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17 Hilarious Prank Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones This Year

Because the 'coal in their stockings' joke is getting pretty old.

Few things are better than watching a loved one's face light up as they unwrap a gift they love. A close second, however, is seeing them crack up when they realize that box supposedly holding a present is full of confetti and spring-loaded snakes. For those who love a good laugh, there's nothing better than giving a great prank gift to a member of your inner circle, after all. From the useful to the vain to the downright silly, we've rounded up the most top-notch gag gifts going around this holiday season. Enjoy—and Happy Holidays!

The Selfie Toaster

$75; buy now at BurntImpressions

selfie toaster prank gifts
Image via BurntImpressions

Just because it's a gag gift doesn't mean it can't be useful, too. Take, for instance,  the Selfie Toaster. Besides leaving your loved one with two pieces of toast, it also presents them with a constant visual reminder of their favorite face. Whether that's theirs, yours, or Nic Cage's is a personal matter. 

The Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

$20.20; buy now at Amazon

horse head squirrel feeder
Image via Amazon

It's not every day that you see someone trying to feed squirrels—so you might be a little hesitant before purchasing the Horse Head Squirrel Feeder. However, you can rest assured knowing that if it was always this fun, squirrel feeding would be America's pastime.

This gadget gets tied to a string and hangs a few inches above the ground, while the inside is filled with nuts, corn, or whatever treats your local squirrels are likely to snack on. When the critters  then come to feed, they will pop their tiny heads into the feeder and, in doing so, give off the hilarious impression that they have a horse head. While the jokes are technically at their expense, they do come away with some food, making the whole exchange a win-win. 

Dachshund Corn Cob Holders

$5.59; buy now at Amazon

dachshund corn cob prank gifts
Image via Amazon

It's well-documented that dachshunds are cute as heck. Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to have one waiting for them at home. Surprise one of these poor souls with the next best thing—dachshund corn cob holders. Cuter than your typical corn picks and actually useful at those July 4th barbecues, this is one gag gift recipients will definitely be grateful for. 

A "Thumb" Drive

$8.99; buy now at Amazon

thumb drive prank gifts
Image via Amazon

For those who can't get enough puns, say hello to the "thumb" drive. While this drive may look like a horror movie prop, it's every bit as functional as a traditional USB stick, and can keep between 4GB and 64GB of data right at your, well, fingertips. 

A Custom Saint Candle

$22.50; buy now at Etsy

custom saint candles prank gifts
Image via Amazon

Whether you think your friend or family member is a great candidate for canonization or  you just have an embarrassing photo of them you'd like to make use of, this custom candle is sure to please. Simply send in your favorite (or least favorite) image of the recipient's mug and voila! you've got a personalized saint candle with their face on it. Sure, they might be a little embarrassed at first, but when the power's out and your gift is left to illuminate their home, they'll thank you. 

The Banana Phone

$40.00; buy now at UncommonGoods

banana phone prank gifts
Image via UncommonGoods

Want to enjoy a laugh every time your loved one answers a call?  Then look no further than this hilarious banana phone handset. With Bluetooth connectivity, this is one a-peeling tech accessory that's every bit as useful as it is hilarious. 

Smartphone Magnifier

$30.00; buy now at UncommonGoods

smartphone magnifier prank gifts
Image via UncommonGoods

Ever wish you could go back to the good old days when your kids would ignore you to watch TV, instead of staring at their cell phones for hours? Well now, thanks to this smartphone magnifier, you can recreate those classic evenings centered around your wood-paneled boob tube. Simply slide the smartphone of your choice into the faux-cassette, and the faux-cassette into the faux-cassette player and boom, you've got a full-screen experience of their favorite YouTuber. TV dinner and good ol' family values not included.

The Beardski Ski Mask

$39.95; buy now at Amazon

beard ski mask
Image via Amazon

Protect your loved one's face from the cold this winter—while scoring a laugh for yourself and anyone nearby—by getting them a Beardski ski mask. A functioning ski mask that looks like a full-grown beard, the Beardski will have bystanders lining up at the bottom of the slopes to receive the wearer's wisdom. Fortunately, the Beardski also comes in a variety of styles, meaning everyone in the family can enjoy their own ZZ Top moment.

The Pet Pillow

$12.99; buy now at PawLibra

pet pillow
Image via PawLibra

Know someone that wants to cuddle with their pet all the time, even when they're not around? Now, with the pet photo pillow, they can. Simply send in a snapshot of their pet and they'll receive a pillow with the pet's precious image on it.

The Yodelling Pickle

$14.09; buy now at Amazon

yodelling pickle
Image via Amazon

Looking for the most irreverent of all gifts? Look no further than the Yodelling Pickle. There isn't much to say about it except that it's, well, a Yodelling Pickle. But with attention given to every ugly detail and batteries included, this pickle just might be vying for gift of the year. So get 'em while they're hot—Walmart's already sold out.

"If You Can Read This….Walk The Dog" Socks

$17.00; buy now at Etsy

walk the dog sock
Image via Etsy

What is love if not walking the dog for your partner while they sleep soundly? Remind them of this kindness—and maybe get the favor returned—by investing in this cute pair of socks for them. With one foot reading "If you can read this" and the other "It's your turn to walk the dog," this set is sure to remind even the most aloof partner just what it is they've signed up for. 

The CHEECH! Share A Smile Dog Toy

$12.99; buy now at Amazon

dog teeth toy
Image via Amazon

As long as it's rough and squeaky, a dog will chew just about anything. With that in mind, the creative geniuses behind The CHEECH! dog toy have created a pet product that will make your dog look as if they possess a large, human smiling mouth. And, inevitable nightmares aside, what's funnier than that?

An Exercise Block

$9.99; buy now at Amazon

exercise box
Image via Amazon

Everyone wishes they had more opportunities to exercise on a regular basis. For those members of your inner circle who rarely have time to hit the gym, help them out this holiday by gifting them the Big Mouth Toys Exercise Block. By making it exponentially easier to "walk around the block" twice, the exercise block is, at the very least, guaranteed to make them feel fitter, even if they haven't strayed far from the couch. And for more exercise half-truths, check out The 30 Biggest Exercise Myths. 

"Toasty" Hand Warmers

$25.99; buy now at Amazon

toasty hand warmers
Image via Amazon

These USB-powered fingerless hand warmers are perfect for the loved ones in your family whose only incentive to step away from the computer is to dial up the thermostat—and the electricity bills in the process. Luckily, these gloves will keep their hands toasty warm as they jot down the latest entry in their prolific collection of angry Yelp reviews. 

This Is Us Unplug Reminder

$4.99; buy now at Etsy

unplug me this is us
Image via Etsy

Crock pots are all the rage. So is the tear-jerking TV show This Is Us. Combine these two passions for one lucky member of your family with the "Unplug Me…Love, Jack" vinyl decal. In addition to reminding them to turn off the dang electronics when they're done, the sticker is also a delicious bit of dark humor—perfect for the holiday season.

Taco Booties

$25.00; buy now at UncommonGoods

taco booties
Image via UncommonGoods

Did a friend or family member recently have a kid? Instead of another dull onesie, get them these cute taco booties. In addition to providing a good laugh for anyone who catches sight of them, these shoes also keep overzealous onlookers from going in for a bite of the delectable baby toes contained within.

Toilet Mug

$12.99; buy now at Amazon

toilet mug
Image via Amazon

Have a friend or family member with an untamable potty mouth? This hilarious coffee mug will remind them just what you think of their expletive-laden vocabulary as they sip their French roast. 

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