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65 Genius Ways to Organize Your Life

How to have a Pinterest-worthy home in no time

Let's be real: getting organized isn't easy. And then when you finally do get your life together, staying organized is even harder. Unless you're the type of person who's already mastered the art of home DIYs on Pinterest time and time again, having a functional place for everything might come as a bit of a challenge. But don't worry—that's what these genius hacks are for.

Whether you're trying to organize your bathroom, kitchen, makeup, or life in general, there's only one way to get everything on your to-do list done: begin. Here are 65 ways to get started that won't overwhelm you—promise. And for more organization hacks, see The 20 Best Apps for a More Organized Life.

Use Pegs to Organize Entryway Shoes

Peg board

Your entryway can go from nice and organized to total chaos in seconds, all because everyone's shoes get sprawled out everywhere. To keep things nice and neat, Sawdust Girl recommends hooking some peg-adorned boards to the wall. That way, everyone can easily hook their shoes up out of the way — and you'll have a clear space you can actually walk through without tripping. Score!

Create a Special Shelf for Your Produce

produce shelf

If your family eats fruit and veggies at every meal, you probably don't have a whole lot of space in your kitchen for anything else. That's why building a special shelf for all your produce that doesn't need to be refrigerated—like apples and potatoes—might be the key to an organized space. According to Ana White, all you need to do is grab your closest handyman and some wood and you can build a rack that holds 6 levels of goodies. And for more ways to maximize your space, see the 40 Genius Ways to Be More Organized After 40.

Stack Your Hair Products in a Wine Rack

woman shampooing hair in shower

Have a small wine rack that's not currently in use? Put it in your bedroom. Since hair products can take up a lot of space when they're stored horizontally, stack them vertically instead in a metal frame that has 6 or so slots. Since you can fit multiple products per section, you'll have a designated space for your go-to hairspray, dry shampoos—you name it. And for tips on keeping your mane magnificent, learn the 15 Ways You're Washing Your Hair Wrong.

Hook Your Trash Bags Up to Rolls Under Your Sink

Clean under the sink pro housekeeping tips

Ready for the most genius way to organize your trash bags? According to Simply Organized, all you need to do to create a trash bag roll is assemble some dowels on brackets under your kitchen sink. Once everything is hooked up, you can put on the trash bags and have an easy place to store them that will let you rip one off fuss-free whenever you need it.

Store Stuffed Animals in a Bean Bag Chair

no woman over 40 should have a bean bag chair in her apartment

Get ready because this organization hack is going to single-handedly transform your child's messy bedroom. According to Come Together Kids, a large collection of stuffed animals can easily be contained in a bean bag cover so they don't take over every single one of your child's shelves (…or the entire floor). They're comfy to sit on, and when they want to play with them, they can easily take them out.

Use Garment Bags to Store Wrapping Paper Rolls

Garment bag in a closet.

Wrapping paper is one of the hardest things to store—especially since you only need to use it a handful of different times throughout the year. Instead of trying to shove half-used rolls in a box, get a plastic garment bag. They fit perfectly inside, stay nice and neat, and can be hung up in the back of your closet where they hardly take up any space. And for more organization secrets, see the 20 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Desk Organized.

Display Your Jewelry on a Chicken Wire Holder

Chicken wire

If you're the first to admit your jewelry collection is a little, uhh, extreme, it might be nice to have a proper place to store your endless amounts of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings—and that's where chicken wire comes in. According to The Pinning Mama, you can make a DIY organizer by hooking some of the material to a wood frame, then decorating it to match your style. Once it's finished, you'll have plenty of places to store all your favorite pieces.

Use Plastic Easter Eggs as Snack Containers

plastic easter egg

Why should you only get to use those bright and colorful plastic Easter eggs once a year? Give them a new purpose by using them to store your kids' snacks. According to Weelicious, they're perfect for everything from veggies to mini sandwiches and will surely bring a smile to your child's face once they open their lunch box at school.

Keep Cupcake Liners in Mason Jars

Glass jar

Instead of letting your cupcake liners get ruined in the back of your baking cabinet, store them in a Mason jar. According to Table for Two, there's just enough space to stack up all your colorful options so they'll be organized and ready for use the next time you need them.

Put Away Anything You Don't Use on the Daily

Wooden trunk

How many things do you actually use every day? Probably not a whole lot—which is why it makes no sense that there's always so much clutter in every area of your home. To keep things clean and organized, put away anything you don't use on the daily, whether that's in storage bins in your closet or in drawers under your bed. Your space will instantly feel refreshed and you'll realize how little you really need to be happy.

