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The 5 Best Household Items to Buy at Dollar General, Experts Say

Take care of everyday tasks with these products from the discount retailer.

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Besides its built-in low prices, shopping at Dollar General can be a convenient one-stop option for many of the items you need. The bargain retailer stocks everything from groceries and cosmetics to personal care products and apparel—and even stands out among its competitors. But what few may realize is that the chain is also a fantastic resource for a lot of everyday items that could be helpful around your home. Read on for the best household items to buy at Dollar General, according to retail experts.

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Cleaning Supplies

Closeup top view of unrecognizable home cleaning products with blue bucket and a mop on the side. All products placed on white tiled bathroom floor.

There's arguably nothing more important around your household than keeping it fresh and clean. Fortunately, experts say you can stay on top of it for less, thanks to the bargain retailer.

"Dollar General tends to have decent prices on things like Comet powder (21 ounces for $1), various kinds of Fabuloso (56 ounces for $4.50), toilet bowl cleaners (two 24-ounce bottles of Lysol for $5), as well as things like 60-count packages of Wet Wipes for $1," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "Again, you may be able to find better deals to some degree at big box stores, but these aren't huge markups and they're name-brand products, so you should have an idea of their performance rather than risking trying a store brand that may or may not be worth it."

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Paper Towels

Woman using paper towel to dry pan

Paper towels are a household expense that can add up quickly. Luckily, buying them from Dollar General can potentially save you some money.

"The bargain chain offers a two-pack of Scott Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels for $3.95," says Samantha Landau, consumer expert at "This product claims to be the equivalent of four regular-sized paper towel rolls based on total area per sheet. If you purchased this same product at Rite Aid, it would cost you $4.49."

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Food Storage Containers

Organized pantry.
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Sticking to your grocery budget isn't just limited to finding great deals on your favorite food items: It's also about making sure it stays fresh for as long as possible. Whether you want to get more of your leftovers in the fridge or organize your pantry, picking the proper containers can help.

"Dollar General has a decent selection of Rubbermaid food storage containers in various sizes and smaller multipacks," Ramhold tells Best Life. "Things like four-count packs of Rubbermaid Takealongs are made for meal-prep, and they go for around $6.50, which works out to about $1.63 each."

She points out that while the unit price might not be as good as what you could find at big-box stores, the package counts are also smaller, which may be better for some households. "Plus, if you're closer to a Dollar General store than something like a Walmart, these purchases may be worth paying a bit more per piece just because of the convenience and not having to buy more than you need," she adds.

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Air Fresheners

Room spray

It's always great to have your home looking its best. But it's just as important to have it smelling its best, too.

"The Febreze Air Freshener Aerosol two-packs at Dollar General are $5.50 and come in a variety of scents," says Landau. "When looking at other retailers, like Staples, this product is being sold for $6.10. It may not seem like a lot up front, but by shopping at Dollar General, you're saving more money—which can really add up over time."

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Liquid Dish Soap

Person using dish soap over a kitchen sink.

Even if you have a dishwasher, dish soap is vital for cleaning items that have to be hand-washed. And just because it seems like bottles go faster than you can keep up with doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on them.

"Dollar General has quite a few different kinds of dish soap, whether you prefer Dawn, Gain, Palmolive, or even its house brand," says Ramhold.

She says shoppers can find an 18-ounce bottle of their True Living dish soap for just under $2 and bottles of things like Gain Ez-Squeeze soap that cost around $2 for 14.7 ounces. "That's not as good as the store brand, but it's still definitely a good price and ideal for those who are shopping regularly at Dollar General as opposed to other retailers," says Ramhold.

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