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15 Ways To Never Look Bad In A Photo Again

May your selfie game forever be strong.

These days, photos are instant. We take a picture on our smartphones and then immediately check the screen to see how it came out. But if you tend to find yourself deleting every picture you take, it's time to up your photo game. Because it's not just that some people take a good picture; it's that they know how to take a good picture. The good news is, you can too. We've gathered our best tips to ensure you know how to look good in pictures from here on out. Next time you snap a photo, you'll look at it with a smile.

Know your angles.

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Knowing your angles is the first step to taking a great picture. Maybe you like one side of your face better than the other. Maybe you're completely symmetrical and can take a photo from the front.

Whatever the case is, you have to take the time to study your face. So snap some selfies and start to get acquainted with your best angle. Doing so will have you feeling confident and looking your best in your next shot.

Make sure the light is behind the camera.

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Great lighting makes a great photo. The key is to make sure you're in front of the light, and that the light is behind the camera. Taking a photo with light in front of your camera will completely wash you out of the image. But bright lighting will make you appear more awake and in some cases, eliminate blemishes.

So, if you're outside, make sure the sun is behind the camera. And if you're indoors, make sure windows and lighting fixtures are behind the camera.

Don't stand directly under the light.

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Have you ever seen a photo where someone is standing under a street lamp at night and you can only see parts of their clothing? That's because of shadows. While the light may be bright and illuminating in person, shadows will cast on certain parts of your body, making those areas too dark to see. Again, the best lighting is when the source is in front of you and behind the camera.

Choose a natural filter.

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With so many photo editing apps available, filters have become super popular. But some filters can actually make the quality of your photo worse. Try looking for a filter that changes the contrast and the lighting, without affecting the colors. Also, be mindful of which filters are best for your skin tone and skin problems.

Get on the grid.

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Photographers swear by the rule of thirds. This is a simple way to improve balance and composition in your photos. Most smartphones have the option to use a grid on your camera, but if you don't have one, imagine splitting your photo into nine equal boxes of three rows and three columns. The goal is to place yourself on one of the meeting points. This subject location tends to be more pleasing to the eye than being right in the middle of the frame.

Prop it up and back it up.

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Selfies work on occasion, but pictures look better when taken from afar, without half of your arm in the frame. Put your camera on a self-timer and prop it on a tripod or flat surface to get the perfect picture. It'll make a world of difference.

Take multiples.

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You can never take too many photos, right? Take multiple photos of the same shot, so you have options when choosing which photo to keep. You'll be surprised how often your facial expression changes in the same shot.

Sit up straight.

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You don't have to be extremely tall or a supermodel to appear long in your photos. It's all about the posture. After all, your mother didn't yell at you to "sit up straight" for no reason. Elongating your neck and pushing your head forward will slim you out.

Fill in your brows.

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Have you ever noticed that your eyebrows kind of disappear in good lighting? Sometimes the light can be so strong that it washes away the hair on your face. Filling in your eyebrows with a pencil before snapping a picture allows you to show off your thick arches.

Check for flyaways.

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Flyaways can make or break a photo. You could have the best angle and the best lighting, but a few little hairs flying around will ruin the entire shot. Keep a small container of holding spray in your bag to give yourself a quick touch up before taking a picture.

Clear the background.

Sometimes a busy background can lead to an award-winning shot, but in most cases, it distracts the viewer's eyes from you. Try to find a simple building or wall to stand against if you're snapping your picture outside.

And if you're indoors, make sure the background is clean and neat. Having everything tidy behind you can completely change the outcome of a photo.

Shoot from above, not below.

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Shooting from above will make your eyes appear larger and your face shape more symmetrical. Your chin, neck, and lower face are more hidden in a photo shot from above, making the center and upper part of your face the focus. You'll also show more of your eyelashes and brows from this angle.

Don't wait until the end of the night.

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If you're out to dinner or at a party, take photos as soon as you arrive. You're most likely to look your best at this point because you recently got glammed up. As the night wears on, you'll probably have some wine-stained teeth, wrinkled clothing, sweat marks, or messy hair. And none of that is going to lead to a keeper of a photo.

Get a lighting phone case.

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Take good lighting with you wherever you go with a light phone case. The best thing about them is that you'll be able to take photos at any time in any kind of lighting.

Invest in a good quality camera.

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While smartphone cameras keep getting better and better, nothing beats the clear and crisp image quality of a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera.

Most of the photos you see from your favorite celebrities and social media influencers come courtesy of a DSLR. The bad news? A good DSLR can cost anywhere from $400 on up. But if you really want to achieve that professional look, it might be worth the investment. And with these photo tips in mind, it's time to snap away, but not at these 15 Places It's Illegal to Take a Selfie.

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