LVII is fast approaching, with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs facing off on Sunday, Feb. 12. But you don't have to be a diehard football fan to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday—getting together to celebrate often features lots of apps, fun, and perhaps a few adult beverages, if you feel inclined to indulge. Later in life, your viewing parties might be slightly more laidback, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be fun for everyone involved. Read on to discover five tips for throwing the perfect Super Bowl party when you're over 60.

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Switch up the food and drink menu.

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Super Bowl Sunday is pretty much a universal "cheat day," so you shouldn't feel guilty about preparing or enjoying tasty treats. When you're throwing a party for the older set, however, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

"Throwing a successful Super Bowl party when you're over 60 requires a bit of extra care and attention," Bruce Kramer, managing partner of Buttercup Venues, tells Best Life. "Make sure to tailor your food choices to the age group. This means selecting lighter snacks that won't weigh them down during the game. Finger foods like chips and salsa or veggie trays are great options."

Michael Sessler, senior director of dining and services at retirement community Mirabella at ASU, says you should also remember you're catering to a more refined palette. When crafting your menu, he suggests adding sliced grilled sausages served with different mustards or "upscale chips and dip."

"Instead of making a typical onion dip, make a dip with shallots and goat cheese or caramelized onions and blue cheese," he says, noting that these options are great for all adults, regardless of age.

Alcohol is often served at these get-togethers, so you'll want to shake things up there as well. Don't limit the selection to beer—add a few different wines or even a mimosa bar if you're feeling fancy. And make sure you have mocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages, "so everyone can stay hydrated throughout the festivities," Kramer says.

In general, prepare what you can in advance so that you can enjoy the party, too!

Consider your seating arrangements.

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Of course, the purpose of a Super Bowl party is to actually watch the big game, meaning you'll want to keep your setup in mind. Kramer recommends a specific arrangement to keep guests comfortable.

"Make sure chairs are positioned in areas with good lighting and easy access points so that all guests can be involved in the action," Kramer says.

Having a big screen is helpful, too, ensuring that everyone can see and draw their own conclusions on those close calls. If you have the luxury of multiple TVs, screening the game in two areas of the house is helpful to entertain guests who may want the volume higher or lower, according to Jenna Carson, a consultant with online music and entertainment website Music Grotto.

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Try a "vintage" theme.

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Another tip to make your party a memorable one is to introduce a theme. You don't need to go overboard, but you can make things a bit more fun—even if you have guests rooting for opposite teams.

Carson says that older guests might enjoy getting nostalgic. "Above all, I try to make it an especially fun experience by promoting the event as a 'vintage' Super Bowl party—encourage guests to wear or bring memorabilia from past Super Bowls—and give special recognition for the guest with the oldest or most memorable attire or souvenir from decades past."

Plan extra entertainment options.

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While Super Bowl commercials are known for being the best of the year—and the half-time show is always a must-see—you should have activities ready for timeouts and other moments when the game isn't on. (Your guests who aren't football fanatics will inevitably thank you, too.)

Kramer recommends planning "age-appropriate activities" to keep everyone entertained and the mood elevated. "Interactive games such as bingo, trivia, and charades are great options for this age group and will add a little friendly competition and extra fun to the evening," he explains.

According to etiquette expert Lisa Mirza Grotts music is another way to keep the good vibes rolling. "Bring out the albums," she recommends.

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Know when the party's over.

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Hosting a party is hard work, and you might be ready to call it a night sooner than your guests. Or perhaps the game ends and your guests are ready to go, but they're not sure how to make their exit.

Grotts says there are a few ways to avoid the awkward end-of-party song and dance. Send a clear message when you stop pouring the drinks and start cleaning up. Even though the latter is sometimes considered rude, "it's a way to give your guests an out," Grotts says.

You can also put the blame on yourself—after all, the Monday after the Super Bowl is still a workday, so your guests will understand if you want to hit the hay after the champs have been crowned.

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