Quilty the Cat Repeatedly Tries to Bust Out Fellow Shelter Cats, Goes Viral

Even in solitary confinement, this cat is causing mischief.

We've seen some dramatic cats in our day. But Quilty—a shelter cat who had to be placed in solitary confinement for repeatedly busting out his fellow shelter cats—is a true rebel. On Oct. 29, the Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston, Texas, put up a Facebook post essentially begging people to adopt this mischievous little outlaw who's been freeing his fellow felines from their enclosures.

"If someone out there is looking for a clever cat that gets along with dogs but does not get along with closed doors, we have someone they really need to come and meet," they wrote. "Please. Come meet him. And take him home. Please…"

Apparently, Quilty liked to let cats out of the senior room over and over again, several times per day. So, he was "banished to the lobby," but the staff soon learned that "Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame."

The post quickly went viral, so the shelter began posting updates in the hopes that someone would help them #FreeQuilty and liberate them from his antics.

"Quilty's review with the parole board was denied, so he released himself of his own recognizance today," they wrote two weeks ago. "He felt that confinement had nothing more to offer him. He has been returned to solitary."

They followed up with video footage of him trying to claw his way out of solitary confinement. "Quilty now believes he can definitely escape through the windows," they wrote. "While we doubt it, he's surprised us before."

shelter cat solitary confinement
Friends for Life Animal Rescue /Facebook

Sure enough, he got out.

Haven't they learned? Quilty cannot be contained.

As Quilty's fame grew, so did the merchandise.

But Quilty didn't care about the capitalist attempts to monetize his fame. He just wanted out.

Three days ago, the shelter posted an update to say that Quilty would be going on a sleepover where he would decide if his potential adopters were worthy of him.

Friends for Life Animal Shelter did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but his Instagram page indicates that he may have finally achieved the freedom that he longed for.

Fear not, however. As the shelter posted on the viral Facebook thread, they still "have a ton of cats that can cause chaos, if that's what you're into."

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