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30 Insanely Adorable Holiday Gifts for Your Pet 

Don't leave your furry friends off your shopping list!

Your pets are your companions, your confidantes, and, let's face it, your best friends. And while providing food and belly rubs sure is nice, if you really want to show your furry friends how much you love them, including them on your holiday shopping list is a great place to start.

Instead of doling out some extra treats this year while the rest of the family opens their gifts, get your four-legged pals in on the act. With that in mind, we've rounded up the most adorable gifts for your pet on the market, each guaranteed to elicit more tail-wagging and cuddles than you know what to do with.

Sushi Roll Cat Toys

pet gifts

$9; buy now at Etsy

The staff at Nobu may balk at having your feline friend dine with you, but that doesn't mean your kitty companion can't enjoy your favorite dish, too. Made with catnip and packed with a little jingle bell, these adorable rolls (and their accompanying soy sauce packet) are sure to keep your cat entertained for hours.

Hide A Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

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$19.99; buy now at Chewy

Eager to keep your dog occupied (and away from those shoes he seems to think are his toys, too)? Then get your canine companion this adorable Hide A Squirrel Puzzle this holiday season. This interactive toy allows your pup to get out their aggression on these sneaky plush squirrels hiding in a tree rather than, say, your sofa.

Catnip Baguettes

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$10.96; buy now at Etsy

Just because you're cutting back on carbs doesn't mean your cat needs to do the same. Instead, get them an adorable handmade baguette stuffed with organic catnip to gnaw on to their heart's content. And if you think those catnip baguettes are hilarious, you'll love the 100 Funniest Cat Memes Ever.

Snuggle Mat Foraging Toy

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$32; buy now at Etsy

Searching for a present every animal in your menagerie can enjoy? Look no further than this Snuggle Mat. This mat, double-woven on one side and single-woven on the other, is perfect for letting your cat, dog, pig, guinea pig, or ferret scratch those hard-to-reach spots; better yet, you can also turn the mat into a game by hiding a toy or treat in one of its folds.

Holiday Dog Gift Set

pet gifts

$30; buy now at Etsy

Humans aren't the only ones who love a holiday gift box. If you're looking to spoil your four-legged companion this year, give your pup this adorable holiday gift set, which comes complete with a tug toy, elk antler dog toy, and three kinds of treats—beef, chicken, and peanut butter-banana.

Puppy Treat Tree Advent Calendar

pet gifts

From $18.95; buy now at Etsy

While those tiny toys and treats in your traditional advent calendar aren't exactly pet-friendly, that doesn't mean Fido needs to miss out on the holiday fun this year. To make your pup's holiday a little merrier, get them this Christmas tree advent calendar, which you can order pre-filled with their favorite treats.

Indoor Hunting Feeder

pet gifts

$19.99; buy now at Doc and Phoebe's Cat Co.

Want your cat to get a little more exercise than their usual 24-hour lounging habits typically allow? Then invest in this adorable Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder from Doc and Phoebe's Cat Co. Just stuff these little mice with a small portion of your cat's food, hide them around the house, and let your pet enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Cat Puzzle Box

pet gifts

From $29.99; buy now at Etsy

Keeping your cats busy while you're gone all day may not always seem like a simple task, but with this cat puzzle box, staving off feline boredom is a whole lot easier. Simply load this box with your pet's favorite toys, like catnip mice and jingly balls, and they'll stay entertained for hours, leaving you to return home to a purring, contented pet.

Consuela the Cactus Dog Toy

pet gifts

$10; buy now at BarkShop

Consuela the Cactus is so adorable that it almost feels wrong to give her to your pup to chew on. Fortunately, even the most destructive dogs are no match for Consuela—when your pet has chewed through her smiley outer layer, there's another toy inside—albeit one with a sad face. And when that mini-Consuela is done for, there's a spiky ball inside for your pup to enjoy.

Simpsons Cardboard Cat House

pet gifts

$56; buy now at Etsy

Fans of The Simpsons will love watching their feline friend frolic inside 742 Evergreen Terrace. This cardboard house is the perfect place for your cat to scratch, play, or just take one of their marathon naps in.

Hippo Sugar Plum Fairy Dog Toy

pet gifts

$14.99; buy now at Chewy

Even if taking your pup to a performance of The Nutcracker doesn't seem quite up their alley, they can still enjoy (tearing apart) the magic of Balanchine's classic ballet with this Sugar Plum Fairy toy. Even the most stoic pet parent is sure to audibly aww upon seeing their pooch cuddled up with this squeaky ballerina.

Crab Handmade Cotton Dog Toy

pet gifts

$16.99; buy now at Spoiled Sweet Pets

While it may be a winter wonderland outside, life can be a beach at home with this adorable handmade cotton crab. The perfect gift for smaller dogs, this sweet little guy is also designed to improve your dog's dental health by getting rid of some of his or her plaque with every chew.

Squeaky Cannoli

pet gifts

$7; buy now at Etsy

Who says desserts are just for humans? While most vets would agree that your dog shouldn't chow down on traditional cannoli, this squeaky fleece and polyfill toy is the perfect addition to your pup's toy box—even its chocolate chips are dog-safe, thanks to the non-toxic paint they're made with.

