30 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Friends Fans 

The next best things to finding your lobster.

30 Amazing Christmas Gifts for Friends Fans 

Do you compare every coffee shop you set foot in to Central Perk? Have you ever scrolled through a dating app wondering if you might find your lobster? Could you be a bigger Friends fan?

While the classic sitcom has been off the air for more than 14 years, its legions of fans—both those who saw the show when it first hit NBC in 1994 and those newly discovering it on Netflix—have never wavered in their dedication to Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross. Whether you’re eager to drop a few hints to your friends and family members about what to get you this holiday season or have a member of your inner circle who can’t get enough of the show, these gifts are sure to wow any Friends fan.

friends fan gifts

“The One Where I Drink the Wine” Glass

$10.62; buy now at Etsy

Pay homage to your favorite sitcom’s iconic episode titles—”The One With the Monkey” and “The One With the Evil Orthodontist,” to name a few—with this Friends-inspired wine glass.

Written in the Friends font and adorned with the show title’s colorful dots, this glass will make drinking your favorite bottle of wine a bit more fun—and the cup’s not so big that a single pour will get you Monica-on-her-birthday drunk, either.

friends fan gifts

Yellow Picture Frame Ornament

$6.80; buy now at Etsy

If there’s a seventh main character on Friends, Monica and Rachel’s peephole-surrounding yellow picture frame might just be it. This year, pay tribute to this fan favorite with a miniature version your closest pal can hang on their Christmas tree.

friends fan gifts

Friends Christmas Sweater

From $39.98; buy now at Etsy

If your pal shows up at your annual ugly sweater party in the same Rudolph pullover every year, it’s time to upgrade them. Fortunately, this Friends-inspired sweater, which bears the lyrics of Phoebe’s classic holiday song, is the perfect way to get your friend out of their seasonal style rut.

friends fan gifts

Central Perk Mug

$14; buy now at Closeout Zone

While you might not be able to spend your afternoons at Central Perk, you can bring all the charm of the show’s main hangout spot to your loved ones this holiday with these oversized mugs from the iconic coffee shop. Better yet: no Gunther. And if you’re totally stumped on what to get your friends or family this year, consider signing up to win this totally amazing duffel!

friends fan gifts

Friends iPhone Case

$20; buy now at Urban Outfitters

There’s no denying that 50 percent of Friends‘ plotlines—the Emily and Mark situations, for instance—could have been wrapped up neatly if any member of the group had a cell phone on them.

To honor their struggles (and indicate your gratitude that your own friends aren’t such technological dinosaurs), treat the Friends fan on your list to this adorable plastic iPhone case from Urban Outfitters.

friends fan gifts

Smelly Cat Sweatshirt

From $24.99; buy now at Etsy

Whether your pal is a cat lover or just a big fan of Phoebe’s biggest hit, this Smelly Cat sweatshirt is sure to put a smile on their face. The only thing it can’t do? Accurately answer what was so wrong with that cat in the first place.

friends fan gifts

You’re My Lobster Bracelet

$15.99; buy now at Amazon

While Phoebe may not have been entirely right on the whole “lobsters mate for life” thing, the show was certainly responsible for “my lobster” becoming shorthand for someone you can’t live without. If your significant other is a Friends fanatic, make sure they know how much you love and appreciate them this year with this adorable aluminum bracelet bearing the famous phrase.

friends fan gifts

Friends Custom Pencils

From $7.90; buy now at Etsy

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the Friends fan in your life, look no further. Bearing some of the show’s best catchphrases, like “How you doin’?” and “Moo point,” these pencils—available in 13 colors—are sure to brighten even the dreariest classroom or office.

friends fan gifts

Unagi Pop Socket

$14.99; buy now at Amazon

Let Ross’s sushi/state-of-consciousness mix-up delight your loved ones yet again with this Unagi Pop Socket. In addition to making the phone easier to carry, this adorable Pop Socket is sure to give a good chuckle to any Friends fan who sees it.

friends fan gifts

Holiday Armadillo Clock

$30.00; buy now at Redbubble

If you have a friend who’s not super keen on all things Santa, get them this holiday armadillo clock instead. And while it may mean having a picture of Ross on their wall, at least it’s good for a laugh.

friends fan gifts

I’ll Be There for You Picture Frame

$24.30; buy now at Etsy

Do you feel like your friends have a dynamic that’s every bit as supportive as that of your favorite fictional friends? Then give your pal this adorable picture frame—customized by its creator to include your favorite photo—reminding them that no matter what, you’ve got their back.

friends fan gifts

Homemade Pickles Crock

$92.94; buy now at Etsy

If your friend or family member’s kitchen rivals Monica’s in terms of neatness and organization, it’s time to honor their type-A side with a kitchen accessory inspired by their favorite fictional chef. While it may not be quite as sweet as finding a rent-stabilized Manhattan two-bedroom, this handy Friends-inspired utensil crock comes pretty close.

friends fan gifts

Friends Welcome Doormat

From $25; buy now at Etsy

Make your home a more welcoming place with a doormat that screams, “Come on in!”

