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Nicole Kidman's Daughters Made a Rare Appearance at the Golden Globes

The whole family glammed up for the virtual awards ceremony.

This year's Golden Globe Awards wasn't what we're used to. Instead of nominees and guests showing up in person, they took the show in virtually, from all over the world. And while this is far from the optimal situation for those who prefer a big party with a red carpet, it did mean that everyone could celebrate with their families, and that cute kids and pets kept popping up on screen for viewers to appreciate. Nominee Nicole Kidman, for example, participated in the virtual ceremony surrounded by husband Keith Urban and their daughters Sunday and Faith, making it a rare appearance by the whole family.

Kidman was nominated for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film for The Undoing, which mean that the screen flashed over to her at-home celebration several times during the evening, including when her category was announced. She ended up losing the award to Anya Taylor-Joy, who won for The Queen's Gambit, but her kids and husband were there to support her throughout the night.

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The family got all dressed up for the show.

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and daughters at the 2021 Golden Globes

They might not be able to attend any fancy events in person right now, but Kidman and Urban got dressed in their awards show finest and were joined by 12-year-old Sunday and 10-year-old Faith, who wore matching white dresses.

On Instagram, Kidman shared that her dress was by Louis Vuitton. "Some glamour & fun! Boy have I missed this," she wrote in her Instagram Story.

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In the past, the girls have had their own party at home while Mom and Dad went out.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at the 2019 Golden Globes
Featureflash Photo Agency /

At the 2019 Golden Globes, Kidman and Urban told Access Hollywood that their daughters were doing their own thing at home, and could not have cared less what their parents were up to. "They have some friends over, and they're having their own little party. They were like, 'Yeah, yeah. Bye,'" Kidman said. She added that this was a good thing in her opinion. "I want their memory of us going out and doing things like this to be that they were having their own parties."

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Kidman doesn't want her daughters on the red carpet.

Nicole Kidman and her daughters in a 2015 video for Vogue
Vogue Australia/YouTube

The Golden Globes were a nice opportunity for Kidman's young kids to join her at one of her swanky work events, because the actor doesn't like her children to be on the red carpet—at least not yet. "As much as they would love to come down a red carpet, I'm like no, we come in the back way," she told Australia's Today about the times Sunday and Faith have attended her premieres. "I'm still very protective."

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But she does share family moments with her followers on social media.

Faith's 10th birthday cake in an Instagram from Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman/Instagram

While Kidman's daughters are not really in the public eye, she does post about their home life on Instagram occasionally, usually without showing the kids' faces. For instance, in December, she shared a photo of Faith's birthday cake, and in July, she shared a photo of herself hugging Sunday on her 12th birthday.

Kidman also recently posted a Vogue video from 2015 that features herself and her daughters. See more in Nicole Kidman Just Shared a Rare Video of Her Daughters With Keith Urban.

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