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Jane Seymour Reveals Her Ageless Beauty Secrets

The former Bond girl makes 67 look like 37.

When you meet Hollywood icon Jane Seymour in person, you would never believe you're in the presence of someone who is 67 years-old.

The celebrated actress, who first hit it big as the Bond girl Solitaire in the 1973 film Live and Let Die, before earning enormous popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s for her starring role in the series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, still has the youthful vibrance, slim physique, and bouncy ginger curls that made her shine on the silver screen in her late 20s.

She's one of a handful of female celebrities over the age of 65 that prove that, with proper care, age really is just a number. Recently, we sat down with Seymour to discuss the secrets to her ageless appearance, and her advice was priceless. And for more health tips from celebrities, check out Kate Mara's 5 Best Body Tips. 

Hair Care

Jane Seymour Crepe Erase photoshoot

While giving tips on looking ageless to Byrdie, Jane Fonda, 80, said it's important to "take care of your hair like you would your skin." That's certainly an adage that Seymour, whose hair is impeccably silky and shiny, firmly adheres to.

"I wash it and condition it every day, which I realize most hairdressers say you must never do," Seymour said. "I try to keep my hair out of the sun if I can. I have it colored by Goldwell colors. I have no endorsement at all with Goldwell but it's kind to my hair. I never use permanent or semi-permanent extension. I don't use irons unless I have to. I usually use velcro rolls [instead]."

Since her hair is quite fine, she likes to use Phyto Volumizing Shampoo, and puts a detangling leave-in product and a leave-in hair mask after she's washed it at night. She's also mindful when she travels that different products are necessary in different countries because of the water quality so she tries to mix things up. "For some reason, I lose a lot of hair when I'm in England and I grow a lot of hair in California." Maybe it's because of the vitamin D? After all, in addition to being a great weight-loss weapon, sunshine has also been shown to prevent hair loss.

Skin Care

Jane Seymour Crepe Erase photoshoot

Seymour has been the brand ambassador for Crepe Erase since they were first established in 2015. She's been using their body cream to deal with wrinkles and loose, crepey skin for the last five years, and she swears by the results. Seymour is a big believer that people do too much to their skin, so she maintains a simple but consistent skincare regimen.

"At night, I put on something that's going to peel in the night. In the morning, I exfoliate with Crepe Erase's very gentle facial scrub, blot it completely dry, make sure I don't have any residue from old makeup. and put moisturizer on. If I feel really really dry I might put on extra oil but I don't usually need to. Then I put on makeup. Because my skin's pretty good, I don't put a heavy base on, as I look to look as natural as possible. If I'm out and about, I like to have a little glow, but powder is very heavy, so sometimes I might just use an anti-shine."

She's also a huge fan of eye makeup remover, since her biggest no-no is passing out without taking off your makeup, as it makes your eyes droop and leaves you vulnerable to eye infections. One of her secret weapons is Johnson and Johnson's baby wash; she uses a q-tip to go around her eyelids to make sure she gets every little bit off. Finally, don't forget to moisturize your neck, as it's the biggest giveaway of your age.


Jane Seymour Crepe Erase photoshoot

Going along with her general mantra, which is "less is more," Seymour doesn't like to overdue it with working out.

"People who like to do a lot of athletic stuff, it's great, but it's really bad on your skin because if you're running or at the beach all the time, they get wrinkly. I used to be a dancer so I was trained to understand my body and know what it can and can't do. Nowadays, I do Pilates and light-weights. I do spinning with a trainer, also with light weights. If I can't get to do any of that, then I will just lie on the ground and do planks and stomach exercises."

She demonstrated that you could pretty much work out anywhere, using a chair to do bicep dips or a wall to do some standings push-ups. She also loves wall squats, in which you line your back against the wall, place your feet hip-distance apart, and then slide down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle, which helps strengthen your core and quads.


Jane Seymour

"I don't diet but I eat good food. I happen to like vegetables, salmon, and shrimp, and chicken from time to time. I'm not a big fan of red meat, but if I'm feeling a bit low energy, I might have a slice or two of filet. I've tried all the diets and they are a complete waste of time for me, because any time you say 'I'm not doing this anymore, I'm only doing that,' then you know that you're going to fail. If you're really trying to lose weight, just cut out the carbs."

She also finds workarounds for her weaknesses. "I'm a nibbler, especially if I'm watching TV. So my trick is to put out raspberries, blueberries, nuts, or raw vegetables with hummus or homemade guacamole. I love potato, but my favorite way of eating it is that I scoop all the inside out and toast the potato skin."

It's Never Too Late

Jane Seymour

Good news: like Fonda, Seymour believes that if you haven't been very consistent or kind to your skin, you can still absolutely reverse the effects of aging by adopting good habits and using good products after 40. "The best way of reversing [age] is not accelerating it. Stop it in its tracks and take care of it where it's at. The worst things is cigarette smoking, drugs, and alcohol."

Less Is More

Jane Seymour Crepe Erase photoshoot

"I'm very self-service when it comes to beauty stuff. I don't go to dermatologists other than to check for skin cancers. I don't do Botox or any of those things."

Seymour claims that while she isn't against plastic surgery, she hasn't gotten anything done except some work on her baggy eyes, a problem that runs in her family, over 20 years ago. "Less is more, in my opinion. I haven't been [getting plastic surgery] because I feel I want to look like me. I look around and I see a lot of people that look attractive but don't look like themselves. I'm not pretending not to be 67. So I think that's if my skin's in good shape, and I take care of my body and skin and am clever with the makeup, then I can look as good as I can at my age rather than trying to pretend I'm 30 and have duck lips."

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