17 Best Checkout Counter Impulse Buys From Target

Impulsive shoppers, meet Bullseye's playground.

Though you can walk down any aisle in Target and come across insane deals and quality generic products, perhaps no section in the store is more tempting than the checkout area. Between Bullseye's playground—the "grab-and-go" section of the store right next to the registers that sells "killer dollar deals"—and the food and drink kiosks sitting by the exit, it's hard—nay, impossible—to leave Target without making at least a few impulse purchases.

However, you shouldn't feel guilty about making some spur-of-the-moment purchases. At Target particularly, the items sitting by the checkout lanes—like storage bins and sale-price snacks—are actually pretty darn good deals. Herein, we've rounded up some of the best impulse buys from Target. And if you frequently shop at this savings superstore, then make sure you know about the 26 Things You Should Never Buy at Target.

Holiday Items

Target Holiday Bandanas {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, or St. Patrick's Day, Bullseye's playground always has tons of fun, festive items for sale on the cheap. Of course, the aisle's offerings aren't nearly as vast as Target's designated holiday aisles, but you can still score irresistible impulse buys like holiday headgear and fanny packs for under $10.


Target Drinkware {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

If you look hard enough, there are always good deals to be had on glassware and mugs in good ol' Bullseye's playground. Six beer glasses for just $9? Six lowball glasses for $9? Yes, please! And if you want to scout out savings in every Target aisle, then read up on these 20 Target Shopping Secrets Only Die-Hard Regulars Know.


Starbucks coffee order and a man with a tablet {Best Impulse Buys from Target}

If you're fortunate enough to frequent a Target location with a Starbucks in it, then there's no reason why you shouldn't kill two birds with one stone and grab a cup of coffee on your way out of the store. After all, running errands requires fuel, and nothing energizes as efficiently as a cup o' joe.


Target Stationary Kit {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Stock up on stationery while you wait to check out with all of the budget envelopes and cards that Bullseye's playground has to offer. If you're really running low on the necessities, then you can even buy one of Target's stationary kits—featuring a notepad, a pouch, pencils, cards, sticky notes, and more—for the reasonable price of $15.

Storage Bins

Target Storage Bins {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Believe it or not, the perfect storage solutions are hiding right beside the checkout lanes at Target. Plastic book bins? Check. File folders? Check. Cloth bins for the closet? Always! No matter what you need to organize, Bullseye's playground has the inexpensive solution to your storage problem. And if you struggle to keep things tidy, then check out these 65 Genius Ways to Organize Your Life.

Exercise Accessories

Target Exercise Mat {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Why buy a $90 or even a $30 yoga mat when Target sells them ever so temptingly in packs of two for just $14? In the past, the money-saving section has also featured exercise accessories like sweat towels, water bottles, and other gym essentials.

Office Supplies

Stapler and Other Office Supplies {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Sticky notes, notebooks, pens and pencils, mouse pads—basically, if it's an item you'd keep somewhere on your desk, then you can probably find it near the Target checkout lanes. Even if you don't need more pens or a new planner right now, you can't really get mad at yourself for allocating your spare change to supplies that you'll use eventually (or, at the very least, will make your desk look much prettier). However, if you have something of a hoarding problem, then you should probably skip the impulse buys and instead read these 20 Genius Tricks for Having a Perfectly Organized Desk.

Party Decorations

Target Party Supplies {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Why spend ludicrous amounts of money on party decorations that you're only going to use once? That money is much better spent on things like groceries and getaways—especially considering that Bullseye's playground is a treasure trove of pretty and perfectly priced party gimcracks.

For your daughter's party, for instance, $8 can get you two glittery banners, two sparkly posters, two sticker sheets, and two sets of photo props. And for something a little more formal for the adults, the same amount of money can get you a similar set in black and white.

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Arts and Crafts Project {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Bullseye's playground has just as many kid-friendly crafts as it does adult-friendly items and accessories. Whether you simply need crafting materials like markers or want to buy an all-encompassing kit like this three-pack of paint-your-own plaster figurines, the bargain playground has it all.

Pet Supplies

Dog Bowls From Target {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Even your canine and feline friends can cash in on all the savings that the Target checkout lanes have to offer, as the Bullseye's playground is always jam-packed with fun pet toys and cute clothes. Right now, for instance, a 4-pack of ceramic pet bowls is available both in store by the checkout lanes and online for just $12, and a 3-pack of adorable matching pet-and-owner bow ties can be yours for just $9.

Kids' Educational Tools

Kid's Educational Tools at Target {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Anyone who works with kids—parents, teachers, tutors—can cut costs without compromising the strength of their itinerary by shopping for materials in Bullseye's playground. Not only does the section stock basic items like dry-erase boards, but it also has more specific study tools like workbooks and flashcards.

Cheap Candy

Candy at Check Out {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Though candy is generally one of the items you should avoid buying on impulse while in the checkout lane, you can make an exception when shopping at Target. Especially if you're stocking up for a candy-crazy holiday like Halloween, the store's bargain buy section is great for buying big bags of delicious sweet treats.


Notebook on a park bench {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Maybe you need another notebook and maybe you don't—that's not for us to decide or judge—but regardless of what your office supply situation is, you'll find a vast selection of pads in Target's various bargain bins. Oh, and there are tons of fun designs on the notebook's covers, so good luck practicing any sort of self-control.

Snack Food

unhealthy snacks

Do you need another bag of chips or container of pretzels? Probably not, but given how good the prices at Bullseye's playground are, it's forgivable if you throw a few snack selections into your cart at the very last minute.


Bottles of Drinks {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

The checkout lanes at Target are a surprisingly good place for stocking up on soft drinks. Sodas, Snapples, and various brand name fruit juices are always lining the shelves of Bullseye's playground.


candles and decorative towels

If you already have a closet full of unused candles, then you should probably do your best to ignore any tempting candle selections near the checkout aisle. However, if your interior could use a boost of sweet scents, then there are almost always candle offerings hiding somewhere in Bullseye's playground.

Decor Items

Artificial Roses From Target {Best Impulse Buys From Target}

Even if your house doesn't need any more decorative items, it's hard to resist the temptations of a three-pack of artificial roses for $9 or cute trinket dishes emblazoned with phrases like "bae" and "bestie." When you are buying new decorative items, though, just make sure to keep in mind the 20 Common Decorating Tips You Should Always Ignore.

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