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27 Gorgeous Luxury Beach Bags You Can Use All Year

Stylish buys for fun in the sun (and the rain, and the snow).

Heading to the beach this summer? Just grab a good book, a pair of shades, a hat, a swimsuit, some flip-flops, sunscreen, a water bottle, a towel, a… Oh, who are we kidding: On any trek to the beach, a good bag is practically mandatory. But seeing as summer is just three months long, splurging on a new bag can seem unnecessary—especially if your tastes are less PBR and more Veuve Clicquot.

Well, what if your beach bag also worked for the other nine months, too? Sure, summer isn't year-round—but your bag easily can be! Just look at these 27 extremely luxurious totes—all of which work just as well in Sag Harbor as they do at Trader Joe's—for proof. And if you're on the hunt for some more affordable buys, check out these 30 Perfect Summer Sandals Under $30.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

Alberta Ferretti Je T'aime Small Tote

pink tote, luxury beach bags

$390; buy now at FWRD

Sure, this bag might say "I love you"—but add it to your repertoire, and that feeling will soon be a two-way street. Italian fashion designer Alberta Ferretti created the perfect tote: Big enough to throw a towel in for a beach trip, but practical enough to carry every day. 

Dior Book Tote Bag in Embroidered Canvas

red dior tote, luxury beach bags

$2,700; buy now at Dior

This burgundy embroidered canvas tote is basically the definition of "luxury"—and, by the way, it's seriously trending right now. Just look at how Instagram influencer Julie Sarinaña rocks the bag while wearing an oversized white button down, a pair of Camila Coelho's pink-hearted piper shorts, and a big straw beach hat.

STAUD Framed Shirley Bag

translucent tote, luxury beach bags

$225; buy now at Shopbop

Just ask celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna: The clear bag trend is all the rage—and Staud, the L.A. based "it" brand, is leading the charge. They're all about making high fashion accessible, meaning this is one bag that's as pretty as it is practical—and priced pretty affordably, too. Best of all, there's an inside zip pocket, which means you can cash in on this translucent trend without the world seeing exactly what you're toting around. And for more enviable accessories, snag one of these 30 Stylish Summer Hats Under $30.

Loewe Basket Chain Bag

woven basket with chain straps, luxury beach bags

$1,350 $1,080; buy now at FWRD

Get used to people stopping and staring, because this woven bag from Loewe is a real attention-grabber. This beautifully woven tote can be worn casually, but the chain link straps make it easy to dress up. Throw it on with a pair of Vejas—the hot new kicks everyone's obsessing over—and hit the beach.

LPA Bridget Bag

bangle-handle houndstooth tote, luxury beach bags

$198; buy now at Revolve

With its black-and-white houndstooth print, LPA's Bridget Bag is super-versatile, looking just as good on your shoulder when paired with a beach cover-up as it will with your usual office-wear. And that bangle handle? To die for. And for some budget-friendly summer musts, check out these 25 Beach Essentials You Won't Believe Are From Target.

Acne Studios Large Lip Print Tote Bag


large tote with graphic design of lips on the front, luxury beach bags
Acne Studios

$440; buy now at FWRD

Acne Studios founder Jonny Johansson has been killing the design game since 1996—and this tote from his beloved company is no exception. This contemporary bag can be worn with almost anything (including your favorite bathing suit!)—and, with its detachable strap, can even be converted into an everyday crossbody. 

Versace Clear Vinyl Logo Tote

yellow clear versace tote, luxury beach bags

$816 $653; buy now at FWRD

Few things say "look at me!" like hitting the beach in a bikini with a fluorescent yellow bag on your arm. Bonus: it comes with a detachable zip pocket, so small things won't get lost in its spacious interior. 

Antonello Tedde Telti Bicolor Tote Bag

black and white woven tote, luxury beach bags
Saks Fifth Avenue


$520; buy now at Saks Fifth Avenue

Can you have a bag that's as good for the earth as it is luxurious? Short answer: Yes. Just look at this black-and-white stunner from Antonello Tedde, which is made with eco-friendly products without sacrificing an ounce of style.

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Tote Bag

rive gauche tote, luxury beach bags
Saint Laurent

$1,050; buy now at Saint Laurent

Fact: (Yves) Saint Laurent will forever be one of the most distinguished luxury fashion houses in the world. From the brand's more modern, iconic pieces to their simple, yet luxurious ones, YSL never fails to create MoMA-worthy masterpieces. Take this Rive Gauche tote poolside, or make like the influencers do and pair it with some boyfriend jeans and Gucci loafers.

Clare V. Simple Tote Bag

black bag with ted stripe down the middle, luxury beach bags

$535; buy now at Shopbop

Originally formed as laptop case brand in 2006, Clare V. has since branched out and is now producing some of the most stylish luxury bags on the market. Since its inception, the brand has accumulated a huge following, even among stars like Katie Holmes and Hillary Duff. Take it to work or even on a plane as a carry-on, like Anne Hathaway's been spotted doing. Basically, this leather tote is everything but basic.

Valentino Garavani Go Logo Large Leather-Trimmed Canvas Tote Bag


white tote with big V logo, luxury beach bags

$1,395; buy now at Barneys New York

Here's an impossible challenge: Find a tote that's as sporty and wearable as fashion icon Valentino Garavani's canvas Go Logo bag. Few accessories will make you feel as ready to take on the day as a this bag will, whether you're hopping on the Jitney or heading to the office. And if you're hosting this summer, make sure you add some of these 25 Outdoor Party Essentials Under $25 for the Ultimate Summer Bash to your arsenal.

