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Sephora Shoppers, You May Be Eligible for a $300 Settlement—Act Before Feb. 27

Certain products by Grande Cosmetics are alleged to lead to potential health risks.

Calling all Sephora customers: If you've recently purchased lash, brow, or hair products from Grande Cosmetics, you could be eligible to receive a cash payment to the tune of $300. The makeup brand known for its scientifically-backed lash and brow serums has recently landed itself in a $6.2 million class action lawsuit settlement after falsely advertising the ingredients in several of its well-known products.

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According to the class action lawsuit, Grand Cosmetics's GrandeLASH-MD, GrandeBROW, and GrandeHAIR products allegedly contain a potentially harmful and active ingredient called isopropyl cloprostenate, which the brand ceased to divulge.

Isopropyl cloprostenate is typically used to help treat glaucoma and hypotrichosis of the eyelashes; but when administered incorrectly, it could cause serious disruption to the eyes.

In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning against the inclusion of Isopropyl cloprostenate in certain makeup products due to the risk of developing "ocular irritation, hyperemia, iris color change, macular edema, ocular inflammation," per a notice published in peer-reviewed cosmetic science resource Cosmetics & Toiletries.

Therefore, the agency noted at the time, the drug should be prescribed and supervised "by a licensed practitioner."

It's important to clarify that Grande Cosmetics denies the allegations and any wrongdoing. In response to the lawsuit, the company reasoned that its products have "a proven track record of overwhelmingly positive consumer satisfaction and comprehensive product safety testing."

While that may be, the brand did agree to settle for a whopping $6.2 million.

Those who bought GrandeLASH-MD, GrandeBROW, and GrandeHAIR products between Jan. 1, 2018, and Dec. 14, 2023, are eligible for a $150 compensation from the settlement.

A receipt or proof of purchase isn't necessary, however, you do need to fill out a claim form by Feb. 27, 2024, to receive your payment. It also goes without saying that if you choose not to file, you won't receive settlement money.

Payments—which will be made on Venmo or Zelle, or via a check or virtual Mastercard—are expected to be issued throughout the year. Class action members will have six months to use the money before it expires.

If there is money remaining, and you purchased two or more Grande products during the time frame, you could receive an additional $150 from the company. Although, you will need to submit valid proof of purchase for the second payment.

The final approval hearing for Grande Cosmetic's class action lawsuit settlement is set for March 13, 2024.

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