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As Seen on TV

The Most Famous TV Show Set in Your State

Can you guess what it is?
2020 Vision

50 Things That Will Happen in 2020

Get ready for movies, world events, and new tech!
Winter Wonders

30 Uplifting Winter Facts to Warm Your Heart

Here's some chilly season trivia to keep you cozy!
Matters of Fact

19 Interesting Facts We Learned in 2019

Good news: Beer is good for your gut health!
America the Bizarre

27 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About the United States

We don't have an official language and a burrito is not legally a sandwich.
Expand Your Mind

50 Amazing Facts We Learned in the 2010s

Did you know we could hear the universe?
Sesame Secrets

23 Fun Facts About "Sesame Street" You Never Knew

Did you know that Elmo once testified before Congress?
Freaky Facts

13 Facts About the Number 13 That Will Freak You Out

Here's what you don't know about the world's unluckiest number.
Witchy Watchy

17 Incredible Facts About Witches

Find out the disturbing origins of their pointy hats.
Losing Ground

Here Are All the Endangered Species in the World

Everyone loves animals. But sadly, there are many species that are disappearing before our eyes....
Ancient Architecture

This Is the Oldest Building in Your State

Whether you're a history buff or not, there's something to be said about visiting—or learning...
Aye Matey

30 Incredible Facts About Pirates That Are 100 Percent True

Because of movies like Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean, many of us have a...
All Ears

30 Facts About Elephants That Will Amaze You

It's no secret that elephants are extraordinary animals. These magnificent beasts have an impressive size,...
Century Celebrations

27 Famous People Who've Lived to 100

Living to 100 is a cause for celebration. According to the United Nations, in 2012,...
Honest Aging

40 Myths About Turning 40 That Are Totally True

Some myths about turning 40 are exactly that: myths. Your metabolism won't shut down completely....
Reliving Romance

The 20 Best Teen Romance Movies to Make You Nostalgic for Young Love

Whether it's only been a few years since you first laid eyes on your high...
Fun & Games

20 Fun Games You Can Play With Alexa

You already rely on your Amazon Alexa for so many things, from turning off your...
What to Watch

The 20 Best Feel-Good Movies To Instantly Boost Your Mood

Some days you're in the mood for a mystery movie that will leave you feeling...
Watch It & Weep

15 Best Sad Movies on Netflix for When You Need a Good Cry

No matter what's going on in your life—a bad breakup, a stressful day at work,...
Now on Netflix

15 Best Documentaries on Netflix That Will Make You Feel So Smart

Growing up, you might have thought documentaries were a snore. After all, there's only so...
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