Jil Sander Logo Market Bag


translucent tote, luxury beach bags
Jil Sander

$780; buy now at FWRD

Those canvas tote bags you've been hoarding may be convenient, but fashionable? Not so much. Switch up your arm candy this summer by adding this clear Jil Sander tote to your collection and you might just love it so much it becomes your year-round carryall.

Sensi Studio Totora Straw Tote Bag

black woven bag with wooden handle, luxury beach bags

$264; buy now on Farfetch

With a contemporary spin on traditional style, this fun jet-black straw tote is the ultimate on-the-go bag—and just big enough to fit all of your beach essentials in. 

L'AVENTURA in Black Napa

black leather tote with tassels, luxury beach bags
Kendall Conrad

$1,090; buy now at Kendall Conrad

Kendall Conrad's L'AVENTURA bag is clean, simple, sleek, and goes with any look. The best part about the bag—though it is rather simple—is the fact that you can layer it with stacks of killer jewelry and not worry about it being too overwhelming. Pro tip: Though it works great at the beach, keep this gem out of the water!

Mansur Gavriel Striped North South Tote

striped beach bag, luxury beach bags
Mansur Gavriel

$585; buy now at Mansur Gavriel

Want to channel the nautical trend without adding an anchor-print accessory? Blue-and-white stripes, like the ones on this Mansur Gavriel tote, definitely fit the bill. Designed in the Big Apple and made in Italy, this multifunctional tote quickly converts to a perfect work tote by adding its extra strap and using it as a crossbody.

Sheergear CiCi Tote

clear tote with pom poms, luxury beach bags

$78; buy now at Sheergear

Sheergear's CiCi tote is totally stylish and majorly affordable. And even though it looks like you'd see it on a runway in Milan, the totally water-resistant faux leather trimming and fun multicolored pom poms make it the perfect beach tote, too.

Christian Louboutin Cabata Leather Tote Bag


tote bag with photo print, luxury beach bags

$1,550; buy now at Nordstrom

You know him for the signature red sole, but Christian Louboutin's fashion empire has so much more to offer than footwear. Case in point: this art-inspired tote. Everything about this bag—from the collage print to its edgy, spike-embellished handles—screams "rockstar." Stunt it by the sand or incorporate this tote into your street style by throwing on an understated outfit and a leather jacket to nail the ultimate biker-chic look.

Stella McCartney Small Tote

translucent tote, luxury beach bags

$625 $375; buy now at FWRD

Be the hottest one at the beach—or the coolest in the off-season—with Stella McCartney's transparent tote. Throw it on with a fun beach cover up, or style it after summer's over with a great pair of pumps.

Fendi Logo Tote

Fendi tote, luxury beach bags

$2,390; buy now at Nordstrom

From the iconic "F" logo to the peerless materials it's made from to its everyday wearability (it has a removable shoulder strap!), this bag screams "must-have."

Sundry Bucket Bag with Rainbow Stripes

sundry rainbow striped tote, luxury beach bags
Planet Blue

$126; buy now at Planet Blue

Looking for a beach bag that won't break the bank? Sundry's rainbow-striped woven bag is the perfect mix of casual and chic.

Chanel Large Shopping Bag

navy chanel beach bag, luxury beach bags

$3,300 buy now at Chanel

Every fashion lover dreams of owning at least one Chanel bag in their lifetime. This next-level tote fits the whole beach aesthetic, but also looks just as chic with a pair of black stilettos and a button-down.

Off-White Unfinished Tote Bag

black bag with off-white logo, luxury beach bags


$570; buy now at FWRD

The most amazing thing about Virgil Abloh's Off-White brand is that it manages to appeal to customers of all ages, from teenagers to well-heeled adults. It's the type of stuff that honestly looks good on anyone and everyone. Exhibit A: this simple black logo tote.

En Shalla Woven Top-Handled Tote Bag

woven tote, luxury beach bags

$678 $474.95; buy now at Anthropologie

Want a bag you'll feel good about carrying? This En Shalla tote, made using traditional Moroccan weaving techniques, certainly fits the bill, and makes a stunning addition to any daytime outfit—especially a cute sundress and sandals.

Alexander Wang Large Roxy Logo Knit Jacquard Tote

striped tote, luxury beach bags

$695; buy at Nordstrom

With its sporty diagonal stripes and edgy bike chain, this bag seamlessly goes from the coast to your corner office.

Ancient Greek Sandals Woven Frayed Edge Oversized Tote


pink tote, luxury beach bags
Everything But Water

$475; buy now at Everything But Water

With it soft blush tone and dainty style, this tote is just the right amount of girly, while those subtle charm accents are what make it truly splurge-worthy.

Thom Browne Tote

black tote with striped straps, luxury beach bags

$740; buy now at FWRD

This classic tote from fashion maven Thom Browne is the type of bag that works just as well on the boardwalk as it does in the boardroom. Luckily, it's spacious enough for you to throw in your towel, your sunglasses, and maybe even a bottle of bubbly in the summer—or your laptop when using it again in the fall for work.

Horizontal Cabas Celine in Canvas

white canvas tote with leather handle and celine logo, luxury beach bags

$1,750; buy now at Celine

Elegant, understated, and stylish no matter the season, this Celine tote is well worth its price tag. And for more warm weather essentials, stock up on these 100 Amazing Summer Buys Under $100.

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