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30 Best Stylish Home Upgrades

Because beauty breeds happiness.

Fact: beauty breeds happiness. According to Richard Layard, author of Happiness: Lessons from a New Science, one of the biggest sources of happiness is our surroundings: amazing architecture, stunning views, artwork, and other feel-good aesthetics. His findings are bolstered by countless studies, such as this one by a researcher at the University of Sussex, as well as by common sense. (Don't you find that beautiful things put you in a good place, as well?)

With that in mind, we scoured the web for the most stylish ways for you to upgrade your home—from kitchen appliances to luxe furniture—and boost your happiness levels at the same time. Call it the ultimate win-win! And once you're riding high in your sophisticated news digs, keep your personal palace clean after reading How "Swedish Death Cleaning" Banishes Clutter Forever. 

A More Beautiful Toaster

Smeg toaster, a stylish home upgrade.

2-Slice pink toaster by Smeg

$150; buy now at Amazon

Proof that the prettiest thing can be the most basic lay within this retro-style toaster. The two-slice style allows you get your morning toast while Instagramming the heck out of it, too. And for more great design tips, take a tour of Robert Downey Jr.'s Quirky Hamptons Home. 

Bold New Bookends

Bookends, a stylish home upgrade.

Agate blue large bookends by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

$170; buy now at MGBW

If you're going to insist on hanging onto every single book that you ever purchased since college, you're going to need some serious beauty to keep everything in check. Agate comes in a variety of colorways, with this cooling blue hue being our favorite.

Hotel-Quality Linens

Hotel-worthy sheets, a stylish home upgrade.

Signature collection linen set by St. Regis Boutique

$580; buy now at St. Regis

Makeover the most sacred space of your house—the bedroom—with high-thread count sheets for a supremely luxurious experience. By simply swapping out your regular sheets for a pair that look like they belong in a Presidential Suite, your bedroom just became a hotel haven. For more great happiness hacks, check out these 70 Genius Tricks to Get Instantly Happy. 

A Boho Window Covering

Window curtains, a stylish home upgrade.

Safi wall hanging by Magical Thinking

$179; buy now at Urban Outfitters

Nothing says "grand" the way long, luxurious curtains do—especially when you've got epic windows. (Bonus points if they're floor-to-ceiling style.) But the freshest way to decorate from the outside in is to leave a sheer veil, which gives everyone a flirty peek into your luxurious home.

Copper Cookware

Copper pots and pans, a stylish home upgrade.

Mauviel copper 12-piece cookware set by Williams Sonoma

$1,900; buy now at Williams Sonoma

Here's the really sweet thing about bronze-hued pots and pans: They're so darn chic to look at you never want to put them away. You can just leave them on the stove! For more home-decorating inspiration, here are the 7 Best Celebrity Homes You Can Buy Today. 

Perpetually Fresh Roses

Roses, a stylish home upgrade.

Lé clair vint-cinq by Venus Et Fleur

$549; buy now at Venus Et Fleur

The downside of foliage is that it dies. Well, these real roses last a full calendar year—literally, 365 days—and in a slew of different hues, boxes, and packaging.

A Detailed, Tufted Headboard

A better bed, a stylish home upgrade.

Heron headboard by Nest Theory

$1,474; buy now at Wayfair

This design, which features a cozifying wingback design and dark grey tufting, epitomizes glamour while still enabling you to work with simple, more homespun fabrics and accents.

Something Mirrored

An etagere, a stylish home upgrade.

Mirrored etagere by John-Richard Collection

$2,280; buy now at Horchow

If there's only one thing you can buy to instantly elevate your home to luxurious new heights, it's a piece of mirrored furniture. This etagere is a versatile styling piece that will stand out as well as blend in. Bonus: it features a drawer for storing away any unsightly items.

A Lacquer Tray

Luxurious tray, a stylish home upgrade.

Barcelona tray by Jonathan Adler

$395; buy now at Jonathan Adler

The sheen of this tray alone adds a high-polish finish to any room, and it's ideal to leave on your new coffee table (more on that below) and store your various electronics and remote controls.

Geometric Photo Frame

Kendra Scott picture frame, a stylish home upgrade.

Photo frame in cracked abalone shell by Kendra Scott

$195; buy now at Kendra Scott

Though Kendra Scott was first and foremost a jewelry designer, her home goods have proven to be a smash success.

Swanky New Light Fixture

Luxury light, a stylish home upgrade.

Twice light by SkLO

$998; buy now at Barneys

Amp up the luxury factor in your home by adding a design-forward light fixture to the entry way, bedroom, or really any room, for that matter. This sleek design features two illuminated asymmetrical spheres handcrafted from mouth-blown glass.

Words of Advice

Latitude neon sign, a stylish home upgrade.

Neon sign by Latitude Run

$203; buy now at Wayfair

"Good vibes only." "Keep calm and carry on." You've seen these phrases before. But really celebrate your favorite saying by displaying it in throwback-style neon lighting.

Cooler Coasters

Coasters, a stylish home upgrade.

The vintage vogue Linea coasters by West Elm

$30; buy now at West Elm

Coasters are totally overlooked design touches. With the right design, you can change the vibe of the whole room. Exhibit A: these gilded accents and geometric lines will translate into instant sophistication.

