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The 30 Most Pet-Friendly Companies in the U.S.

These companies make it hard to leave your pooch at home.

The worst part about embarking upon your daily commute to work is leaving behind your sweet pup, who so desperately wants to be a part of your workday. But, aside from the heartwrenching abandonment, the fees incurred by dog walkers and doggy daycare can be equally frustrating. In fact, according to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners in America spent an average of $6.16 billion on boarding and walking services just in 2017 alone.

As it turns out, companies are beginning to notice these numbers as well—and in a move to ensure that their employees snag plenty of puppy cuddles throughout the workday, have incorporated amazing employee pet policies. From GoDaddy's onsite pet psychologists to Zynga's rooftop access for pups only, these companies are giving humans more time to spend with their furry best friends. That said, these are the most pet-friendly companies in America. And for more pet-friendly play, check out The 20 Most Dog-Friendly Countries In The World.


Amazon pet-friendly companies

Amazon is often lauded for being one of the more cutting-edge companies out there—and their pet policy matches this reputation. Perhaps one of the coolest features of Amazon's Seattle offices are the dog-friendly water fountains found below every human water fountain on its campus. Along with this innovation, dog owners are encouraged to roam the courtyards of the headquarters with their pup—as long as they come armed with poop bags a-plenty. And if you're over 40 and on the hunt for your next job, check out these 20 Best Jobs if You're Over 40.


G5 Company Oregon Pet-Friendly Companies

For G5, a real estate marketing service based in Oregon, every day is bring your pet to work day. In fact, they strongly urge every employee to bring their pet to work, as they feel that these animals encourage employees to socialize with others—and can even allow them to decompress from a stressful work environment.

Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels pet-friendly companies

Kimpton Hotels believes that as long as your pet can fit through the door, they're welcome at any hotel. This policy applies to both hotel guests and employees—who keep a plethora of dog beds, treats, and poop bags at-the-ready. If you don't believe in their pet-friendly nature, just take some time to meet their long list of adorable Directors of Pet Relations. And for more adorable pet content, check out these 20 Craziest Pets People Actually Own.

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Purina Event Center pet-friendly companies

As an incredibly popular pet-focused company, it should come as no surprise that their employee pet policy reflects this mission as well. In fact, Purina is so passionate about their pet-friendly work environment, that they launched a program called Pets at Work that helps other companies adopt these pet-friendly policies.

Atlantic Health System

Atlantic Health System pet-friendly companies

More than anything, this New Jersey-based healthcare chain believes in the healing power of puppies. They channel this dedication to healing through their "Soothing Paws"  program that recruits more than 80 volunteers to help patients—and employees—feel like the best version of themselves. And for more celebrity pet inspiration, check out these 20 Celebrities Who Look Like Their Pets. 

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Etsy Site Pet-Friendly Companies

Etsy loves their furry friends so much that they created a "canine operations team" that keeps the office headquarters in check—or always making sure that someone is around to give a belly rub or two (or six).


HubSpot Website pet-friendly companies

HubSpot employees are crazy about pets—and by pets, we actually mean close to every animal under the sun. In the words of HubSpot's Orlando Scampington: "Let freedom ring…or squawk…or meow…or growl."


Tracy Dinunzio Tradesy pet-friendly companies

This fashion start-up keeps things very chic with their pet policy. Aside from offering pet insurance, the company even hosts Dog Owner Town Hall meetings and offers a pup of the month award to the fairest pups of them all.


Zynga pet-friendly companies

Zynga, the creators of Farmville, know how crazy being a pet owner can be—which is why they smartly installed "barking lots" throughout the offices so owners and their pooch can take a much-needed play break. Or, if the employees need some fresh air, they can always take a walk around the rooftop dog park.

Life is Good

Life is Good pet-friendly companies

Just like many other pet-friendly companies, Life is Good offers their employees special events and incentives to bring their best pal to the office.

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Kurgo pet-friendly companies

Kurgo, a dog accessories company, is, of course, keen on spending every waking minute with your pooch—and they encourage their employees to canine friends into the office to spread the cuteness. In the recent years, Kurgo has even made an effort to go behind the scenes of their pet-friendly office and introduce their customers to some of the cutest merchandise testers you'll ever meet. Ever.

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Advent Software

Advent Software pet-friendly companies

This San Francisco software company is so passionate about their employee's best friends that they offer discounted pet insurance, as well as an abundance of treats throughout the office to endlessly spoil your pal.

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Big Spaceship

Big Spaceship pet-friendly companies

Big Spaceship, a small marketing and advertising start-up in Brooklyn, believes in the health and safety of your pet. And, to ensure that your pup is the happiest he or she can be, Big Spaceship encourages employees to take their pals with them everywhere they go—including into the office.

