This Cat Is Going Viral for Being the Most Dramatic Creature of All Time

He's absolutely purrfect.

One of the best things about cats is their majestic mystery. Dogs are known for being goofy and easy to read, but cats beguile us with their equanimity. You never really know what they are thinking, and we respect them for that.

But not this guy.

This is Ah Fei, an adorable tabby cat who lives in Jiangsu, China, with his owner, Tang Chang.

Here he is asking you to paint him like one of your French girls.

Here he is doing his best impression of a Renaissance painting.

And here he is doing his own personal rendition of Mufasa in The Lion King.

Other cats hoping to break into the acting business need to watch out, because Ah Fei can do it all. He's got "fear."



"Extreme Disapproval."

And "No, sir, for the last time, I would not like a canapé."

He could basically star in a film in which an anarchist cat wants to cause trouble just because he can. Which, let's face it, all of us would watch.

Hollywood, if you're looking for your next big star, you've found him. And for more feline friends who will make you smile, check out 21 Photos That Show Why the Internet Is So Obsessed With Cats.

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