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6 Must-Have Clothing Items If You're Curvy, Stylists Say

Flaunt your enviable assets in these must-have pieces that flatter your hourglass shape.

Having curves can come with some fit challenges when shopping for clothes, but at the same time, some pieces just seem to hang better when you have ample hips and a fuller bust. So, stylists agree it's high time to embrace your figure with their picks for the best curvy clothing items. To be clear, there aren't any particular pieces that are off-limits for curvy women. That said, the following items will definitely highlight that enviable hourglass shape.

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A-line skirt

Asian woman with glasses, black faux fur coat and orange skirt
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A-line skirts look great on just about anyone, but they're especially well-suited to curvy bodies.

"This skirt flares out gently from the waist, emphasizing the waistline and skimming over the hips and thighs," explains Susie Taaffe, a body confidence expert and founder of Skanties Anti-Shapewear. "It can create a balanced silhouette."

So, how do you style an A-line skirt? Taaffe advises pairing it with a tucked-in fitted blouse and a belt for visual balance.

Joe Manktelow-Pimm, a fashion expert and editor of 7Gents, suggests opting for skirts in bold solid colors, and pairing them with shoes that have a little height—think chunky platform loafers or booties with a block heel. He also notes that A-line skirts come in various lengths—some hit at mid-thigh while others fall a bit below the knee—so you may want to experiment with different options until you find what works for your body.

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Belted coat

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"Winter coats are typically big, bulky rectangular shapes—the opposite of what a curvy woman should wear," says Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image consultant and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling.

Kosich suggests seeking out stylish wool coats that come with a sash belt or modern-looking puffers that come with a clasp belt to taper the waist. "Wear either style of coat with knee-high boots in the same color to maintain an uncluttered look, lengthen your silhouette, and keep your waist the star of the show," she tells Best Life.

Belts in general

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Speaking of belts, Kosich notes that this one accessory is a must in any curvy woman's closet since it accentuates your hourglass shape by defining your waist. She suggests investing in a few statement belts in bold colors, widths, materials, or patterns. For instance, she says an eye-catching suede corset belt can instantly add allure to a simple body-hugging knit dress.

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Fit-and-flare dress

Curvy woman shopping with spring floral fit and flare belted dress
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There's a good reason why the fit-and-flare dress has never really gone out of style: It's supremely flattering.

"It beautifully embraces the waist and then flares out, creating a graceful and proportioned silhouette and an elegant, twirl-worthy look," explains Kathryn Rogers, a Grand Couturier at House of Klynn.

She recommends looking for dresses with well-defined waistlines to enhance your curves. "Accessorize with a statement necklace to draw the eye upward," she adds.

High-waisted jeans

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Whether you prefer boot-cut, flare, or skinny jeans, experts strongly recommend selecting styles with a mid- to high-rise.

"High-waisted jeans are a curvy person's best friend," says Rogers. "They cinch at the smallest part of your waist, highlighting your curves and creating a balanced silhouette."

As Taaffe points out, they also offer a bit more support around the midsection, rather than cutting you off right at those beautiful hips like low-rise jeans would.

Manktelow-Pimm suggests pairing your high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in blouse or sweater. And of course, don't forget to add a belt, which will draw attention to your waist.

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Wrap dress

Stylish woman wearing printed or patterned blue wrap dress
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Truthfully, no one can go wrong with a wrap dress, regardless of their body type. But stylists agree that these dresses look particularly stunning on curvy figures.

"The V-neck elongates the neck and enhances the bust, while the adjustable tie allows for a perfect customized fit," says Manktelow-Pimm.

Rogers recommends opting for solid colors or more subtle prints, and adding a wide waist belt if the dress doesn't come with one to further emphasize your waist.

"Choose flowy and breathable fabrics for comfort," adds Manktelow-Pimm. Taafe also suggests adding statement earrings to draw the eye upward toward the neckline.

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