A Bottle for the Windowsill

Glass bottle, a stylish home upgrade.

Ombré skinny extra small bottle by Vetro Vero

$220; buy now at Barneys

A piece of artwork, is, understandably, one of personal preference. But rather than getting something that hangs on the wall, choose a piece that you can wrap your fingers around.

Matching Decanter and Wine Glasses

Decanter, a stylish home upgrade.

Swirl decanter set by Riedel

From $160; buy now at Amazon

This set of stemless glasses and decanter are nothing if not elegantly modern. Unique curvature helps aerate each blend accordingly, as do the glasses, which are available in both red and white. Hot tip: If you don't end up decanting as often as you think you would, use it instead to store your mouthwash—you'll have the fanciest Listerine anyone has ever seen.

Iconic Kitchenware

Cuisinart mixer, a stylish home upgrade.

Precision master stand mixer by Cuisinart

$250; buy now at Williams Sonoma

Truly iconic pieces of kitchenware are few and far between. Consider this one of the few.

Trippy Vase

Trippy vase, a stylish home upgrade.

Malachite octagonal vase by Jonathan Adler

$118; buy now at Neiman Marcus

You'll keep the air in your home cleaner with plants and everything will look super styled. Win-win!

Updated Bath Accessories

Bathroom accessories, a stylish home upgrade.

Ice bathroom accessory set by Paradigm Trends

$109; buy now at Wayfair

Everything you need to house your bathroom essentials in slick metal, earthy ceramic, or chic lucite.

A Slick Chrome Wastebasket

Slick chrome trash can, a stylish home upgrade.

Polished chrome waste basket by Kraftware

$39; buy now at Amazon

This will dress up just about any space.

A Slew of New Office Supplies

Better office supplies, a stylish home upgrade.

Codify pencil holder by Anthropologie

$48; buy now at Anthropologie

Your office should never feel like a drag. In fact, it's important that your accessories are as smart as your business advice is. By grabbing a matching suite of stationary, pens, paper clips and the like, you'll look and feel pulled together.

Art-Inspired Bowl

Art-inspired bowl, a stylish home upgrade.

Maple burl wood sculpture by Stinson Studios

$3,500; buy now at Barneys

Use it to stash your stuff, use it as a candy bowl, or use it simply as a great display item for its hugely on-trend hygge vibes. And though it's made out of maple wood, it's definitely meant for the indoors—perhaps on display with your new mirrored etagere.

Ottoman-Style Coffee Table

Ottoman, a stylish home upgrade.

Reid round tufted ottoman by Joss & Main

$300; buy now at Joss & Main

Just as a tufted headboard speaks of luxury, a tufted ottoman utilized as a living-room coffee table has the same luxe effect. Choose one with a complementary—or totally off-kilter—lacquer tray to stow magazines, remotes, and anything else that may get caught in its buttons.

A Kitschy Catch-All Tray

A catch-all tray, a stylish home upgrade.

Patio party trinket tray by Rosanna

$30; buy now at Nordstrom

This design-forward ceramic trinket tray looks great atop any desk, kitchen island, or even on that coveted ottoman coffee table.

A Major Candle

Dyptique candle, a stylish home upgrade.

Feu de bois candle by Diptyque Paris

$295; buy now at Diptyque

This candle with multiple wicks and an inimitable scent will instantly give your house a warm glow and a woodsy scent that will make you never want to leave.

Gorgeous New Weekender Bag

Beautiful weekend bag, a stylish home upgrade.

Salsa air cabin spinner luggage by Rimowa North America

$495; buy now at Bergdorf Goodman

Packing for a business trip becomes way easier when you have beautiful luggage.

Timeless Coffee Table Book

, a stylish home upgrade.

Chanel Perfume (Memoirs) by Francoise Aveline

$25; buy now at Amazon

If there was one person who defined timeless elegance and beauty, it's Coco Chanel.

Olive Oil With REAL Gold Flakes

Olive oil with gold, a stylish home upgrade.

Olive oil with gold flakes by Fernando Pensato

$60; buy now at Neiman Marcus

There couldn't be a more glamorous way to make your morning omelette or sautee your dinner veggies than with this 100-percent real olive oil that contains 100-percent real gold flecks.

A Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere blanket, a stylish home upgrade.

Aspen throw by Frette

$2,600; buy now at Frette

Cozy up in both serious comfort and style with a 100-percent cashmere blanket. This plush option has a versatile double-face stole in a beautiful chocolate brown on one side and a warm beige on the reverse with hand-knotted suede tassels. It's going to feel so good curling up with when you've got a good book or Netflix show in tow.

Anything But Your Grandmother's Candlesticks

Candlesticks, a stylish home upgrade.

Orchid taper candleholders by Michael Aram

$265; buy now at Neiman Marcus

While candlesticks may feel stuffy, they can actually make a pad feel instantly more modern and beautiful. Tips: Forget crystal and opt for sculptural use of metal to make sure the waxy texture of the candles stands out against the cool steel.

A Super-Swag Storage Box

Super swag jewelry box, a stylish home upgrade.

Shagrin jewelry box by Aerin

$1,100; buy now at Saks Fifth Avenue

Yes, it's technically for jewelry, but you can put anything you want into this creamy stowaway box.

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