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The 5 Best Haircuts for Fine Hair, Stylists Say

You'll see these stylish looks everywhere in 2024.

If you happen to have a naturally thick and voluminous mane, congratulations—no further action is required. However, for the many among us who have fine hair that's prone to dryness, breakage, thin volume, or limp texture, a strategic haircut may be just what the stylist ordered. In fact, experts say that five haircuts in particular can add fullness, a look of lift, and eye-catching texture, no matter how fine your hair feels. Read on to learn which looks best meet the challenge of skimpy strands, so you can look and feel your best every day.

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The 5 Best Haircuts for Fine Hair

1. Blunt bob with flipped ends

Back close view of woman with naked shoulders and backpack short bob haircut walk down stairs

Cutting your hair into a bob can add an element of thickness and structure, making the hair appear fuller, says Anna Peterson, a cosmetologist and the owner of Salon Route in Queens, New York.

If you watched this year's Golden Globe Awards, you may have noticed that bobs with flipped ends were everywhere (Emma Stone and America Ferrera are just two of the many A-listers who rocked the '90s-inspired style).

Ghanima Abdullah, a cosmetologist working with The Right Hairstyles, agrees that this is one of the best cuts for women with fine hair. "This look never goes out of style. It's a romantic version of the straight-cut bob and adds volume right at the tips so your hair looks three times bigger," she explains. "Use a curling iron or curlers to curl your hair up just past mid-length."

2. Pixie cut

Smiling mature woman with short hair and eyeglasses

Nothing screams confidence like going all in on a pixie cut—but there's another benefit, too: People with fine hair can use the look to sidestep the chore of styling. "The shorter length minimizes hair weight, allowing for natural lift at the roots," Peterson tells Best Life.

Abdullah adds that going short doesn't mean giving up on texture. "If you have fine hair, you don't want to just lop off your hair when you're cutting it short," she explains. "Go for layers on the top when you get your pixie as they add volume and movement. Short layers on the side also help your hair stack so that the scalp can't be easily seen when you have fine hair. So even if you're slicking them down, it's a good option."

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3. Angled lob

Young woman with long bob hairstyle outside

Next, Peterson recommends trying an angled lob, which can help draw the eye to your hair's geometry, rather than its strand thickness.

"A lob (long bob) with slight angles adds fullness around the face. It's versatile and works well for fine hair by providing shape without excessive layering," she says. Asymmetrical cuts offer similar benefits, adding "depth, dimension, and the illusion of more hair," she adds.

4. Soft shag or wolf cut

Chokniti-Studio / Shutterstock

Peterson says that if you're open to a bold look, a soft shag could be just the cut you need to balance out your fine hair: "A modern shag with wispy ends and minimal layers can add texture to fine hair without sacrificing volume."

Wolf cuts are similar to shags, but veer into mullet territory with some added length in the back. "The short top and longer sides and back of wolf cut layers add a special touch when your hair is fine," Abdullah explains. "The choppy look is perfect for making your hair look thicker and more voluminous."

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5. Long layers

A pretty young woman with black hair on a city street wearing burgundy red lipstick and shirt
Rido / Shutterstock

Finally, long layers frame the face while adding a glamorous and feminine touch. Peterson says they're also ideal for people with fine hair since they add dimension where things might otherwise fall flat.

"While keeping the length, long, subtle layers can add movement and volume without making the hair look sparse," the salon owner tells Best Life.

"Long layers are cut on a more severe angle, which means that the stacking starts closer to the root to help your hair puff out and keep it from being limp," agrees Abdullah.

Add a volumizing cream or texture spray to your hair before styling to achieve the best results.

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