Nicole Kidman's Niece Looks Just Like Her Now

Lucia Hawley, the oldest daughter of Kidman's only sister, is a dead ringer for the star.

You may have known that The Undoing star Nicole Kidman is the mother of four children—Isabella (28) and Connor (26) with ex Tom Cruise and Sunday (12) and Faith (10) with current husband Keith Urban. But did you know she's an aunt several times over too? And Nicole Kidman's oldest niece, Lucia Hawley, is a dead ringer for the actor in a recent photo posted by her mom, Nicole's sister, Antonia Kidman. To see just how strong the family resemblance is, keep reading, and for more on the actor's younger kids, check out Nicole Kidman Just Shared a Rare Video of Her Daughters With Keith Urban.

Lucia looks so much like her aunt these days.

Antonia Kidman and Lucia Hawley

Her first child, Lucia, is all over Antonia's Instagram. But a shot she shared of the two of them a month ago has welcomed a deluge of comparisons to her Oscar-winning aunt. (Hawley is on the right.) Antonia, a journalist and lawyer, is Nicole's only sibling, and she has six children. Lucia is 22 and lives in Australia, where Nicole and her sister grew up. And for more family lookalikes, see how Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' Son Looks Exactly Like His Dad in New Post.

She's accompanied Nicole to lots of fancy events.

Keith Urban, Lucia Hawley, and Nicole Kidman at the ARIA Awards in 2018
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Nicole seems to have a tight relationship with her lookalike niece and has brought her along to several big movie premieres and awards ceremonies. For the premiere of her crime drama Destroyer in 2019, Nicole walked the red carpet in Sydney with Lucia by her side. And here's Lucia with her aunt and uncle at the ARIA Music Awards in 2018. For more celebrity and entertainment news sent to you directly, sign up for our daily newsletter.

In fact, the whole family is close.

Antonia Kidman and Lucia Hawley

Antonia shares a special bond with Lucia. "Firstborn," she wrote in the caption of her Feb. 3 Instagram post. "There's something powerful about the connection with a first child. It's not favoritism or anything of that nature. Rather, I think it's because there is a period of time where there are no other beings vying for your love and attention and your focus and devotion is entirely to them."

And it seems like Nicole has been active in helping her sister bring up her family. In a TV interview with an Australian news station (as reported by Daily Mail), Antonia opened up about raising kids after her divorce, saying, "I had a lot of family support too so that assisted."

The actor has also shared her love for her sister on social media, most recently on Antonia's birthday this past July. "To my sister, I love you so much," Nicole wrote. "Can't wait to see you again and cover you in kisses and love."

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Lucia may follow her famous relative into acting.

Nicole Kidman, Lucia Hawley, and Antonia Kidman

While most photos Lucia shares on her Instagram are of her having fun and enjoying her friends and family, she may have some big career aspirations on her mind as well.

At the end of 2020, Nicole began filming her upcoming miniseries, Nine Perfect Strangers, in Australia with co-star Melissa McCarthy. "Now that Aunty Nic is in town for work, Lucia thinks this could be her moment to launch her own career," an anonymous source told Australia's Woman's Day in September. The source also claimed that Lucia is mainly interested in modeling, but had asked Nicole to help her score a small role in the miniseries. No word yet on whether or not she'll be acting with her aunt in this or any other projects.

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