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13 Simple Decor Tricks That Will Make Your Home So Festive

Spread cheer in your house all year round.

We tend to associate festiveness with Christmas, but who doesn't want to fill their home with cheer all year round? There are ways to make your humble abode warm and inviting without investing a huge amount of time or money. From color upgrades to touches of texture, it's easy and affordable to keep your home festive, no matter the season. So, to ensure that you're keeping it cozy, check out these simple décor tricks that'll give your home an instant upgrade.

Bring in plants.

Man with plants in home tricks to make your home festive

To make your home truly welcoming, bring some of the outdoors in, says Ron Radu, founder of Léon & George, a houseplant décor startup.

"It's actually proven that plants make people feel more at ease and help reduce stress," Radu says. "Bringing greenery indoors fosters similar feelings of well-being as a walk in the woods."

Amateur gardeners should start off with succulents since they're relatively easy to care for and still provide the same ambience.

Make décor trends your own.

bright home interior tricks to make your home festive

The most interesting and inviting homes often reflect the unique people who live in them, according to Heidi Erickson, artist and owner of MountainTown Art.

"Put your antique heirloom on display next to an on-trend vase, or art of your favorite ski resort above a sofa flanked with pillows in this season's must-have colors," says Erickson. "Following a trend without making it your own ends up feeling predictable."

Integrate seasonal scents.

Seasonal candle and accents tricks to make your home festive

Interior designer Cecilie Starin suggests adding scents to your home—via candles, diffusers, or plug-ins—for an extra level of comfort and flair.

"Include seasonal scents throughout the house and especially the kitchen, as that is often the main gathering place when guests are there," Starin says. "Warming winter fragrances—like mulled wine, cider, and cookies—will add to the décor and create a more celebratory feel in the home."

Invest in fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers in home tricks to make your home festive

Just like plants, fresh flowers make a home feel more alive and welcoming.

"Keeping a beautiful centerpiece with long-lasting succulents on the dining room table sets the perfect scene for a beautiful family meal," Starin suggests. "Occasionally adding in some colorful cut roses or other blooms to the succulent arrangement will enliven the look of the centerpiece and keep it looking fresh and new."

Focus on the entryway.

home entry tricks to make your home festive

One of the most important places in the home to consider is the entryway. And in the winter months, when you need a place to kick off your snowy boots, it's that much more pivotal, says Debbie Gartner of The Flooring Girl.

"Create a comfortable area to take your boots and shoes off," she says. "A comfy bench with cushions will do the trick. Make sure there is a place to put your shoes, and have warm slippers that your guests can use."

Add farmhouse-style décor in the kitchen.

Farm house style kitchen tricks to make your home festive

After the entryway, the kitchen is the next room to focus on. Since it often doubles as a gathering place for all of your guests, make the space feel open and inviting by decorating it with farmhouse flair, says Gartner.

"Accent the room with a sliding barn door, galvanized tin windmills, and farmhouse signs," she says. "Serve some tea or hot chocolate in mason jars to bring it to the next level."

Use more indirect lighting.

indirect lighting tricks to make your home festive

Since direct lighting can be harsh, Steve Brielmaier, founder and CEO of Lamps USA, suggests employing dimmers.

"Bright, direct lighting can be intimidating and uncomfortable. So we should aim for the contrast with soft, relaxed lighting to create that desired welcoming effect," he says.

Brielmaier suggests indirect lighting, lighting projected on a focal point, and a dimmer switch to make things more relaxing.

Clear the clutter.

House with no clutter tricks to make your home festive

As fans of Marie Kondo's Tidying Up likely already know, clutter can give a terrible first impression. Like Kondo, Milana Perepyolkina, author of Gypsy Energy Secrets, says the fewer possessions you have in your home, the better.

"Make sure your home has only the most valuable items that you cherish and use often to ensure that you get that feeling of comfort each time you enter your home," she says. "Keep only one or two items on top of the tables, shelves, and nightstands."

Accessorize with texture.

Wool Rug in Home tricks to make your home festive

Bring your home to life with textured items like rugs, wood accents, and wall decor, says Austin Alvarez, co-founder of Building Our Rez, a home and DIY blog.

"Add warmth to your home design aesthetic with wood textures and tones," he says. By adding unexpected textures via your walls and home décor accents, you'll inject warmth into your home.

Keep plenty of pillows and blankets around.

throw on living room sofa tricks to make your home festive

According to interior designer Tobi Fairley, one easy way to add warmth and texture to your home is to layer your furniture with plenty of pillows and throw blankets.

She suggests investing in a number of throw pillows in different sizes and textures to create a super cozy interior. And when you're not using them, you can store them in an oversized basket.

Use warm colors.

Home with warm colors tricks to make your home festive

Lavinia Patrascu of Freshhome says warm colors are the way to go, no matter the season. "While cooler colors like blue, purple, and dark green can visually enhance a room, warmer tones such as peach-orange, brown, and red can make a space feel more compact and therefore, more inviting," she writes.

Tidy up your bathroom.

modern bathroom tricks to make your home festive

The bathroom is one room that every guest will inevitably use. Making yours an inviting place is both pivotal and easy, according to Bustle's Toria Sheffield.

Ensure that the toilet paper is fully stocked, the soap dispenser is full, and there are clean towels for drying your hands off. For added comfort, keep an air freshener on hand that's fitting for the season.

Install a porch swing.

Porch swing tricks to make your home festive

To add a touch of warmth before anyone even steps inside your home, add a wooden swing to your front porch. Throw on some pillows for texture, and take your guests out to the porch in the warmer months for a pre- or post-dinner drink.

They'll love sitting on the swing and enjoying the ambience—cozy outdoor space is a real crowd pleaser.

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