Complete with the yellow picture frame in the middle, this is one piece of outdoor décor any Friends fan will love.

friends fan gifts

How You Doin’? Pillow

$22; buy now at Etsy

If your pal’s crush on Joey Tribbiani has never quite gone away, treat him or her to the next best thing: A pillow bearing the charming lothario’s face. Of course, it may not exactly bring in a full-body blush like the line’s original delivery, but it’s a pretty good substitute nonetheless.

friends fan gifts

Waterproof Friends Stickers

$7.99; buy now at Amazon

Let your pal proudly display their love for Friends, whether on their notebook or car, with these adorable stickers. Fortunately, they’re waterproof, meaning they won’t lose their grip when the rain starts to pour.

friends fan gifts

Friends Enamel Pins

$63; buy now at Etsy

Keep Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross close to your loved one’s heart—quite literally—by gifting them this adorable set of Friends enamel pins. It even comes with pins of the yellow picture frame and Joey and Chandler’s greyhound statue, for those who want to pay subtler tribute to their favorite show.

friends fan gifts

Friends Aluminum Water Bottle

$11.46; buy now at Amazon

Be a true friend to the Friends fan in your life this year by adding this adorable Friends-inspired water bottle to their holiday haul. It’ll certainly come in handy for rehydrating after all those holiday cocktails have come and gone.

friends fan gifts

Personalized Cosmetic Bag

$18; buy now at Etsy

If you have a friend or family member whose passion for makeup is only rivaled by their love for Friends, grab them this adorable cosmetic bag. The perfect size for all their beauty essentials, this personalized case is sure to make its recipient smile.

friends fan gifts

I’ll Be There For You Candle

$25; buy now at Amazon

Let your pal know just how much you care about them this year with the gift of this adorable Friends-inspired candle. Not only is it a great tribute to the show, with its rainwater scent, but it’s also the perfect accessory for any home.

friends fan gifts

Central Perk Tote

$19.88; buy now at Etsy

Help your friend pay homage to the greatest coffee shop of all time with this Central Perk tote. Not only is this a perfect accessory for carrying all those holiday gifts home, but it’s also a great way to help them live a more eco-friendly life.

friends fan gifts

Pivot! Cross Stitch

$25; buy now at Etsy

Sure, Ross’s couch-moving directions may have been maddening, but the biggest Friends fans will still get a kick out of seeing this “Pivot!” cross stitch on their wall.

friends fan gifts

Girls T-Shirt

From $11.99; buy now at Etsy

Even if your own gang doesn’t have a holiday football game to play, anyone on your list would be proud to wear this “Girls” t-shirt. Perfect for wearing to the gym or just cozying up for a night at home, this soft shirt is sure to become a wardrobe staple for its recipient in no time.

friends fan gifts

Friends Cast Sweatshirt

From $18; buy now Etsy

For that friend who isn’t shy about shouting their fandom, there’s this sweatshirt. Proudly bearing the names of the show’s main cast, this cozy top is perfect for anyone who knows the name on Chandler’s TV Guide off the top of their heads.

friends fan gifts

Chandler Bing Prayer Candle

$14.99; buy now at Etsy

While he might not quite be a candidate for canonization, in the Friends universe, Chandler comes pretty close. And if your pal just can’t get enough of Matthew Perry’s portrayal of the hilarious character, there’s this Chandler prayer candle, perfect for lighting up before putting on a few episodes of the classic show.

friends fan gifts

Pivot Tumbler

$12.50; buy now at Etsy

Not sure a cross stitch is your buddy’s style? You can still commemorate their love for Ross and the gang with this adorable double-walled, BPA-free tumbler, ideal for those iced coffees they can’t live without.

friends fan gifts

I Wish I Could But I Don’t Want to Embroidery

From $25; buy now at Etsy

There’s no denying that Phoebe has some of the best one-liners on Friends—and fans of Lisa Kudrow’s character can show their love for the ditzy masseuse with this adorable embroidery of one of her best quips.

friends fan gifts

13″ Macbook Pro Hard Case

$46.66; buy now at Etsy

Give your friend the gift of a well-protected (and stylish) laptop with this Macbook case. Designed to fit the computer’s 13″ model, this case comes adorned with all of the show’s famous lines, from “My sandwich!” to “They don’t know that we know they know we know.”

friends fan gifts

Wedding Dresses Print

From $17; buy now at Etsy

If you can see yourself and your friends trying to cheer one another up by drinking beer in some rented wedding dresses and tossing a tissue paper bouquet, honor that special bond this holiday season. This adorable print, featuring Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe doing just that, is sure to elicit many a chuckle from anyone who sees it.

friends fan gifts

Gum Would Be Perfection Print

$10.56; buy now at Etsy

Have a friend who’s not exactly the smooth-talker he wishes he could be? This classic quote, from when Chandler finds himself stuck in an ATM vestibule with a Victoria’s Secret model, is sure to make them feel a bit better about their own dating trials and tribulations.

friends fan gifts

You’re the Rachel to My Monica Mug

$10.36; buy now at Etsy

Let the ride-or-die Friends fan in your life know just how much you appreciate them this holiday season. After all, the only thing better than grabbing a cappuccino at Central Perk is having a heart-to-heart with your closest friend over a cup of coffee in their kitchen. And if you want to expand your own social circle, try out these 40 Ways to Make New Friends After 40.

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