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5 Best Things to Buy at Family Dollar

If you skip these products, you're losing out, retail experts say.

Family Dollar might not be where you go when you have a long shopping list of necessities you need to stock—but it's ideal for days you're browsing or want to pick up a few items. The retailer sells food, home basics, hygiene items, decor, and more. However, its inventory might not be as reliable as a big-box store or supermarket. It can be frustrating sometimes, sure—like if they're out of paper towels, the one thing you needed. But it also allows the shop to stock hidden treasures at incredible prices. That's why we asked retail experts to share the best things to buy at Family Dollar. Read on to learn which products the pros make it a point to purchase.

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Greeting cards

Culver City, California/United States - 4/5/19: The greeting card aisle at the grocery store

When you visit Family Dollar, make sure to hit up the greeting card aisle. "You can choose between a wide selection of birthday cards, seasonal cards, and cards for other celebrations and milestones for as little as two for $1.25," says consumer savings and smart shopping expert Andrea Woroch.

"You can also find a good selection of gift wrap, from gift bags and tissue to wrapping paper and bows, for much less than what you will pay at a big box store," she adds.

If you see something you like or a great deal, it's always a good idea to stock up—you can rest assured you'll use these items eventually.


balloons party decorations
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Family Dollar can help with other parts of your celebration, too. "You can find a good selection of balloons for birthday parties and other events that will be inflated with helium for a fraction of what you will spend at a grocery store or party supplier," says Woroch.

It's especially cost-effective if you plan to fill a room with the decorations or use them to make water balloons.

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Cleaning supplies

Bathroom cleaning products.
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You'll get some solid deals if you buy cleaning items at this store.

"Family Dollar often has very competitive pricing on items like paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, laundry detergent and dish soap—the per-unit prices tend to be lower than grocery stores and drugstores," says Loretta Kilday, spokesperson at Debt Consolidation Care. "While the quantities may be smaller, for a budget-conscious shopper, Family Dollar is a great place to stock up on these household staples and cleaning products."

You'll also find name-brand products. "They sell, Pine-Sol, Fabuloso, and Febreze, among other cleaning products," says David Bakke, shopping expert at DollarSanity. "These are nationally known, name brands, the quality is exactly the same as buying elsewhere, and obviously, the price is cheaper."

Disposable tableware

Variety of healthy party food and snacks on paper plates - fruits, vegetables and cheese

These items are great if you're hosting impromptu guests or just want to be a little lazy and not wash a dish.

"Family Dollar has good disposable tableware like paper and foam plates, napkins, plastic and paper cups, and cutlery," says Bakke. "Two ways to save here: They have name-brand stuff like Dixie and Bunty, and while you won't pay a dollar, you'll pay a lot less than if you shop at a traditional grocery store; or, they have plenty of generics, most of which are around $1 per item."

Pantry staples

Pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips made from cake mix on a wooden tray.
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Don't shy away from Family Dollar for foods that typically take a backseat in dishes.

"In terms of price, my top category at Family Dollar would be pantry items," says Bakke. "After all, it's not like you need the highest-quality canned soup or cake mixes—they also have dirt-cheap prices on condiments, spices, flour, and sugar."

Other ingredients in your recipes will balance out these more affordable ones that play less of a role.

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