This Is the Most Hated Holiday Gift, Survey Shows

Don't be surprised when this one gets regifted at next year's white elephant.

Whether you're shopping for friends or family members, getting a thoughtful gift for everyone on your list isn't always an easy feat. Though members of your inner circle may grin and bear it when they're opening a gift they're disappointed to receive, you can avoid a major gifting faux pas more easily than you think. In a new survey, customized gift company Vistaprint identified what people really want this year, with 72 percent of survey respondents saying their favorite gifts are heartfelt and unique. But the company also identified the worst holiday gift out there.

While personalized items, including clothing, photobooks, and kitchenware are among the most popular holiday presents, according to Vistaprint's survey participants, anonymous-feeling gifts were the least coveted in the bunch. In fact, a whopping 60 percent of individuals polled said they had regifted generic gifts in the past, with certain items more likely to be regifted than others. Read on to discover the worst holiday gift out there, and for some presents they'll actually love, These Are the Most Popular Christmas Gifts of 2020, According to Google.

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Box of chocolates

box of chocolates with bow
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Respondents who said they'd likely regift it: 29 percent

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Beauty gift sets

beauty products in gift box

Respondents who said they'd likely regift it: 30 percent

Scented candles

three scented holiday candles

Respondents who said they'd likely regift it: 32 percent

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Gift sets of body care products

bath product gift box

Respondents who said they'd likely regift it: 33 percent

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Picture frames

white hands holding picture frame

Respondents who said they'd likely regift it: 34 percent

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