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25 Kitchen Decorations That Will Completely Transform Your Space

Make your kitchen every bit as elegant as the meals you make in it.

Whether you're a Julia Child-esque gastronomic expert or are just getting your sea legs at the stove, the kitchen is, without a doubt, the heart of the home. The bad news? It's also usually the room that's the most expensive to redesign. But just because you don't have an HGTV-sized budget doesn't mean you can't give your cooking space a fresh new look. We've found some beautiful and practical kitchen decorations that will give your space an instant upgrade. And once you've kicked your cooking space up a notch, you can spruce up the rest of your home with these 50 Amazing Home Upgrades for Under $50.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This tiered hanging basket

three-tiered hanging basket in a white kitchen, Kitchen Decorations
Urban Outfitters

Even in kitchens with ample counter space, hanging baskets can be a great way to cut down on tabletop clutter by taking things vertical. Use it to hold non-refrigerated produce, store dry goods, and showcase succulents.

$39 at Urban Outfitters
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This wooden utensil rack

wooden utensils hanging off rack, Kitchen Decorations

Freeing up space in your kitchen's cabinets and drawers is as easy as finding a better solution for storing your utensils. This intricately carved rack does just that, with the added bonus of livening empty wall space in your kitchen.

$78 at Anthropologie
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This floral tablecloth

blue floral tablecloth, Kitchen Decorations

There's absolutely nothing wrong with showcasing a beautifully-crafted table au naturel, but adding a bright table linen is an easy way to elevate the vibe of a kitchen in seconds. Consider this richly-hued floral print, which is playful, yet poised.

$78 at Nordstrom
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This earthenware vase

white and brown vase, Kitchen Decorations

Flowers always tend to end up in the foyer, but any kitchen counter or table can be instantly spruced up with a stylish vase, like this earthenware piece, which is subtle enough to let those brightly-colored blooms shine.

$25 at Target
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This French wine region print

map of france, Kitchen Decorations
Uncommon Goods


The first step of gathering wine knowledge is being able to swirl a glass, sniff it, and convincingly say, "raspberries and autumn!" The second involves knowing a bit about terroir, and having this print hanging in your kitchen will serve as the perfect cheat sheet.

$45 at Uncommon Goods
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This Art Deco storage canister

tiled kitchen canister with rise and shine written on it, Kitchen Decorations

Fans of Miami Beach architecture, rejoice! These sturdy stoneware canisters will keep coffee or any other dry goods fresh while refreshing the look of your kitchen. And for more ways to liven up making coffee at home, check out The 25 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

$24 at Nordstrom
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This handmade woven bowl

woven bowl with oranges in it, kitchen decorations
Urban Outfitters

Besides being a gorgeous table topper for fresh fruit and produce, these bowls are ethically handmade by a cooperative of women in Rwanda, meaning you'll feel as good about buying them as your table will look with them on it. They're also shallow enough to make for an eye-catching wall ornament!

$70 at Urban Outfitters
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This thoughtfully crafted cutting board

bisected apple on wood cutting board, kitchen decorations
The Grommet

While functionality is the main focus of most cutting boards, having one that's also beautiful enough to live in plain sight is a major perk. This piece is specially crafted with vertically-aligned wood grain to promote hygiene and longevity, making this handmade board an attention-grabbing addition to any cooking space.

$100 at The Grommet
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This fashionable table runner

black and white runner on table, kitchen decorations

Traditional tablecloths are great for hosting, but they also hide the beautifully-designed table you paid for. This table runner is the perfect accent that will draw the eye without obscuring what's beneath. It can also instantly dress up a kitchen island, countertop, or buffet display. And if you're hosting friends, check out these 25 Outdoor Party Essentials Under $25.

$98 at Anthropologie
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This kitchen utensil jug & set

wooden utensils in metal vase, kitchen decorations

A good kitchen rule of thumb is that anything functional that moonlights as décor gets priority on your counter. This gorgeous piece by Nambé includes a set of carved acacia wood utensils and an alloy display jug that will elevate your countertop in an instant. And if you're looking for more functional storage around the house, take a look at these 20 Gorgeous Pieces of Storage Furniture That Will Save You So Much Space.

$150 at Nordstrom
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This kitchen runner rug

brown and white rug, kitchen decorations

The kitchen floor is usually the very last place anyone thinks of when it comes to interior design, but a sturdy rug is an easy accent piece that can instantly make a working space feel more comfortable and lived in. This carpet from Target has also has a skidless latex backing, which can be a great way to combat bare kitchen floors that become too slippery when wet. And if you're looking to score more bargains from the Bullseye, check out these 20 Target Home Décor Items That Will Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks.

