5 Tips for Wearing Hats If You're Over 60, According to Stylists

Sure, hats are functional. But they're fun, too!

Everyone loves an accessory, but the actual act of accessorizing can be tough. For one, it's difficult to know if you're going overboard. (Seriously, how many bracelets is too many bracelets?!) But there's also the fact that certain accessories require styling know-how. Take hats, for example. While many of us are used to pulling one on in the winter, we're often less comfortable sporting them for casual wear. That's until now. Ahead, personal stylists tell us their best tips for wearing hats if you're over 60.

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Invest in a sun hat for summer.

Middle aged woman in big colorful sun hat

A sun hat isn't only about style (although they are very stylish!). They're also extremely practical, especially for people in their 60s.

"A wide-brimmed sun hat will keep the sun off our skin to help prevent skin cancer, sun spots, and overall aging," says Jodie Filogomo, founder of Jodie's Touch of Style. "I like to style mine with a scarf around the brim to add a coordinating color to the outfit I'm wearing." Wear it on your daily walks and bring it on vacation to accessorize your summery looks.

Choose a wool cloche for winter.

Blue Felt Cloche Hat

There's nothing as luxurious as adding a few winter accessories in cozy materials to your wardrobe. For women over 60, the pros suggest a wool cloche hat in a neutral color.

"These hats are a beautiful nod to vintage 1920s style while looking fashion-forward when paired with a modern coat and boots–they're also warm, too," says Melissa Fiorentino, stylist and trends forecaster at CakeStyle. "To keep the look modern, I like to style these with jeans and a scarf with a fun pattern or color." You'll look instantly pulled together.

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Try a baseball cap or beret year-round.

A middle-aged smiling woman with curly brown hair wearing a mauve peacoat and a gray beret.
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Hats aren't only for summer and winter. There are a few you can sport, no matter the season. Filogomo suggests a baseball cap. "They are more low profile, so they don't cause much attention, yet they can still be a style detail and camouflage a bad hair day," she explains. "I happen to love the quilted, velvet, or sequin baseball caps that are more feminine."

Fiorentino is partial to the beret for its classic sophistication. "You can wear it with pretty much anything, whether it's a wool coat or your favorite jeans," she says. "My favorite way to style a beret is with a trench coat, jeans, and leather sneakers, as this creates an instantly classic yet comfortable look for running errands or having lunch with friends." Give it a whirl for your next outing.

Prevent hat hair like this.

Close up portrait of an attractive older woman running her hand through her short, white/blonde hair.
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One of the most common complaints about wearing hats is the dreaded hat hair. "For the woman who worries about messing up your hair when you wear a hat, try pushing your hair to the other side when you put it on," suggests Filogomo. "For instance, if you part your hair on the right, then part it on the other side and flip your hair over before placing your hat on your head." When you take the hat off, you can flip your hair back, and it'll be totally voluminous.

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Try on a ton of hats!

multicolored winter hats

The secret to finding an incredible hat is to try a bunch and get confident wearing them. "My biggest tip for wearing hats, in general, is to try them all and take selfies in them," says Filogomo. "When we aren't used to wearing them, it seems like they don't look right no matter what shape our head. It's getting our brains used to seeing us in hats that make the biggest difference." Once you get comfortable, you'll be able to rock them easily.

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