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20 Things So Amazing You Won't Believe They're From Target

Fantastic deals and where to find them.

To say that Target's offerings are incredible would be an understatement. Whether you need a new set of sheets, some decorative items for your kitchen, or basics for your wardrobe, the store has fantastic finds in every aisle. And the best part of it all? Though the items at Target look like they belong in a high-end home-goods store, their prices make them accessible to even the most frugal of shoppers. Keep reading to discover some of the most unbelievably amazing items you can pick up on your next Target shopping trip.

Vibrant Outdoor Seat Cushions

Summer Floral Seat Cushion Target Shopping

$30$28.50; buy now at

Patio chairs aren't usually all that comfy or cute. That's why your outdoor seating needs these vintage-inspired tufted seat cushions from Target. Their citrusy, floral design evokes the sweet style of the '60s and '70s, and their vibrant hues match perfectly with a delicious pitcher of fresh lemonade.

A Hardside Carry-On Suitcase

White Carry On Suitcase Target Shopping

$69; buy now at

Sure, those viral Away bags are nice and all, but no one wants to spend $250 on a carry-on—especially not when you can get one of similar quality at Target. Head to the store's travel aisle and you'll find that $69 will get you a 20-inch carry-on with swivel wheels, a hard exterior, and an adjustable handle. It's the ultimate sturdy suitcase for a weekend getaway or an extended excursion overseas.

Animal-Print Barstools

Animal Print Barstools Target Shopping

$150$67.50 each; buy now at

Stylish statement pieces like these animal-print barstools typically cost a pretty penny, but not at Target. At the time of writing, you can get these chestnut-finished stools for just $67.50. They could be just the thing you need to take your space from blah to beautiful.

Summery Espadrille Sandals

A New Day Espadrille Sandals Target Shopping

$28; buy now at

Target has a surprising number of in-house fashion brands that make keeping up with current trends both economical and effortless. Take A New Day, for example. The line is full of clothing items and accessories that any woman can add to her rotation, such as these summery platform sandals for less than $30.

A Bulldog Table Lamp

Cream Bulldog Table Lamp Target Shopping

$30$28.50; buy now at

It's hard to incorporate anything dog-inspired into your decor without it looking tacky, but this bulldog table lamp makes it possible. Though the lamp's base is a French bulldog, its neutral coloring and understated design make it just subtle enough to be stylish.

A Chic Crop Pajama Set

Black Crop Pajama Set Target Shopping

$25; buy now at

Just because virtually nobody sees you in your jammies doesn't mean you shouldn't have a set you feel great in. That's especially true when you consider these terrific pajamas from Target for only $25. The spiffy set is made of soft, breathable modal fabric, making it pleasant in both feel and design.

Geometric Outdoor Pillows

Outdoor Geometric Pillow Target Shopping

$15$14; buy now at

The patio is easily the best place to sit back and enjoy the spring and summer months. And because you'll likely be heading out there soon, you'll want to put some effort into making things look amazing. Do that quickly and easily with these fun geometric pillows. They're designed specifically for the outdoors, which means you won't have to worry about them getting wet or dirty.

A Turtle-Shaped Trinket Tray

Gold Turtle Trinket Tray Target Shopping

$15; buy now at

Keep your various knickknacks organized with this functional ornament. Shaped like a sea turtle, this trinket tray is the whimsical whim-wham that every countertop, dresser, and desk needs.

A Marble Cheese Board

Marble and Wood Cheese Board Target Shopping

$20; buy now at

When you think of a marble-and-wood cheese board with a built-in slicer, you probably assume it costs hundreds of dollars at some high-end home-goods store. But what if we told you that you can get a product just like that at Target? Yep, Target's Threshold line sells this exact cheese board—and for just $20, no less.

A Vibrant Floral Necklace

Colorful Floral Necklace Target Shopping

$17; buy now at

One of the most important rules of fashion is that no outfit is complete without the proper accessories. And if you enjoy mixing and matching basic tops and neutral bottoms, then you're going to want to stock up on statement pieces to spruce up your looks. That's where this colorful floral necklace from Target comes in. It's big, bold, and bright, making it the ideal neck candy for an otherwise understated get-up.

A Sunburst Gold Picture Frane

Sunburst Picture Frame Target Shopping

$15; buy now at

Give any portrait a pop of pizzazz with this golden sunburst picture frame from Target. Though its gilded design suggests otherwise, this fancy-looking frame costs just $15.

A Slim Gold Mailbox

Gold Mailbox Target Shopping

$40; buy now at

Why should your mailbox be dull and dated? With this trendy gold box adorning the outside of your home, you can easily kill two birds with one stone and turn your functioning mailbox into a chic accessory.

Woven Placemats

Woven Gold Placemats Target Shopping

$2 each; buy now at

Okay, so maybe these placemats aren't the most practical. However, with their golden hue and woven design, these mats are as decorative and delightful as can be. Oh, and the best part? While they look just like the $14 mats sold at Macy's, they're just $2 at Target. Score!

A Floral Fringed Towel

Fringe Towel Target Shopping

$10; buy now at

When you're decorating your house, you want to focus on investing in essentials that are both functional and flattering. Take this floral fringed towel, for instance. Not only does its teal-and-white pattern add a retro look to your restroom, but it's also made of absorbent cotton that's perfect for drying off after a nice bath or shower.

A Quatrefoil Gold Mirror

Quatrefoil Mirror Target Shopping

$40$38; buy now at

Not every accent piece needs a ton of detail to be perfectly stylish. Take this gold mirror, for example. Its clean lines and unusual shape are a minimalist's dream. And at just $38, the price is right, too.

A Metal Coat Rack

Metal Coat Rack Target Shopping

$50; buy now at

Stop throwing your coats on the couch and start hanging them instead on this metal coatrack that you can pick up on your next Target trip. Its branchlike design brings to mind a beautiful barren tree—but unlike actual branches, you can use the arms of this metal stand to keep your outerwear organized.

A Geometric Lamp

Brass Lamp Target Shopping

$35; buy now at

Light up your space—both literally and figuratively—with this Target marble-and-brass accent lamp. Though small, this simple light source adds a modern geometric vibe to any tablescape situation, all for just $35 per lamp.

A Floral Outdoor Mat

Floral Outdoor Mat Target Shopping

$13; buy now at

Why wait for April showers to bring May flowers when you can buy this floral doormat from Target right now? Though it won't be easy to wipe your dirty shoes on such a beautiful mat, you can take solace in the fact that you can get rid of all that debris simply by giving the outdoor rug a few shakes.

A Scalloped Patio Umbrella

Scalloped Outdoor Umbrella Target Shopping

$140$112; buy now at

Steer clear of sunburns this summer with a scalloped umbrella that's fun, festive, and functional. With a floral print, a pom trim, and a pink-and-white ombré shading, this umbrella will transform any plain outdoor table into the ultimate summer furnishing.

A Decorative Butter Server

Decorative Butter Server Target Shopping

$13; buy now at

If you're going to host a sit-down brunch, you might as well go big or go home. And what better way to make your spread spectacular than with cute serving vessels like this one from Target's Hearth & Hand line? The decorative stoneware will neatly display your butter spread and likely make all of your brunch guests jealous. And when you're doing your Target shopping, don't forget to check out the store's 20 Best Generic Products.

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