Gefilte Fish Dog Toy

pet gifts

$7.99; buy now at Petco

Not into all the Christmas-themed pet goods? No problem! This gefilte fish dog toy is perfect for pets who prefer lighting the menorah to gathering around the Christmas tree.

Burly Mustache Ball

pet gifts

$10; buy now at BarkShop

If your dog's a trendy kind of fellow, it's high time his toys indicated as much. Enter: This mustache ball, perfect for giving your furry pal the hipster facial hair he so deserves.

Wild Boar Squeaky Toy

pet gifts

$15.99; buy now at Etsy

Eager to get your pup a multi-sensory toy they won't immediately tear to pieces? Then invest in this squeaky wild boar from Etsy. In addition to its highly gnawable plush body, this boar's knotted limbs are perfect for improving your dog's less-than-stellar oral hygiene habits, digging away at some of that plaque with each bite.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Bulb

pet gifts

$15.95; buy now at Chewy

While you'd be wise to keep your pup as far from your actual Christmas lights as possible, that doesn't mean they can't get in on the holiday fun. With this Orbee Tuff Bulb from Planet Dog, which has a little compartment in which to hide their treats, your pup can get into the holiday spirit without dragging your tree down with them.

Catnip Unicorn

pet gifts

$8.55; buy now at Etsy

Your adorable feline friend is every bit as special to you as a unicorn, and it's high time they got a gift that reflected that. Luckily, this little unicorn toy, stuffed with organic catnip, is a perfect way to show your appreciation.

Starbarks Dog Toy

pet gifts

$12; buy now at Etsy

While your dog might not know the difference between an Americano and a macchiato, that doesn't mean they should be excluded from your coffee connoisseurship. This year, get your pup a little pick-me-up of their own with this adorable coffee cup toy—from Starbarks, of course.

Outward Hound Holiday Hide-a-Present Puzzle

pet gifts

$10.99; buy now at Chewy

Give your dog the gift of endless entertainment this holiday season with this holiday hide-a-present puzzle. Simply load the Christmas tree with the three accompanying plush presents and watch your pet go to town.

Felted Cat House

pet gifts

$165; buy now at Etsy

You have a stylish bedroom—why shouldn't your cat? If you want to indulge your feline friend for the holidays, get them this adorable felted cat house, the perfect place to snuggle up after a long day of yowling for treats.

Kaytee Critter Cruiser

pet gifts

$14.99; buy now at Petco

Don't leave the smaller pets in your life out of the holiday fun! This Kaytee Critter Cruiser—essentially just a wheel for your favorite rodent friend attached to a little car—is just as much fun for your pet to play in as it is for you to watch them drive.

Barker's Mark Dog Toy

pet gifts

$17; buy now at Etsy

The holidays can cause even teetotalers to turn to the bottle. If you want your pet to get in on the action with you, nab them this Barker's Mark dog toy, which comes in two sizes, for either small or large dogs.

SmartyKat Purrfect Play Cat Activity Mat

pet gifts

$6.99; buy now at Chewy

Give your cat the gift of endless entertainment this holiday season by purchasing this SmartyKat Purrfect Play Cat Activity Mat from Chewy. Outfitted with crinkly material, catnip, feathers, and more, this mat is perfect for scratching, chewing, batting, and generally tuckering a pet out.

Andi's Famous Plush Dumplings

pet gifts

$12; buy now at BarkShop

Your favorite dumpling place may not welcome your Great Dane to dine with you, but you can get them the next best thing: this adorable box of plush dumplings. This crinkly plush box, which comes with three adorable squeaky smiley-faced dumplings, is the perfect way to keep your pet busy—and keep their nose out of your lunch.

Caged Canary Interactive Cat Toy

pet gifts

$19.99; buy now at Chewy

The cat that ate the canary? More like the cat that happily played with the canary and left the other pets at home unscathed, thanks to this ingenious toy. This chirping, fluttering, jumping caged bird will provide your cat hours of active play with no nuisance to you.

Personalized Dog Bed

pet gifts

From $89.99; buy now at Etsy

There's a better place for your pup to sleep than between you and your spouse—namely in their own bed. This year, give your doggo the gift of comfort and style by purchasing this personalized dog bed, available in eight sizes, from those perfect for your Chihuahua to ones that will comfortably house your German Shepherd.

Guinea Pig Snuggle Sack

pet gifts

$20; buy now at Etsy

Give the little guys in your life something to squeak about this holiday season by investing in a Snuggle Sack. Perfect for guinea pigs and other small pets, you'll be hard-pressed to get your furry pal out of this adorable fleece-lined bear once they get in.

Plush Hot Cocoa Dog Toy

pet gifts

$16; buy now at Muttropolis

Though real chocolate is never a good choice for your pup, that doesn't mean your dog has to feel left out when the rest of the family is sipping a cup of cocoa. Just get them this sweet squeaky treat and the whole family can enjoy this holiday dessert together.

Petstages Catnip Plaque Away Pretzel

pet gifts

$3.99; buy now at Chewy

Ask any feline fanatic and they'll tell you: Brushing a cat's teeth is rarely an easy feat. However, if you're eager to treat your cat to a toy—and some improved oral health—this holiday season, this catnip-filled Plaque Away Pretzel is a great way to help them get those chompers sparkling once again. And if you want some insight into your feline friend, check out these 20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Cat.

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