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25 Pieces of Rustic Farmhouse Décor That Will Completely Change Your Home

Eat your heart out, Joanna Gaines.

There's no design scheme quite as inviting as the bright, airy, and rustic look of a country farmhouse. But just because your Brooklyn apartment doesn't have room for a chicken coop and grain silo doesn't mean your home can't feel like it's steps away from a barn. We've found some of the best farm-friendly décor out there to help you bring a little bit of the country into your abode. And if you're looking for more inspiration to bring you domestic design bliss, check out these 17 Amazing Vintage Home Features That Are Too Charming for Words.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

These classic kitchen towels

stack of white kitchen towels, rustic farmhouse decor

There's arguably nothing as iconically "farmhouse" as the classic striped flour sack kitchen towel. These simple linens will look great hanging off a hook in your kitchen, and they can even double as napkins for when you're dining al fresco.

$15 at Amazon
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This distressed picture frame

set of three picture frames on a wooden background, rustic farmhouse decor

Choosing the right frame is the best way to incorporate family photos and beloved prints into any design scheme. These rustic hand-painted pieces are made with distressed wood and come in dozens of colors and finishes, making them an easy addition to any home.

$20 at Etsy
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This rustic hanging shelf

round metal shelf with succulents, rustic farmhouse decor

Display shelves should add as much to the look of the room as the objects they hold. This converted galvanized basket is perfect for a mini succulent garden or spice rack in the kitchen.

$34 at Amazon
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These wooden storage crates

two wooden crates on white background, rustic farmhouse decor
World Market

Whether it's a stack of records, a pile of toys, or simply bedroom odd and ends, these sturdy orchard-inspired crates will turn household messes into rustic charm in an instant. But before you start storing away just anything, take a look at Why You Need to Trash These 30 Items From Your Home ASAP.

$30 at World Market
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These industrial counter stools

four metal bar stools, rustic farmhouse decor

The kitchen takes on an especially important role in a farmhouse—it is the heart of the home, after all. These industrial stools make for great counter or bar seating—they even work out on the patio. And if you're looking for even more ways to liven things up, check out these 25 Kitchen Decorations That Will Completely Transform Your Space.

$160 at Amazon
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This cast iron dinner bell

bell hung on the outside of home, rustic farmhouse decor

Nothing will help you tap into your inner ranch hand like a genuine dinner bell. This cast iron piece is easily mounted on any fence post and features a lever for easy ringing.

$100$55 at Wayfair
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This decorative wooden ladder

wooden ladder leaning against white wall adjacent to brick wall, rustic farmhouse decor
Home Depot

Decorative ladders are a simple way to add rustic charm to any room in the house, but they can also be functional. Try using one in the bathroom as a towel rack, one in the living room as a blanket holder, or one in the bedroom as a makeshift photo shelf.

$45 at Home Depot
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This burlap table runner

rolling pin on checked napkin, rustic farmhouse decor

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or just want to liven up the dining room, this buffalo check runner makes a very literal use of the concept of "farm to table."

$20 at Amazon
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This birdcage candleholder

metal birdcage with fairy lights, rustic farmhouse decor

Any candle display will literally brighten your home, but finding the perfect one to go with your design scheme will pay off big time. This wrought-iron birdcage creates a warm farmhouse ambiance whether or not it's filled with flickering votives.

$60 at Wayfair
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This rustic hanging cupboard

wooden medicine cabinet above wooden shelf, rustic farmhouse decor
Bed Bath & Beyond

Sometimes, a single shelf won't cut it when it comes to storing all your essentials. This charming cupboard, on the other hand, is super easy to install, making it a great addition for linen storage in the bathroom or as a small spice rack in the kitchen.

$170 at Bed Bath & Beyond
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This antique-style dinnerware set

white plates with chipped edges, rustic farmhouse decor

Creating a farmhouse vibe on your tabletop can extend well beyond dried flower centerpieces and Mason jar glasses. This durable dinnerware set looks like an incredible antique store find, creating the perfect rustic aesthetic without the need for an over-the-top accent plate.

$50$40 at Amazon
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This cruelty-free bull skull

steer skull on white background, rustic farmhouse decor

Is a farmhouse really a farmhouse until there's a bull skull hanging on the wall? The main difference with this piece is that it's a perfect cast replica, meaning no animals were harmed in the production process.