$20 at Target
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This practical bar cart

gold bar cart with cocktail shaker on it, kitchen decorations
Urban Outfitters

Dedicated liquor cabinets and wet bars can force your hand while hosting. This mobile unit brings the party wherever you want it to be, and can double as a great place for plant or cookbook storage when not in use as a cocktail, wine, or appetizer station.

$300 at Urban Outfitters
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This modular wall organizer

white peg board organizer, kitchen decorations
The Grommet


Peg boards are a great way to organize, but they can be a little too shabby-chic for some kitchens. This understated system is clean and sleek, with customizable magnet containers than can hold utensils, supplies, and even plants.

$175 at The Grommet
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These rustic floating shelves

three wood and metal shelves on white background, kitchen decorations


If you've got beautiful kitchenware items you love looking at, why hide them behind your cabinet doors? These floating wooden shelves can hold up to 40 pounds each and will bring eye-level attention to some of your favorite high-design utensils, storage containers, cookbooks, and appliances.

$23 at Amazon
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These simple window curtains

white cafe curtains on multipane window, kitchen decorations

Most interior designers will tell you that undressed windows are a major décor faux pas. These curtains are simple enough to work with practically any design scheme and will help bring character and texture to your kitchen. And if you're looking to get more advice from some of the industry's best, take a look at these 35 Pet Peeves Interior Designers Have About Your Home.

$19$18 at Target
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This etched lazy Susan

wooden lazy susan with white etching, kitchen decorations
Nordstrom Rack


Family feasts immediately become more manageable with a lazy Susan at the center of the action, but they're also great for keeping things within easy reach on large kitchen islands. And unlike those of the unadorned variety, this etched piece will look just as good with nothing on it as it does when it's loaded with snacks.

$50 at Nordstrom Rack
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This sleek trash compactor

woman putting things in silver trash can, kitchen decorations
Joseph Joseph

Designer trash cans may look great, but most are too small or lacking in functionality to be practical. Joseph Joseph has managed to combine both sleek design and innovative compacting technology, meaning this bin can hold up to three times as much as a traditional garbage can of the same size.

$140$100 at Joseph Joseph
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This galvanized plant pot

three plants in silver pots, kitchen decorations

Keeping houseplants alive isn't everyone's strong suit, but just because you have a black thumb doesn't mean you should be denied having a windowsill garden above your kitchen sink. These stylish galvanized planters come with super realistic faux boxwood greens that will never have to suffer the wrath of your forgetful watering schedule.

$26 at Etsy
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These under-cabinet strip lights

rope lights in a circle, kitchen decorations

Dark areas beneath cupboards can create a cavernous, uninviting look for a kitchen. These dimmable LED strip lights can help shed the light where it's needed most and are customizable to fit any space.

$16 at Amazon
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These farmhouse-inspired dishtowels

floral dish towel, kitchen decorations

One of the fastest ways to transform the look of your kitchen is to upgrade your textiles, but that doesn't have to mean shelling out for a pricey tablecloth. This dishtowel provides a bright pop of color whether it's hanging on a hook or cleaning up a spill.

$18 at Nordstrom
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This magnetic spice rack

magnetic wooden spice rack next to yellow flowers, kitchen decorations
Uncommon Goods

Your loose bottles of spices cluttered inside a cabinet may be out of view, but it's never fun having to spend ten minutes looking for cumin every time you need it. Luckily, this repurposed Napa Valley wine barrel neatly organizes your rack and keeps everything at hand.

$125 at Uncommon Goods
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This glamorous wine rack

bottles of wine in a gold rack, kitchen decorations

Free up cabinet space and show off your good taste in one fell swoop with this elegant wine rack. Handcrafted and made out of iron, this sturdy rack will showcase your collection of vino and add a regal air to your kitchen in the process.

$88 at Anthropologie
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This antique citrus juicer

silver juice press, kitchen decorations

Certain antique products can put the "fun" in "functional décor." Case in point: this hand-powered juicer, which will look great on your countertop and provide fresh orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime juice whenever you need it. And if you're looking for more antique-style design ideas, check out 40 Old-Fashioned Home Items Everyone Should Have.

$90 at Nordstrom
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These mini succulent planter magnets

purple succulent in white pot, kitchen decorations

Besides souvenir magnets and a sea of holiday cards, fridge doors receive very little design love considering how much space they take up. These 3D printed succulent planters are an easy way to add some life to your biggest appliance without the chaos of a photo-and-mismatched-magnet mosaic.

$17 at Etsy
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This golden driftwood candelabra

gold candle holder in the shape of a branch, kitchen decorations

Design trends may come and go, but the ambiance set by flickering candlelight will never go out of style. This organic luxe golden driftwood candelabra makes for a stunning kitchen table or counter centerpiece whether or not the wicks are lit. And for more great ways to elevate your space, check out the 30 Best Stylish Home Upgrades.

$118 at Anthropologie
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