Christmas Puns That Will Absolutely Sleigh You

Bring a little holiday humor to the Christmas party this year.

Considering what we've been through over the past few years, this holiday season should be all about having fun and enjoying time with the people you love. While we can't control every aspect of our time off, we can do our best to preserve the holiday spirit. Read on for the most festive, funny Christmas puns sure to make your friends and family laugh. Don't worry—they're all age appropriate.

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164 Best Christmas Puns for the Holiday Season

Be sure to reserve a little Christmas spirit this holiday season. If you're having a hard time getting there on your own, just refer to the funny Christmas puns below. We've even sprinkled a few jokes in there to help turn things around.

Funny Christmas Puns for All Ages

family laughing and sharing christmas puns over the holiday
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  1. Who's the most holi-dazed and confused this year?
  2. Don we now our ugly sweaters.
  3. It's time to go ho ho home!
  4. Yule miss me when I'm gone!
  5. Why did Santa put a clock in his sleigh? He wanted to see time fly!
  6. What did Santa name his dog? Santa Paws!
  7. How many letters are in the Christmas alphabet? Just 25, because there's Noel!
  8. Where does Santa stay when he goes on vacation? At a ho-ho-hotel!
  9. What was Santa's favorite subject in school? Chemistree!
  10. Did you know that Father Christmas has a daughter? Yeah, her name is Mary Christmas!
  11. Why aren't you supposed to eat all the Christmas decorations? You could get tinsil-itis!
  12. What do you call Santa when he accidentally falls into the fireplace? Krisp Kringle!
  13. What did one ornament say to another? "I like hanging with you!"
  14. How do sheep greet each other during the holidays? "Fleece Navidad!"
  15. What did Adam say on the day before Christmas? "It's Christmas, Eve!"
  16. What name does Santa Claus use when he takes a break from delivering gifts? Santa Pause!
  17. What do you call a Christmas gift after it dies? The Ghost of Christmas Present!
  18. What do you call a reindeer ghost? A cari-boo!
  19. What do reindeers put on their Christmas trees? Horn-aments!
  20. Who delivered all the presents to the baby wolverine? Santa Claws!
  21. Where does Santa's reindeer go when they lose their tails? The retail shop!

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Hilarious Elf Puns

little girl dressed up as an elf draped in Christmas lights
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  1. Have your elf a merry little Christmas.
  2. She's got high elf-esteem.
  3. First, let me take an elfie.
  4. Treat your elf.
  5. An elf is always ear for you.
  6. I'm just a Kreacher of habit.
  7. Pull your elf together.
  8. Elves are so cute. Don't you a-green?
  9. Reindeer don't go to school—they're elf-taught.
  10. Don't worry, I've got good elf-control.
  11. Santa's helpers love listening to Elfis Presley.
  12. Get the elf out of here.
  13. I can't wait for a new ear.
  14. As elf!
  15. Now you're just some Dobby that I used to know.
  16. If the pointy shoe fits, wear it!
  17. I'm just a workshop in progress.
  18. What type of music do elves play in their work area at the height of the holiday season? Wrap!
  19. What do you call an elf who runs away from Santa's workshop? A rebel without a Claus!
  20. How do the elves clean Santa's sleigh on the day after Christmas? They use Santa-tizer! 
  21. How do Santa's little helpers keep warm during cold days at the North Pole? They eat elf-abet soup!
  22. What type of currency do elves use? Jingle bills!
  23. Who is Santa's helpers' favorite character in Stranger Things? Elelfen!
  24. What type of cars do elves drive? Toy-otas!
  25. What do you call an elf who steals Christmas present wrapping from the rich and gives it to the poor? Ribbon Hood!
  26. What kind of pictures do elves love to paint? Elf-portraits!
  27. Where do elves go when they feel sick? The elf-center!

Perfect Christmas Puns for Instagram

Santa taking a selfie.
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  1. All the jingle ladies.
  2. Lighten up—it's Christmas.
  3. It's lit.
  4. Make it rein, deer.
  5. It was love at frost sight.
  6. We have great chemis-tree.
  7. As it snow happens.
  8. Let's hear a round of Santa plause.
  9. You're my soul Santa.
  10. Sleigh queen, sleigh.
  11. More elf puns Claus I said so.
  12. All this holiday cheer has me feeling pine.
  13. Someone's barking up the wrong Christmas tree.
  14. Some of these Christmas tree puns are tinsel-ting my intelligence.
  15. There's snow place like home.
  16. OK, icy what you did there.
  17. Feelin' pine.
  18. Christmas has me feeling extra Santa-mental this year.
  19. Yes, I do consider myself a Christmas tree hugger.
  20. It's about time to spruce things up.
  21. Our Christmas tree decorations this year are pure poet-tree!
  22. It's the most pun-derful time of the year!
  23. Up to snow good.
  24. Say it ain't snow.
  25. Have snow fear—Christmas is here.
  26. Oh deer.
  27. It's snow joke.
  28. Single bells, single bells, single all the way.
  29. Sleigh all day.
  30. I'll be ho-ho-home for Christmas.
  31. Snow thank you.
  32. You sleigh me.
  33. It's going to be a be-yule-tiful Christmas.
  34. She's got resting grinch face.

