This Cat Is Going Viral for His Adorably Grumpy Facial Expressions

Zuu will have none of your shenanigans, thank you.

Remember that cat who went viral for being the most dramatic creature of all time? Well, now there's a new fur ball on the internet capturing everyone's hearts, and his name is Zuu.

Most cats constantly look a little disappointed in you, but Zuu really takes it up a notch.

He's an exotic longhair cat—a unique breed characterized by their round, flat faces. He's just shy of two years old, and he's deliciously cute.

He's giving some serious nosy-neighbor-who's-sure-those-kids-are-up-to-no-good vibes.

Here's a short list of things that Zuu does not care for:


Floral fascinators.

Hats in general, really.

Shakespearean collars.





Rainy weather.

Noise of any kind.

Tacky holiday decorations.

And, of course, working minimum wage.

I think we can all relate. And for more great cat content, check out 21 Photos That Show Why the Internet Is So Obsessed With Cats.

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