$150 at Pier1
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These vintage tobacco baskets

two woven wooden baskets, rustic farmhouse decor

Antique tools are one of the easiest ways to instantly create a country home look. These vintage-style baskets make for great wall decoration, or can be stacked as a striking entryway display piece. And if you're looking for more charm from yesteryear, check out these 40 Old-Fashioned Home Items Everyone Should Have.

$43 at Etsy
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This galvanized wall planter

metal bucket with dried flowers on chipped wall, rustic farmhouse decor

Filling this wall planter with fresh lavender will make you feel as though you've been transported to a farmhouse in Provence—and it'll make your home smell like a summer breeze, too.

$20 at Amazon
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These hanging iron baskets

metal hanging shelf with a plant in it, rustic farmhouse decor

Why limit yourself to just shelves and cabinets? These iron hanging baskets are a simple storage solution, and make for a great alternative to countertop fruit bowls. They can also double as a hanging planter both indoors and out. And if you're short on places to tuck things away, check out these 20 Gorgeous Pieces of Storage Furniture That Will Save You So Much Space.

$131$92 at Macy's
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This galvanized serving tray

metal tray with wooden handles and cocktails on it, rustic farmhouse decor

Who says your design aesthetic can't spill over into your entertaining essentials? This galvanized tray is functional farmhouse décor that can double as a table or bar centerpiece when not in use.

$39$32 at Wayfair
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This industrial pendant light

metal hanging light with cage, rustic farmhouse decor

Barn-style lighting is so pleasing and functional that it's often worked into entirely different design schemes as a soft statement. These stylish, rustic pendants are available in either a hard-wired or plug-in option, making installation a breeze.

$40 at Amazon
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This rolling door chalkboard

chalkboard sign above white table with plant next to it, rustic farmhouse decor
Home Depot

Whatever message you're looking to get across, this barn-door-inspired piece works beautifully as an entryway welcoming statement or as a kitchen-based note center.

$46 at Home Depot
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This striped shower curtain

striped shower curtain, rustic farmhouse decor
Bed Bath & Beyond

Aside from trough sinks and burnished faucets, it can be hard to find functional farmhouse elements for bathrooms. This shower curtain borrows the iconic flour sack hand towel stripe to create a bright ambiance with a touch of country charm. And if you're looking for more ways to revive your restroom, check out these 20 Bathroom Accessories That Will Totally Reinvent Your Space.

$39 at Bed Bath & Beyond
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This vintage area rug

white oriental rug, rustic farmhouse decor

The farmhouse look usually requires an antique store deep dive in the rug department, but not everyone has the budget for authentic threads. This vintage-style rug is a fraction of the cost, and available in multiple colors to match any existing design scheme.

$134 at Amazon
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This iron barn star

metal barn star surrounded by plants, rustic farmhouse decor
Home Depot

When it comes to wall decorations, this classic element of rustic design practically screams "farmhouse life."

$39 at Home Depot
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This milk can vase

white distressed milk jug, rustic farmhouse decor

What would a farmhouse be without plenty of fresh flowers? This lightly distressed piece will help brighten any room or entryway you place it in.

$50$40 at Pier1
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These decorative cotton stems

hand holding cotton buds, rustic farmhouse decor

Creating a striking floral display doesn't always have to involve clippings from the garden or a trip to the florist. These cotton stems are as beautiful as they are long-lasting, whether they're in a vase or bundled as a mantel display. And if you're looking for more seasonally-appropriate design ideas, check out these 23 Stunning Fall Home Décor Items to Make Your Home Look Gorgeous.

$12 at Amazon
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This wooden date marker

wooden rack on table in front of chalk board, rustic farmhouse decor

It may be hard to keep track of time anywhere, but saying "have a great weekend!" on a Tuesday is still embarrassing even in the laid-back countryside. Luckily, this rustic wooden calendar will help you avoid that exact faux pas.

$60$45 at Hayneedle
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This outdoor water fountain

galvanized tub outdoors, rustic farmhouse decor

When it comes to sprucing up your home, it's important to remember that outdoor spaces and yards need love, too. This galvanized antique pitcher fountain will help create tranquility in your garden with the sound of running water, but without the garish effect of a cherub-accented water feature. And if you're ready to update your space, make sure you know these 20 Common Decorating Tips  You Should Always Ignore.

$130 at Pier1
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