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Starbucks Is Getting Rid of These Popular Menu Items for Now

The company is putting a "temporary hold" on some products amid supply chain issues.

Coffee is how many of us kickstart our days, and we tend to be very loyal to certain coffee shops and our regular drink orders. If Starbucks is your go-to spot, however, you may soon find yourself disappointed by your drink options. All over the country, customers are being told by Starbucks baristas that their favorite items are unavailable. And this problem is only getting worse, which has forced Starbucks to make some changes to help regulate stock until the issues are completely resolved. That means you might not be able to order what you want during your next Starbucks visit. Read on to find out which menu items the coffee chain is getting rid of for now.

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An internal memo indicates that Starbucks is putting orders for certain items on hold.

Durham, UK - 14th July 2019: Blurred photograph of Starbucks syrups with plastic lids and the counter in the background. Starbucks is a popular coffee chain across the world. Coffee café concept.

Starbucks has been in quite a bind the last couple of weeks due to supply issues. On June 7, Business Insider reported that things may only be getting worse. According to the news outlet, an internal memo from the company indicated that Starbucks has began putting orders for certain items on "temporary hold" as of June 4 because of supply chain issues. "Starbucks will put a temporary hold on production until supply chain issues are resolved," the memo reads.

Business Insider said the memo was confirmed by three different Starbucks employees in Arizona, Georgia, and Oregon. The list of at least 25 items being affected include popular items and ingredients such as hazelnut syrup, toffee nut syrup, chai tea bags, green iced tea, and more.

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Customers have been complaining about certain drinks being out of stock for weeks.

Chiang Mai, Thailand : 22/07/2020 : Someone holding a cup of Cold Brew coffee in Starbucks coffee shop. Cold brewing is a method of brewing that combines ground coffee and cool water.

This temporary hold comes at a time where customers are becoming increasingly frustrated with various items being out of stock at their local Starbuck stores. A quick Twitter search shows at least a hundred tweets from customers across the nation asking, "Why is Starbucks out of everything?" Customers have indicated that they have been unable to order certain drinks like Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers, Caramel Macchiatos, Chai Tea Lattes, and more for weeks at various locations.

The company is acknowledging these issues. When users open the Starbucks app, they'll find a pop-up warning customers about the shortages. "We're sorry for the inconvenience. Due to current supply shortages, some of your favorites may be temporarily out of stock. Feel free to browse the menu for different options or ask your barista for a recommendation," the warning reads.

Employees say drinks aren't the only items being affected by shortages.


Starbucks is not only known for its drinks, but also for its popular breakfast sandwiches and pastries. However, you may not be able to order these right now either. "We are constantly running out of food," a Starbucks shift supervisor in Pennsylvania told Business Insider, explaining that customers sometimes get angry with baristas over these shortages issues.

"It is out of our control. We try to tell them the company cannot keep up with demand," they said. "They end up getting mad and most of the time they just drive away. We try to explain there are shortages, but they do not care."

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However, Starbucks says there is no outage of one single item at all stores.

vKuala Lumpur, Malaysia - October 29 2017 : A Man stand to order beverages at Starbucks store in Putrajaya Government Office. Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain.

You may be a little confused about the shortages—your favorite item could be in stock at one store, but out at another. Per Starbucks, this is because there is no single item that is out across the board at all stores.

"We are experiencing temporary supply shortages of some of our products. Specific items will vary by market and store, and some stores will experience outages of various items at the same time," a Starbucks spokesperson wrote in an email to Best Life. "We apologize for the inconvenience, and are working quickly and closely with our supply chain vendors to restock items as soon as possible." Business Insider also reported that while Starbucks has not said when products will be restocked, the company does have plans to refill all menu items with no permanent cancellations.

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