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October 31

35 Halloween Facts for Spooky Season

These tidbits are frighteningly interesting.
Legendary Lefties

The Most Famous Left-Handed Celebs

From Oprah to Aristotle.
The Heat Is On

50 Summer Facts That Are So Fascinating

Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs on July 4!
No Way

70 Weird Facts That Sound Made Up

You can measure the temperature by crickets.
Once You Pop

70 Amazing Snapple Bottle Cap Facts

And the real science behind them.
Celestial Wisdom

30 Moon Facts That Are Out of This World

Did you know it's actually lemon-shaped?
Waggish Words

The 40 Funniest English Words

Can we interest you in a winklepicker?
Brainiac Attack

75 Trivia Questions Only Geniuses Can Answer

Test yourself, if you dare.
Fowl Factoids

23 Wild Facts About Turkeys You Didn't Know

Female turkeys don't gobble, they purr.
World of Words

Common Words That Didn't Exist Until the '90s

You can thank this decade for these popular phrases.
Odd Entities

50 Incredible Things You Never Knew Existed

Who knew there was a real bubblegum pink lake?
Remember Hanging Chads?

Every "Word of the Year" for the Last 30

Let's take a walk down lexicography lane.
Not So Unusual

50 "Rare" Events That Happen All the Time

Wait, being struck by lightning is how common?!
The Hot List

The 20 Best Summer Movies of All Time

We're gonna need a bigger boat...
Get Happy

50 Feel-Good Facts Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Trivia to turn any frown upside down.
Mind Blowing

50 Facts That'll Make You Question Everything

This fascinating trivia will blow your mind.
Word Wellness

Cut These 20 Negative Words from Your Life

You'll feel instantly happier.
Facts & Trivia

50 Incredible Facts That Will Astonish You

We doubt you know these trivia tidbits.
American Myth-story

23 American History Facts Everyone Gets Wrong

Passed on for generations, yet utterly untrue.
Idle Chatter

100 Useless Facts to Keep You Entertained

Get ready for some seriously random knowledge!