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23 Red, White, and Blue Accessories You Need This Fourth of July

These accessories truly exemplify what it means to be proud to be an American.

Every year on July 4, Americans hit the beach, fire up the grill, and gather around to watch fireworks in honor of that historic day in 1776 when this great nation was born. In a way, the Fourth of July is America's birthday, and in her honor, citizens from coast to coast get the day off from work to kick back, relax, and celebrate all of the things that make America the beautiful country it is. Since July 4 is just around the corner, we've compiled a great list of Fourth of July accessories that you can use to really show off your patriotic pride. And for more summer must-haves, check out these 100 Amazing Summer Buys Under $100.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

An American Flag Knotted Headband

Claire's Flag Headband Fourth of July Accessories

$8; buy now at

This July, you can show off your pride for your country from head to toe, starting with this knotted American flag headband from Claire's. Though you probably won't wear it more than one or two times a year, at just $8, it's the perfect accessory to have on hand for the times when you want to look as patriotic as you feel. And for more ways to make the most of your summer, discover these 33 Travel Hacks That Make Summer Vacation a Total Breeze.

Americana High Top Sneakers

Red White and Blue Converse High Tops Fourth of July Accessories

$60; buy now at

Nothing says "America" quite like these red, white, and blue Chuck Taylors. Of course, Converse have long been the sneaker of the States—and though we didn't think it possible, the addition of the flag's patriotic pattern on their exterior somehow makes them even more American.

Patriotic Tassel Earrings

Fourth of July Tassel Earrings Fourth of July Accessories

$8; buy now at

Want to keep your Fourth of July look a little bit more subtle this year? No problem! With these red, white, and blue tassel earrings, you can wear any outfit in your closet and still get the message across that you're American and proud of it.

Festive Star Freckles

Star Freckles Fourth of July Accessories

$2; buy now at

Feast your eyes on the most festive freckles of all. They're cheap, they're appropriate for all ages, and best of all, they're easy to remove with baby oil once you're done celebrating the Fourth of July.

A Simple Striped Bikini

ZAFUL Striped Bikini Fourth of July Accessories

$19; buy now at

The best place to spend your Fourth of July? At the beach, of course! However, before you catch some waves this holiday weekend, you need to make sure that you have the proper American-themed attire. That's where this Zaful bikini set comes in. With a white knotted top and red-and-white striped bottoms, it's got a patriotic flair that makes it perfect for the Fourth, but it's also subtle enough that you can repurpose it throughout the summer season. Win-win!

A Crazy Red, White, and Blue Wig

Red, White, and Blue Wig Fourth of July Accessories
Party City

$20; buy now at

Temporary hair dye is fun, but it can be a pain—and a mess!—to get out. That's why this year, you should opt for a wacky wig instead. With this bad boy sitting atop your head, we guarantee that no one is going to question your love for your country.

A Pair of Patriotic Shorts

Levis Flag Shorts Fourth of July Accessories

Starts at $33; buy now at

The only thing more patriotic than a pair of Levi's cutoffs is a pair of Levi's cutoffs embroidered with pieces of the American flag. If the look you're going for this July 4 is casual and classy with a hint of Daisy Duke, then these are the shorts for you.

A Barking Beautiful Hand Towel

Red white and Blue Dog Hand Towel Fourth of July Accessories

$10$4; buy now at

You shouldn't so much as consider throwing a Fourth of July backyard bash without first investing in a festive hand towel. Of course, you could keep it traditional and opt for something simple, or you could go bold with this hand towel adorned with a patriotic pup. (We suggest the latter.) And for more ways to liven up your space, check out these 50 Great Ways to Make Your Home Less Boring.

A Heart-Shaped Patriotic Pendant

Red White and Blue Heart Necklace Fourth of July Accessories

$39; buy now at

Wear your heart on your sleeve—or on your neck, at least—with this Swarovski crystal and sterling silver necklace. With stripes of red and white crystals surrounded by a border of blue, this American flag-inspired necklace is the perfect way to show your love for your country in a way that manages to be both subtle and snazzy.

A Fun and Festive Carafe

Wayfair Carafe Fourth of July Accessories

$42$35; buy now at

Whether you need a vase to serve as your centerpiece or a container for your homemade iced tea, this stars and stripes carafe is a must-have for anyone hosting a party this Fourth of July. What makes it all the more patriotic is the fact that it's hand-painted in the U.S.A by American artists!

A Star-Spangled Hair Scrunchie

Forever 21 Hair Scrunchie Fourth of July Accessories
Forever 21

$2; buy now at

Keep your hair out of your face in style with this sweet stars and stripes scrunchie. Even after the holiday, you can use this hair accessory to spruce up your outfits at the gym or even add some flair to your casual Sunday attire.

A Holiday Wreath

Holiday Wreath Fourth of July Accessories
Pier 1

$40$30; buy now at

Who says that you can only hang up a festive wreath at Christmas? Each and every holiday is a great excuse to pick up a seasonally appropriate new decoration for your door—and on sale for $30, this handcrafted wreath from Pier 1 seems like the perfect fit for Independence Day.