Store Nail Polish in a See-Through Shoe Organizer

Disorganized bottles of nail polish, makeup

A love of nail polish can easily get totally out of control. Instead of tossing your bottles in drawers where it's nearly impossible to find what you're looking for, use an over-the-door, see-through shoe organizer to sort your polishes out by color. Talk about easy access.

Organize Cleaning Products in a Shoe Organizer

Shoe Organizer

Nail polish isn't the only thing that's easily stored in an over-the-door, see-through shoe organizer. If you're having difficulties storing your cleaning products, they work great for those, too. Keep it inside a closet door so once it's time to tidy up, you can easily grab whatever tools you need, whether it's some window cleaner or room spray.

Start a Bullet Journal

woman writing in journal weight loss

While typical journaling tends to be a lot of writing about everyday occurrences and memories, bullet journaling is great for organizing your thoughts — and your life. By getting creative with the colors, patterns, and design, you can do everything from keep track of your financial goals and budget to track your daily vitamin and water intake. Really, the world is your oyster when it comes to what you decide to organize within those bulleted pages.

Use a Tic-Tac Container for Bobby Pins

tic tac

How many bobby pins have you gone through over the course of your life so far? They tend to go missing the second you take them out of your hair, but you can save some money with an easy organization technique: putting them in an empty Tic-Tac container. Once you use up all the little mints, redecorate the plastic container and easy dispense a bobby pin whenever you need one.

Rid Your Life of Junk Drawers


Everyone has a few junk drawers scattered around the house that are filled with things you don't know what to do with. But if you're being honest, those things probably don't need to be in your house in the first place. Clean them out and give that space a new, more organized purpose that adds value to your life — not something that serves as a nicer-looking garbage can.

Attach Baskets to Your Wall

Basket hanging on the wall in the bathroom.

Instead of hanging a shelf in your bathroom for extra storage, why not hang up some baskets to use as the ultimate organizers? Attach a few so the bottom of the basket is against the wall. That way items like toilet paper, cotton balls, and other must-haves can be neatly displayed, totally fuss-free.

Store Lipsticks in a Cookie Jar

cookie jar in kitchen

You know those clear glass cookie jars with the metal lids? They're not just good for desserts — they're also the perfect place to store your many shades of lipstick. Round up all your colors and display the container right on your vanity for easy access.

Put Plastic Bags in an Old Wet Wipe Container

wet wipes

Why toss out used-up plastic wet wipe containers when they're so handy for other things? To organize an out-of-control plastic bag situation — you know, the one that often occurs in your pantry or beneath the kitchen sink — stick them all in the wipe container so you can easily pull one out every time you need it.

Get Rid of Things You Don't Use

dumbbell corner

How often do you really use those dumbbells in the corner? If it's been over 6 months, there's no use having them around. All those extra items that are just collecting dust are only adding clutter to your home and making it harder for you to organize what you do use. After getting rid of the excess baggage, you'll have more space and energy for what you love.

Rethink Your Clothes-Folding Method

Clothes laid out night before

Instead of folding your clothes as quickly as you can, start folding them with purpose to better organize your wardrobe. Marie Kondo has a different method of folding each type of clothing, but shirts tend to get more unruly than most things in your drawers. By folding them in smaller squares, you can set them up in vertical lines and see exactly what you have when you're deciding what to wear. And for more ways to optimize your space, check out the 20 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Closet Organized.

Keep Snacks in Bins and Containers

snack container

Instead of having a bunch of bags and boxes of snacks taking up all the prime space in your pantry, keep the area clean and organized by putting everything in plastic containers. That way when you're looking for something good to gobble up, you know exactly where it is — and there's not a bunch of clutter in the way.

Digitize Your Endless Piles of Paper

Frustrated businessman at the computer with stacks of paper.

In the digital age, there's no reason why you should still have pile upon pile of papers around your home. Every time you get something new you want to save, take a quick scan of it and save it digitally on your computer and hard drive. You'll keep your home clutter-free, save the environment, and always know where your important documents are.

Utilize Your Phone Apps

woman on phone looking surprised

These days, there's truly an app for everything. (No, really — you name it, it exists.) Sometimes looking through the app store can get a little overwhelming, but when it comes to life organization, there are plenty of options that can really benefit you. There's Google Calendar, which keeps all of your events in one place whether you're on your phone or laptop, Todoist to help you keep track of your tasks in order of importance, and Evernote to keep all your notes in one place. And that's just the beginning.

Store Your Cords in Toilet Paper Rolls

Stacks of toilet paper

Once you finish up a roll of toilet paper, don't throw it out: use it to store your unused cords. Everyone has that box or drawer that's always jam-packed with tangled up cords, but this hack will keep them bundled up, labeled, and easy to find the next time you need one.

