15 Amazing Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Shop For

Because we all have that one person.

15 Amazing Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Shop For

We all have that one person on our list: the guy or gal who has everything, wants nothing, and has a reputation for returning gifts as soon as the paper’s peeled off. And while continuing to buy presents for this holiday black hole may seem like an exercise in futility, there’s hope: No matter how hard it may seem to get the right gift for those hard to buy for family members and friends, the right gift does exist—if you know where to look. So, before simply writing a check and calling it a day, take a look at this roundup of amazing gifts for those holiday enigmas.

hard to buy for gift

Custom Fragrance

From $95; buy now at Waft

That fragrance fanatic who already seems to have every bottle known to man will still swoon when they open the gift of a custom fragrance. With a gift certificate to Waft, your loved one can create their own signature scent, choosing from ingredients like green leaves, pine needles, black currant, frangipani, amber, and leather to craft the perfect bouquet.

hard to buy for gift

Pasta of the Month Club—12 Month Subscription

$225; buy now at Sfoglini Pasta Shop

Searching for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life who’s already got every kitchen gadget on the market? Sign them up for a pasta of the month club from Sfoglini Pasta Shop. Every month for a year, you can give your hard-to-shop-for pal the gift of a great meal, with one box of seasonal pasta, like Sfoglini’s beet fusilli, and one box of the company’s famous organic pasta, like their crimped trumpet noodles, delivered right to your friend’s door, along with a recipe to accompany each box.

hard to buy for gift

Scrabble Luxury Edition

$179; buy now at Pottery Barn

Got a gamer in your life, one of the old-fashioned variety? This Luxury Edition Scrabble board is a sturdy piece of equipment, perfect for the avid wordsmith looking for a challenge—or just an attractive centerpiece for their game room. And if you really want to dominate the game, Own Scrabble with These 43 Words That Start with X.

hard to buy for gift

Wandr Carry-On Luggage

$135; buy now at Cal Pak Travel

If you’ve got a loved one who’s always on the go, they’ll love this carry-on suitcase from Wandr. In addition to being the perfect size for those overhead bins, it’s also got a separate padded laptop compartment, making it easy for their personal items and tech accessories to find their way home unscathed.

hard to buy for gift

Bar Tool Set With Stand and Cocktail Shaker

$199.95; buy now at Williams Sonoma

That friend who loves a good cocktail will flip for this professional bartending kit from Williams Sonoma. Complete with a stainless steel and copper-plated shaker, cocktail strainer, double-sided jigger, bottle opener, ice tongs, a walnut and marble muddler, and bar spoon, this kit is perfect for mixing up a refreshing martini or flavorful mojito.

hard to buy for gift

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

$90; buy now at The MoMA Store

If you’ve got an avid adventurer in your inner circle, gift them peace of mind this holiday season with this Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack. In addition to a built-in USB charger and reflective straps for nighttime safety, this bag is made from water-repellant material that won’t even falter when it’s met with a blade.

hard to buy for gift

40-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker

$41.99; buy now at Wayfair

Getting the same old beans year after year is boring. For that friend or family member who spends half their paycheck on Blue Bottle, this cold brew coffee maker is the perfect gift. Not only does this allow its recipient to get a perfect cup of cold brew every time, it comes with its own insulated steel carafe, ideal for taking that beverage on the go.

hard to buy for gift

iHome Lux Vanity Mirror Speaker

$150; buy now at Urban Outfitters

Gift certificates to Sephora, while nice, aren’t exactly inspired presents. For the makeup lover in your life who already seems to have every primer and palette known to man, pick up this vanity-mirror-cum-speaker. Not only will it illuminate their face for a perfect contour, it’ll give them a little extra pep in their morning routine by letting them enjoy their favorite playlist at the same time.

hard to buy for gift

Terrarium Container Wardian Indoor Planter

$79.95; buy now at H. Potter

The avid gardener who’s already picked over every local nursery and farm stand in search of plants will still be wowed by this beautifully-designed terrarium. Better yet, since this specimen is designed for indoor use, it’s also a great purchase for anyone whose home could use a little cheer during the often-drab holiday season.

hard to buy for gift

Google Chromecast

$35; buy now at Best Buy

The golden age of TV is upon us, but more people are cutting the cord with cable than ever before. For your friend or family member who loves TV but can’t be bothered to shell out their hard-earned cash on an expensive cable package, the Google Chromecast is the perfect accessory: By streaming video directly, and seamlessly, from a laptop to a TV, it allows them to catch their favorite programming without the high price.

hard to buy for gift

Wine of the Month Club

From $129; buy now at Wine of the Month Club

Knock the socks off the amateur sommelier on your list with this wine of the month club. You can select a combination of one red and one white, two reds, or two whites to ship to your pal each month, with everything from rich Cabernets to fruity Chardonnays on their list.

hard to buy for gift

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

From $34.95; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Everything’s better with a little spice—and for your friend who feels the same, there’s this DIY hot sauce kit. Combining peppers, vinegar, and sugar, this six-bottle kit is sure to heat up any meal.

hard to buy for gift

Renzo Romagnoli Travel Golf Set

$695; buy now at Neiman Marcus

For that friend or family member whose vacations are always planned around the nearest golf course, this travel golf set is sure to please. In this croc-embossed case, your loved one will receive four golf balls, a four-piece putter, and a target hole, perfect for practicing their swing, no matter how far they are from the fairway.

hard to buy for gift

Wood Hammer Multi-Tool

$19.95; buy now at Paper Source

Your favorite Jack-of-all-trades will be a lot handier in a hurry once they’ve been given this useful multi-tool. Equipped with a hammer, flat head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, saw blade, knife blade, file, wire cutters, and pliers, this tool will make any amateur handyworker’s day.

hard to buy for gift

Aura Digital Photo Frame

$299; buy now at Nordstrom

Whether your gift recipients lives in a small space or just happens to be indecisive when it comes to their décor, this digital photo frame is sure to please. And better yet, unlike traditional digital frames, this one has unlimited storage space and is equipped with smart technology, meaning it will consistently rotate your best photos based on its surroundings. And for more ways to spruce up your space, check out these 27 Holiday Décor Hacks So Genius You’ll Wish You Did Them.

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