BISSELL Homecare Inc.

Bissell Logo pet-friendly companies

As it turns out, Bissell is more than just a leader in home goods—they're also a leader in pet-friendly company policies. For years, Bissell's headquarters in Michigan have witnessed pet-friendly accommodations like open areas for dogs to play together, kennels with outdoor access, treats, and fun toys "to keep pets occupied so their parents can have meetings and get their work done."

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Boa Technology

Boa Technology pet-friendly companies

Boa Technology not only allows employees to bring their pets to work, but it also hosts dog-friendly events and offers health and wellness programs designed specifically for their furry friends.

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners pet-friendly companies

This small marketing agency hosts dog-friendly events and promotes health and wellness programs for pup and owner to participate in.

Century Box

Century Box pet-friendly companies

Century Box, the folding carton manufacturer based out of Massachusetts, understands their employees' hectic schedules. In fact, so much so that they have an on-site dog walker, providing pooch-related services to all employees for free.

Certified Wildlife Friendly

Certified Wildlife Friendly pet-friendly companies

Not only does this Washington-based company love organizing team retreats—they also almost insist that your furry friend accompanies you on each planned outing.

Clif Bar & Company 

Clif Bar and Company pet-friendly companies

There's a reason why Clif Bar & Company routinely makes Best Places to Work lists, and the reason is a very lovable ball of fur. This incredibly dog-friendly company provides their employees with a large off-leash area, pet insurance, and, more importantly, an unlimited amount of (paid) time off to volunteer for worthy animal causes.


Salesforce pet-friendly companies

This cloud-based software company based out of San Francisco hands out tags and bandanas to every dog in the office, so not only do employees get to hang out with their furry pals all day, but they also get to outfit them in the coolest gear.


Mars Petcare pet-friendly companies

Though Mars is best known for its assortment of sweet treats, the company also manufactures pet food, which is probably a driving factor behind the company's amazing pet policy. This policy provides traveling employees with free boarding and feeding services for their pets—and more importantly, the annual Halloween costume contest has a special section for dogs—meaning that employees finally have the opportunity to realize their doggy stylist dreams.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Build-a-Bear Workshop pet-friendly companies

At Build-a-Bear Workshop, there's a new furry companion on the scene and employees are reveling in the new dog-friendly atmosphere. Not only do dog owners finally get to celebrate their pooch's birthday in public, but they can even sign up their dogs for a free spa day. But wait—when do the humans get a spa day?


Workday pet-friendly companies

Workday, the makers of finance and human resources-based software have vowed to always keep the mood light around its corporate headquarters. To ensure that every employee is in a great mood, Turtle, a sombrero-wearing pooch, wanders around the office, intent on putting on a smile on the face of every human he meets.


GoDaddy pet-friendly companies

As I'm sure you can imagine, GoDaddy's corporate office doesn't have your typical employee pet policy. As a part of GoDaddy's mental health services package, employees are encouraged to meet with on-site psychologists—and their canine assistants, as well.

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard pet-friendly companies

The makers of World of Warcraft celebrate the annual "Pet Parents Day" by bringing in pet insurance providers and local vets for free insurance quotes and checkups. And, after employees have successfully registered their pup with office management, they receive free tags inscribed with "Horde" or "Alliance"—a nod to the company's greatest hit.


Petplan pet-friendly companies

As one of the leading pet insurance companies, you're right in assuming that they probably have a fantastic pet-friendly environment. PetPlan is another company citing the magic of having pups on location.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream pet-friendly companies

Finally, the two things we love the most, in the same room—at the same time. Ben & Jerry's values their furry friends so much that they have a web page dedicated to their adorable snapshots and biographies.

Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society of the United States pet-friendly companies

We all know that one of the most annoying parts of travel is the expenses incurred by the cost of doggy boarding, and the Humane Society understands this too, as they reimburse their employees for these fees. Additionally, the company allows its employees vacation leave and discounted pet insurance to make sure that every pet is properly cared for—a feat that the Humane Society easily performs.

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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka pet-friendly companies

Similar to other companies on the list, employees at Tito's Handmade Vodka are encouraged to bring animals of any shape or size into the office. Though, dogs do retain a higher status with their own designated play area next to the distillery.

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Zoosk pet-friendly companies

Because when you can't find love in a person, you can almost always find it in the eyes of your favorite furry pal. Zoosk had this mantra in mind with their employee pet policy that allows workers at their corporate headquarters to bring in their dogs—and the site has even published editorials about the rough world of doggy dating. And to help you brush up on your dating app banter, here are the 20 Best Dating App Opening Lines.

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