Give Your Drawers a Makeover

oven drawer

Instead of keeping the drawers in your home as-is, make the most of that precious space by using dividers to organize your items. Whether it's plastic bins or built-in walls, being able to separate your stuff will make it easier for you to use, all while keeping out the junk that doesn't belong.

Store Your Remotes in Books

coffee table

Everyone has those coffee table books they love looking at but never read. Instead of letting that space go to waste, turn them into hidden store spaces where you can quickly store remotes after you're done binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows.

Organize Your Makeup Brushes with a Sushi Mat

sushi mat

It might sound weird, but a bamboo sushi mat can really come in handy when organizing your beauty supplies. According to Irina's Cute Box, weaving a thick piece of elastic throughout the mat creates slots for your brushes to slide into. And when you're done using them, you can simply roll it up until next time.

Cut Down Your Wardrobe

Messy, cluttered closet

When it comes time to organize your closet, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of clothing you have. The key in making it work? Only keeping the items you actually love, wear, and that go together. That way getting dressed in the morning will be super easy — and you'll feel confident in everything you put on. And for more ways to maximize cleanliness, don't miss the 27 Ways to Clean Your House Like a Pro Housekeeper.

Store Your Cutting Boards in a Magazine Holder

Round cutting board in the kitchen.

You know those plastic magazine holders you have around your desk area? Use one of them in the kitchen. They're the perfect size to keep all of your cutting boards in one place and can easily sit right inside one of your cabinets. (Plus, bonus: When you reach for one, all the pots and pans will no longer fall all over you like an avalanche.)

Use Shower Rings to Organize Your Scarves

dressing well 50s

Instead of tossing all your scarves into a pile, put some shower curtain rings to good use. By hooking them to some easily-installable towel bars inside your closet, you'll have the perfect place to organize the pretty accessories without them getting wrinkly or tangled.

Stop Using Your Desk as a Storage Bin

being naturally messy says a lot about a cluttered personality

When you don't know what to do with receipts, files, and other odds and ends, they usually end up in your desk. Don't believe us? Just go take on look in those drawers and you'll realize how much actually doesn't need to be there. Do yourself a favor and give your workspace a nice purge, getting rid of what doesn't need to be there whether that means throwing it away or sticking it in an actual filing cabinet.

Go Crazy with Containers in Your Pantry

organize kitchen pantry

Organizing your pantry is tough — especially with so many different types of foods to store. The key to success, though? Grabbing a bunch of clear plastic or glass containers and labeling everything. By getting rid of most of your packaging and transferring everything — be it flour and sugar or crackers and nuts — to more compact, stackable containers, you'll have a space you love.

Organize Your Measuring Spoons on Hooks

measuring spoon

Can't ever find the Tablespoon when you need it? Instead of letting your measuring spoons get jumbled up with all your other kitchen gadgets, hang them on some hooks inside one of your cabinets so you can always keep track of them. The next time you're ready to whip up dinner, they'll be right there waiting for you.

Organize Tupperware Lids with a CD Rack

CD Rack Useless jobs

Is there anything worse that always having to search for the lids to your food containers? To avoid the saga from continually repeating itself for the rest of all eternity, grab an old horizontal CD rack and use it in your cupboard to organize lids by size. It might even make you like leftovers again.

Keep Your Yarn in a Wine Rack

open wine without a corkscrew

Anyone who's into knitting knows the struggle of trying to organize their yarn collection in a way that doesn't result in everything getting all tangled up. Well, according to Pretty Prudent, all it takes is clearing out your wine rack cupboard. The space makes for the perfect way to store every color of the rainbow. And, better yet, it will actually look super cute in your living room.

Create a Pegboard for Your Cleaning Tools

peg board

Brooms, dusters, and other cleaning tools often get swept under the rug, but they're worthy of organization, too. Instead of just tossing them into the back of the closet until you need them again, create an easy pegboard on one of your walls that keeps everything you need all in one place — and looking really nice in the process.

Keep Tiny Rings and Jewelry in Pill Boxes

weight loss pills supplement industry

If you're constantly losing your dainty jewelry — whether it's rings and earrings or necklaces — store them in a pill box. Each compartment is the perfect size to keep your items safe and tangle-free. Plus, it's perfect to travel with and ensures you'll never misplace anything on the road.

Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

bed storage hacks

When it comes to organization, you have to take advantage of all the nooks and crannies in your home — and that includes the often-unused space under your bed. Instead of letting it go to waste, use it for storage. Whether it's a place to keep your out-of-season clothing to make room in your closet or a prime spot for your many pairs of shoes, it'll allow you to keep things out of sight… and out of your way.

