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The Most Mocked Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Eye rolls seem to follow these folks around wherever they go. Here's why.

Most of us don't want to be unkind to others, but sometimes we can't help ourselves from laughing at someone else's expense. Maybe your friend can't correctly pronounce "nuclear" no matter how hard they try. Perhaps your aunt is completely oblivious to the fact that she doesn't let anyone else get a word in. Or it could be that your coworker has no idea they're bragging when they talk about their multiple degrees and million-dollar homes. Some people just set themselves up for eye rolls! To see who's most prone to this type of behavior, we spoke to professional astrologers. Read on to see which zodiac signs are the most mocked, from fun to tease to impossible not to ridicule.

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Not only is Virgo the perfectionist of the zodiac, but they're also one of the biggest worriers, or "a ball of anxiety and insecurity," as Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense, describes. She says this sign "is often mocked for their obvious struggle with life's unpredictability."

If a Virgo's favorite lunch spot discontinues their go-to salad, they may seriously struggle. Or, if a meeting is rescheduled last minute, it could throw off their entire day. "If [they] could learn to let things go and be more spontaneous, they would probably fare better in the world of public perception," says Clare.


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"The happy-go-lucky water bearer might seem like an unlikely contender," notes Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical, "but the truth is, their independent and free-spirited nature can drive other signs into a bout of jealousy."

Aquarians are considered the most eccentric members of the zodiac, and they don't care if their strange interests, funky style, or unique worldviews aren't shared by others. This also gives them a rebellious streak. "What Aquarius sees as ambitious, others see as a sense of entitlement," adds Kirsten.

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Not only is Aries a fire sign, but they're ruled by Mars, the planet of intensity, passion, and aggression. So, it's no surprise that they have the worst temper of the zodiac.

"Aries do themselves no favors by being explosive and reactive," says Clare. "They really are a ticking time bomb when something irks them."

And while you may assume that this behavior brings out fear in others, "many people find Aries' hot-headedness and impatience laughable," explains Clare. Losing it over their favorite football team getting defeated or the chicken they cooked being slightly overdone? It is kind of funny.


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Perhaps the funniest thing about Leos is that they'll "never be aware that they are being mocked, as to them, they are also the center of the universe," notes Clare. "Constantly seeking the limelight and doing literally anything for attention, Leos will automatically see the laughter of others as something positive, when in reality, this isn't always the case."

Kirsten adds that their "bold and brazen nature can make others take a quick dislike to them, viewing them as arrogant, self-centered, and a little cold."

Leo's biggest problem is that it's hard for them to stomach sharing the limelight with anyone else. "It's unsurprising that people don't always take to Leos so kindly when they can be so self-absorbed that they miss their grasp on reality entirely," says Clare. But at least they'll always get the party started!

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Gemini is the sign of the twins, which gives them a dual nature that can sometimes manifest itself as two-faced or phony. According to Clare, this means "they are often at the center of gossip and ridicule." To make matters worse, they themselves are major gossipers.

On a lighter note, this sign's indecisiveness can bring out mockery, too. "Other signs, especially Earth signs, hate when the heavy lifting is left to them all the time," explains Kirsten.

Never being able to make up their mind also means that Geminis are flaky and scatterbrained. This is usually harmless—they may show up at the wrong restaurant or wear mismatched socks—so Kirsten says that "people are most likely to mock Gemini to their face, turning it into a bout of banter, as opposed to pure hate."


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Poor Cancer. They were deemed the most annoying zodiac sign, and now they're taking the crown for the most mocked.

"Nobody likes a crybaby, and Cancer is no stranger to getting so lost and overwhelmed in their feelings that they can't function at times," says Danny Santos, astrologer and founder of Santos & The Crystal Visions. "Unless dealing with other water signs, Cancer can easily become the butt of the joke, having their feelings discounted."

In extreme cases, those who truly enjoy mocking others will go out of their way to push Cancers' buttons (which isn't hard to do) "for the sake of dark entertainment," notes Clare.

"But the truth is, this highly intuitive crab is deeply misunderstood," explains Kirsten. "Not wanting to be taken advantage of, they seldom reveal much about themselves."

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