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Second Winter Storm Could Dump Another 8 Inches of Snow on These Regions

Some places won't even make it to the weekend before they'll need to get the shovels out again.

With still over a month to go before spring officially begins, this winter has already shown us its fair share of extreme weather. From flooding rains in the west to bitterly cold temperatures down south, each week appears to be bringing one surprise after another. However, some places may not even have a few days to recover from the last big event after meteorologists warned a second winter storm could dump another eight inches of snow in the coming days. Read on to see which regions will be affected and how much you might see in your area.

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A Nor'easter brought heavy snow and wind to some areas yesterday.

parked cars in the snow in the morning after a blizzard, the driver cleans the snow from his car, Ukraine Dnipro

Residents in the Northeast were treated to a pre-Valentine's Day winter storm on Tuesday. A Nor'easter dumped snow across the region, leading to more than 1,100 flight cancellations and 116,000 people without power, CBS News reports.

A last-minute change in the storm's trajectory shifted the brunt of the snowfall, with southern New England seeing much less than the foot it was initially expected to receive. In the end, Boston saw a scant 1.5 inches, while southern parts of Massachusetts saw as much as 8.2 inches accumulate by the end of the day, according to a National Weather Service (NWS) bulletin.

Pennsylvania was also spared any overwhelming amounts, with Philadelphia seeing less than two inches over the course of the storm. The heaviest hit was the Poconos and Lehigh Valley, which received more than a foot, per CBS News.

However, New York had decent snow accumulation across different parts of the state. New York City's Central Park saw 3.2 inches fall, while Coney Island in Brooklyn totaled six inches by the time the storm moved on. Areas just north of the city saw much more, with 11 inches falling in the Hudson Valley.

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Another storm is set to bring more snow and freezing temperatures this week.

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Even if Tuesday's storm fell somewhat short of initial expectations, residents in many places may not even make it to the weekend before they see fresh snow again. A new weather system is expected to pass through the Midwest this week, bringing more of the white stuff and bitterly cold temperatures along with it as it sweeps across to the East Coast, AccuWeather reports.

Forecasts expect snow to start falling today in the Central Plains states, with the quick-moving system passing through the Midwest and reaching the Northeast by Thursday evening. Temperatures are also expected to drop, with cities including Chicago and Detroit seeing lows sink into the 20s today and tomorrow before plunging into the teens on Friday, per AccuWeather.

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The Midwest could see a band of significant snowfall in some places.

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While it's not expected to bury the region, the latest bout of snow could still bring some shovelable amounts to the Midwest. Omaha, Nebraska, is predicted to see about an inch, while Pierre, South Dakota, could get as much as eight inches during the storm, per Fox Weather.

While cities like Chicago and Indianapolis might only see a scant inch of snow mixed with some rain, parts of Northern Michigan near Marquette could also see anywhere from five inches to a foot of snow fall. Parts of Wisconsin, including Madison and Milwaukee, are expected to get a wintry mix with enough snow that could create slushy conditions on roads throughout today, AccuWeather reports. And Minneapolis—which has been atypically short on snow this winter—might see just shy of two inches.

The storm will bring a second round of snowfall to some places in the Northeast.

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By Thursday, the storm is expected to move into the Northeast. But the region's second go with snow may not affect many of the areas that were the worst hit in Tuesday's Nor'easter.

Little to no accumulation is expected for Washington, D.C., and New York City, with inland areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey looking at one to three inches of snow, per Fox Weather. Massachusetts and southern central New York state might expect one to three inches as well, with some areas pushing towards five inches. The worst-hit areas are predicted to be in far northern New York, including Watertown, which could see anywhere from five inches of snow to a foot.

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