Create a Magnetic Bathroom Rack

magnetic knife rack

To avoid the dreaded clutter that often occurs in your bathroom drawers, simply hook a magnetic strip to your wall — you know, the ones that hold kitchen knives, like this version from Ikea. According to Darkroom and Dearly, a lot of bathroom odds and ends are made of metal, so it's the perfect place to keep everything from clippers and tweezers to nail files together so you'll always know where to find them.

Organize Your Car with a Shower Caddy

Inside of a car.

Whether you're organizing your trunk or everything in your car, a plastic shower caddy can definitely come in handy. There are multiple different areas to store all your odds and ends in, whether it's cleaning supplies, Kleenex, or your kids' toys. Your vehicle will feel nice and new again in seconds. And for more cleaning hacks, see the 20 Genius House-Cleaning Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind.

Use a Hanging Fruit Basket in the Bathroom

hanging basket storage hacks

The bathroom might be an odd place to hang a metal fruit basket, but stay with us: it's actually incredibly genius. According to 8 Foot Six, hooking one onto your shower curtain rod is an easy way to store all your kids' bathtub toys that often end up, well, everywhere. Organizing all those rubber duckies has never been so easy.

Put Your Earrings in Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube mold

Don't let an earring ever get lost again. If you have a drawer you can use toward jewelry, simply give an ice cube tray a makeover and place your go-to pairs in each little compartment. If you give it a little paint, you won't even be able to tell it ever belonged in a freezer.

Store Mouth Wash in a Vinegar Bottle

olive oil

Plastic jugs of mouthwash take up quite a bit of room in your bathroom, whether that's on the counter or underneath the sink. To save space — and display the good breath must-have in a much-prettier manner — Julep Style recommends transferring it into a nice glass olive oil or vinegar bottle.

Organize Books in Wooden Spice Racks

Wooden spice rack.

If all your book shelves are full and you need more space to store your favorite reads, look to some spice racks. According to Hellobee, hooking the spacious wooden ones — like these from Amazon — to the side of a dresser or to a wall will give you plenty of room to put your extra books. Plus, it's also a fun way to display them.

Organize Your Hair Tools with PVC Pipes


Are all your hair tools constantly getting tangled up in whatever drawer you squeeze them into? To better organize your bathroom, decorate a PVC pipe to match the room and hook it up on the wall near the mirror. That way, everything you need to get ready is right there waiting for you — and it fits your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightener perfectly.

Up Your Spice Game by Magnetizing Them

spice rack storage hacks

If you can never seem to find the right spice when you need it, it might be time to rethink the way you're organizing them. Instead of shoving them all inside a cupboard or on a spice rack, grab some cleaned-out baby food jars and fill them with your go-to spices. According to One Lucky Pickle, by securing some magnets to the lids and placing labels on the bottom, you can stick them onto your fridge for incredibly functional storage.

Use Hooks to Organize Your Pot and Pan Lids

hanging rack storage hacks

Pots, pans, and all their corresponding lids can easily make your kitchen cupboards look jumbled. To keep things nice and neat, stick some adhesive hooks right inside the door to your cabinet, says Life Hacker. That way, they're super easy to access — and they never get lost in the shuffle.

Keep Your Car Clutter-Free with a Makeshift Trash Can

Trash Can in Home Cleaning

After a couple fast food stops and a week of getting Starbucks coffee on the way to work, it's easy for your car to go from nice and clean to super unorganized. Since garbage is one of the biggest sources of car clutter, make sure it's always easy to clean up by putting a trash bag in a plastic cereal container. The lid keeps everything from spilling out during bumpy rides, says Life Hacker.

Organize Cords at Your Desk with Binder Clips

binder clips

If sitting at your desk typically means getting everything — including yourself! — caught up in a bunch of wires and cords, grab some binder clips out of your drawer and put them to good use. By hooking them to the back of your desk, you can funnel everything — whether it's your phone charger or USBs — through each clip, making it easy to keep everything tangle-free.

Put Snacks in Empty Creamer Containers

dairy creamer

For smaller snacks — like Goldfish and trail mix — get rid of the bags and put your cleaned-out coffee creamer containers to good use. Once you remove the wrapper, you'll be left with a clear container that easily pours out the food when you're ready to eat it without accidentally dumping any on the floor. (Hey, it happens to the best to us.)

Start Meal Prepping Every Week

Meal prep

Your home might be organized, but your meals should be organized, too. For the ultimate ease of mind, start planning out your lunches and dinners in advance and spend every Sunday preparing everything for the week. That way, you'll never have to come home from work tired with no energy to cook — most of what you need for a healthy dinner is already good to go. And for more cleaning secrets, don't miss the 20 Things in Your Home You Didn't Realize You Should Be Cleaning.