A Fun Floral Two-Piece Set

Floral Two-Piece Set Fourth of July Accessories

$82; buy now at

If you're going to something a little bit more formal this Fourth, then this two-piece maxi set from Lulu's is just what you need. With a modest neckline and sexy slit, it's the perfect combination of sultry and sophisticated, all the while communicating your love for America with its red, white, and blue hues.

Striped Swim Trunks

Nautica Swim Trunks Fourth of July Accessories

$60$36; buy now at

Even if all you're wearing this Fourth is a swimsuit, you can still show off your affinity for America with these Nautica swim trunks. Quite frankly, these shorts are nice enough that, so long as you dry off, you can easily wear them right from the beach to a backyard BBQ (with a shirt, of course).

An Inflatable Buffet Cooler

Target Inflatable Buffet Cooler Fourth of July Accessories

$15; buy now at

The last thing any host or hostess wants is for their cold appetizers and chilled beers to get warm as they sit outside in the sun. That's why this July, what you need is this inflatable buffet cooler with an all-American attitude. At just $15, it's a cheap and easy way to ensure that everything is served at the temperature it was meant to be.

An Adorable American Flag Scarf Top

American Flag Scarf Top Fourth of July Accessories
Forever 21

$8; buy now at

Chic scarf meets summer-appropriate attire in this American flag scarf top from Forever 21. And if you plan to spend all day outside this Fourth, then this top is the perfect buy: It won't leave any tan lines on your shoulders!

A Colorful Straw Fedora Hat

And Other Stories Straw Fedora Hat Fourth of July Accessories
& Other Stories

$25; buy now at

Top off your Fourth of July attire—literally!—with this fedora from H&M sister brand & Other Stories. With a red rim and a navy blue stripe, it's the perfect Fourth of July accessory for those who want to show their pride in a more subtle way.

Seasonal Salt and Pepper Shakers

Uncle Sam Salt and Pepper Shakers Fourth of July Accessories

$32$20; buy now at

Uncle Sam is the face of America—and with these seasonal salt shakers, he can also be by your side during your seasoning endeavors throughout the month of July. Though figurines can sometimes be, well, creepy, this handmade one is just cartoony enough that it's actually pretty darn cute.

An American Flag Dog Collar

American Flag Dog Collar Fourth of July Accessories

$25$20; buy now at

Does your proud pooch love America as much as you do? If so, he or she deserves to show off their pride with this rustic-looking flag collar from Chewy. Even after the holiday has come and gone, your dog can continue wearing this collar without issue, seeing as it's just subtle enough to be fashion-forward.

A Starry Checkered Tablecloth

Red White and Blue Tablecloth Fourth of July Accessories
Home Depot

$27; buy now at

Perfect your indoor or outdoor picnic table with this patriotic plaid tablecloth. And don't worry about spilling ketchup and coleslaw on it during your Fourth of July festivities: It's machine washable, so any stains will be easy to get out in the laundry!

Patriotic Paisley Pillow Shams

Paisley Pillow Shams Fourth of July Accessories

$40 for 2; buy now at

You don't need to completely replace every sheet and pillow on your bed in order to make it look more patriotic. Rather, these paisley pillow shams, with their classic American design and bold red hue, are an easy way to make your bedroom décor more American with just one minor change.

Fourth of July Cookie Cutters

Fourth of July Cookie Cutters Fourth of July Accessories

$8; buy now at

With this star-spangled cookie cutter set, you can treat your family to some sweet treats this Fourth of July, shaped like everything from a bald eagle to an American flag. If you're throwing a party for the Fourth, you can even use these cutters to make things like fun mini pizzas or to cut fruit slices for a batch of festive fruit water.

Starry Sunnies

Vans Star Sunglasses Fourth of July Accessories

$14; buy now at

Protect your eyes in style with these star sunglasses from Vans. The best part about these shades is that there's no red, white, or blue in sight, so you can easily wear them all year without looking overzealous.

A Festive Fanny Pack

Tommy Hilfiger Fanny Pack Fourth of July Accessories
Tommy Hilfiger

$70; buy now at

In case you haven't heard, the '80s are making a comeback, and fanny packs are once again back in style. Of course, you've likely thrown out your old belt bags from high school, but thankfully Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Sport line carries the perfect patriotic replacement. It's unisex, it's versatile, and it pairs with everything; if it's good enough for Gigi Hadid, it's good enough for you.

Futuristic Flag Leggings

Noli Yoga Leggings Fourth of July Accessories

$94; buy now at

There are a surprising number of people out there who choose to spend their July holiday running races. If you are one of those people, then these graphic leggings from Noli Yoga are the perfect way to show off your pride for your country as you zip through your morning marathon. With patches of stars, stripes, and even camo, this athletic attire is about as American as a pair of leggings can get.

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