Here's the Secret Second Use Built into Your Soda Tab

Sip smarter with this easy trick.

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If you're like millions of men and women, drinking soda is part of your daily routine. In fact, Gallup research suggests that 48 percent of Americans drink soda on a daily basis.

However, sipping the sweet stuff straight out of the can is often a nastier proposition than you might imagine. According to a CBS investigation, the tops of soda cans are contaminated with everything from mold to staphylococcus bacteria. The solution to avoid all that ickiness? Sipping through a straw instead.

While this may help you avoid putting your mouth into contact with all that grime, it also presents a new conundrum. The carbonation in soda tends to lift straws out of the can, creating a nuisance at best, and an eye-poking hazard at worst.

Soda can hack

Luckily, there's a hack built right into your soda can to address this perilous situation. After you've popped the top on your soda (preferably after giving it a thorough rinse), turn the tab so that it covers the can's opening.

Next, stick your straw through the small hole in the tab, and voila! Your straw will be held in place without you having to keep pushing it back down. Take that, carbonation! And luckily, ditching that soda habit for good is a piece of cake with the 7 Ways to Sneak Away from Sugar!

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