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Cute Cat Christmas Puns

funny cats in Santa hats taking a selfie
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  1. Wishing you a Meowy Christmas and a Purrfect New Year.
  2. All I want for Christmas is mew.
  3. Walking in a whisker wonderland.
  4. Fur-osty the Snowman.
  5. I'm feline fine this Christmas Eve.
  6. Can't wait to kiss you under the meow-stil-toe.
  7. Gather around for some Christmas tails.
  8. It's im-paw-ssible to have a Blue Christmas with a kitty on your lap.
  9. Santa Claws is coming to town.
  10. No purr-esents for those on the naughty list.
  11. Fleas Navidad.
  12. Merry Cat-Mas.
  13. Don't let the cat out of Santa's bag
  14. Litter Drummer Boy.
  15. You have cat to be kitten me right now.
  16. Meow bring us some figgy pudding.
  17. It's the meow-st wonderful time of the year!
  18. Thanks fur the memories!
  19. Santa Paws is coming to town.
  20. Are you feline festive?

Dog Christmas Puns

two dogs in Christmas costumes
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  1. Feliz Navi Dog.
  2. May your Christmas be furry and bright.
  3. Yappy Holidays!
  4. Dachshund through the snow.
  5. Ho ho ho.
  6. Merry Woofmas.
  7. Merry Christmutts.
  8. Happy howlidays.
  9. After another ruff year, we wish you a won-dog-ful Christmas.
  10. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how tasty are your branches?
  11. Santa Paws is coming to town.
  12. The snuggle is real.
  13. Happy Collie-days!
  14. Unleash the holiday spirit.
  15. Santa's little yelper.
  16. We woof you a Merry Christmas,
  17. Have the ulti-mutt holiday.
  18. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-Labrador.
  19. What kind of dog does Ebenezer Scrooge have? A bah hum-pug!
  20. What did Jack Frost train his puppy to do? Nip at your nose!

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Santa Puns

santa claus giving double rock-on sign — santa puns
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  1. Throw a little tinsel on me because I love being the Santa of attention.
  2. Always nice to see some festive repre-Santa-tion around the holidays.
  3. Hold me closer, tiny Santa!
  4. It's a simple case of Claus and effect.
  5. You know what they say—keep your friends Claus and your enemies closer.
  6. I Santa you something special this year.
  7. I be-wreath in Santa Claus.
  8. Santa bae bae.
  9. Don't forget to Santa-tize your hands before dinner!
  10. If you're lucky this year, Santa Claus will grace you with his presents!
  11. Starting to feel like St. Nickel-ess with all this shopping!
  12. Santa really hits the sack on Christmas Eve
  13. You're just in the (Saint) Nick of time
  14. There's been a Santaquatch spotting.
  15. The color red really soots you.
  16. No need to Claus a scene!
  17. Happy ho ho ho-lidays!
  18. I hope this gift hits Claus to home.

Christmas Puns About Food and Drink

Christmas feast
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  1. Mince pies before guys.
  2. Feast mode.
  3. 'Tis the season to be jelly.
  4. What is Santa's favorite breakfast food? Frosted Flakes.
  5. It's the most wine-derful time of the year.
  6. We whisk you a Merry Christmas.
  7. How does Darth Vader like his Christmas roast? A little on the dark side.
  8. Have yourself a Bloody Mary Christmas.
  9. Nobody touch the roast—I'll have the final sleigh.
  10. It's the most wonderful time for a beer.
  11. This Christmas feast is so massive, I'm holding on for my deer life.
  12. Can't wait to woof down Christmas dinner.
  13. Why doesn't Alexis like eating broken candy canes? She prefers ones in mint condition.
  14. We go together like peppermint Schnapps and hot chocolate.
  15. Hope you have a brie-lliant holiday.
  16. Happy hollandaise.
  17. Choy to the world.
  18. All I want for Christmas is choux.
  19. Just hanging out in downward eggnog.
  20. It's Christmas-thyme in the city.
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