Use Velcro on Your Remote Controls

Josep Curto/Shutterstock

If you don't want to take the time to create hidden compartments in your coffee table books to store your remote controls, do the next best thing: stick some Velcro on the back of them. Once you're done watching TV, you can simply Velcro them underneath or on the side of the coffee table.

Stack Your Bracelets on a Paper Towel Holder

paper towel holder

One of the easiest ways to store your many bracelets? Just grab a paper towel holder. You can stack up plenty of different options with all that vertical space. Plus, when you're not wearing them, it adds a splash of color to your bedroom.

Organize Craft Odds and Ends in a Spice Rack

spice rack storage hacks

Rotating spice racks aren't just great for finding what you need to season your food — it also offers plenty of different compartments to store odds and ends in your craft room. Whether it's all those buttons you don't know what to do with or your pom-pom and googly eye collection that's getting out of hand, it makes for a simple way to store and find what you need when you need it.

Start Using a Planner

more organized

Instead of trying to memorize all the obligations and things you're supposed to do over the coming weeks, start writing everything down all in one place: a trusty planner. Organizing your stuff is great, but organizing your mind? Even more important. All those sticky notes on every surface of your home are only going to go so far.

Don't Wait to Put Things Away


How many times have you said you'll "put it away later" only to end up with a messy room full of things you never actually put away? If it's a lot, you're not alone. To keep your life more organized, stop procrastinating and put things back where they go the instant you're done using them. Your future self will thank you.

Keep Your Batteries in a Tackle Box

tackle box

If you can never find the right size of batteries when you need them, it's probably because they're all sprawled out in multiple different drawers and cupboards throughout your home. To save yourself time (and money!), organize them all in a tackle box. There's space for every type and size and you'll never lose them ever again.

Create a Receipt Tracking Board

Receipt pinned to a corkboard.

Whether it's to write things off on your taxes for your business, you want to get better at budgeting, or you simply want to have them on hand for exchanges, it's super-smart to keep track of your receipts. But not if you're just going to crinkle them up in a plastic bag. Instead, create a receipt tracking board on your wall. According to Momtastic, all it takes is securing envelopes onto a bulletin board. Each envelope represents a week or month — whatever works best — so you can easily go through it once the set time period is over.

Unclutter the Front of Your Fridge

bad puns

No one needs that many "save the dates" and school pictures on their fridge. If you can barely tell what color yours is, it's time to clean it off and better organize what you do have. Get rid of the junk and create designated sections to keep track of your grocery list, to-do list, and other things you need to remember throughout the week.

Organize Your Desk with PVC Pipes

boost your confidence

PVC pipes work wonders in the bathroom when it comes to organizing your hair tools, and they can also help clean up your desk. Design by Studio C recommends combining pieces of different heights together for a super-customizable desk organizer that lets you store scissors, pens and pencils, and everything else you need within arm's reach.

Use a Pallet to Organize Your Garden Tools

Girl Gardening Valentine's Day
bokan / Shutterstock

Pallets aren't just trendy décor right now — they also make for a really great way to organize. According to Our Little Acre, by adding some hooks and securing one up to the side of your shed, you'll have a cute place to store your tools, whether it's a garden hoe, hose, or shovels.

Consider a Fold-Up Desk

Plant on desk at work

If your desk always seems to be collecting junk, make your office easier to organize by installing an option that folds up onto the wall after you're done for the day. You'll have more room for activities (like working out!) once you finish up and you won't be tempted to keep cluttering your space.

Keep Bathroom Must-Haves in Special Mason Jars

Labeled mason jars for the bathroom, toothbrush.

Someone always stealing your toothpaste? Then it might be time to use the Mason jar organization method. A Girl & A Glue Gun recommends keeping each family member's bathroom items — like their toothbrush, toothpaste, floss… you name it! — separated in personalized jars on the bathroom counter. Nothing will ever go missing again.

Place Designated Toy Hideaways All Over the House

Plastic Toys

Let's be real — when you have kids, most of the mess around the house is made up of toys. To keep things more organized and tidy, don't just rely on them putting everything away in their room after playing, because it's never going to happen. Instead, add designated (and sneaky!) toy storage areas throughout your home, whether that's in a footstool in the living room or a drawer in the kitchen.

Use an Egg Carton as a Sewing Box

egg carton

Give your needles and thread a new home by organizing them in an empty, repainted egg carton. Not only is it pretty stinkin' cute, but according to Casa Claudia, it also has just enough compartments for everything you need, from buttons to needles.

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