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The Zodiac Sign That's the Biggest Blabbermouth, Astrologers Say

Your secret isn't safe with them.

Got a secret? Can you keep it? Some people can't. They're always ready to spill the tea, and they're known for talking a little too much. Whether they're acting like a know-it-all, or bursting with a tidbit of juicy gossip, these folks don't know how to zip their lips. You never want to share anything with them, because soon everyone will know what you said. Astrologers say some signs just have a knack for conversation, but these people take it a little too far. Read on to discover the zodiac sign that's the biggest blabbermouth, from classic chatty Cathys to glib gossip-mongers.

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Virgos love hearing the sound of their own voice. Whether it's sharing new information or telling you over and over that they were right about something, these folks are always running their mouths.

"If they're being overly communicative, it's common that they're complaining or being negative about themselves or someone else," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

While these folks can dish out negativity like no one else, they don't like to think of themselves as gossips. Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, says Virgos are "truth seekers, and likely to blab to fully understand and learn from the information."

Virgos are also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so it's no surprise that they can chitchat for ages.

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As an air sign, Aquarius definitely knows how to use their words. They always want to share info on their latest project or their new idea, but sometimes their loose lips should stay zipped.

"They talk a lot, and it's easy to let details slip out that were meant to be kept secret," Bennet says.

Aquarians are unlike any other sign—and they want people to know that. Rather than showing that uniqueness, they always feel the need to tell you. Once they get on their soapbox, they'll blather on until it's clear that everyone has heard what they have to say.

"They don't realize they're blabber mouths, since they simply see themselves as skilled conversationalists," Bennet says.


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Aries is known for being outspoken and impulsive, so it's no surprise that they can't keep their mouths shut at times.

"They love to express themselves, which often means they don't hold back their strong opinions and ideas around other people," Marquardt says. They need to learn to practice patience, however, because a lot of the time their words will fly out quicker than they think.

These firecrackers also love to be in charge, so they feel the need to dominate conversations—even if it's just for a short chat.


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A Leo won't necessarily stoop to the level of gossip, but Bennet says "they'll gladly drop juicy tidbits for attention, or to boost their popularity every now and then." Their egos have to be fed, so if they're the ones leading conversations, people will be all ears.

Leos have a way of drawing people in—their charisma is next-level. So if you don't want to be this fire sign's topic of the day, make sure to stay on their good side.

"They can change even the most meager story into a flamboyant tale simply to be the center of attention," Bennet says. They have a flair for the dramatic, so nothing will stop them from being a busybody.


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Gemini—the sign of the twins—is literally known for being two-faced. "No matter how much they swear to keep your secret, as soon as you're gone, they'll be eagerly sharing the latest gossip," Bennet says.

In fact, Gemini is often associated with the concept of gossip, because they're curious. They love to talk to anyone who will listen about anything and everything—they can't stand sitting in silence. And once they get going, they can't be stopped. They'll often end up blathering on about things they didn't necessarily mean to say out loud.

"They enjoy delivering news, feeding off the shock factor, and don't feel guilty doing so," Bennet adds.

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Naturally outgoing and opinionated, Sagittarius is the biggest blabbermouth of the zodiac. They don't have a filter—whatever thoughts pop into their mind will be shared with anyone around them, even if they're just rumors. And all that blabbing can get them into trouble.

Plus, they love the opportunity to go on and on about their life experiences. These fire signs enjoy trying new things, and they always want to be the first to get a word in about what they know.

"If Sagittarius learns something in conversation with someone else, they have a funny way of pretending like they already knew that information," Marquardt says, adding that, "It's hard to get a word in, unless you're asking for their opinion about something."

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