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The Most Anxious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Experts reveal that there's one particular sign that worries more than others.

Stress can affect your body in a variety of ways. When anxiety kicks in, it's possible that you shut down, go into panic mode, or even lash out. How you react to nerves ultimately boils down to your personality type and traits. And the way you handle your emotions not only affects your outlook on life, but your relationships as well. So you may be intrigued to discover which zodiac sign is more predisposed to nervous qualities. Read on to find out the astrological sign most likely to be anxious, from a little apprehensive to full-on worrywart.

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While Aquarius is known for being "too cool for school," they can inadvertently put themselves under a ton of stress. This air sign is a people pleaser at heart, which can add to that anxiety. Ruled by the 11th House of community, Aquarius is "keen to be different and unique" but "they want to fit in and want people to like them," says astrologer Maisy Bristol. "Mostly they stress over whether people are taking their individuality seriously or in the right way," she adds.


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Libra just wants everyone to be happy. On the surface, it's a great quality to have. However, it has its pitfalls. "They put the pressure of everyone else's happiness on their shoulders," says Bristol. "This sign will bend every which way to make everyone (besides themselves) giddy with joy." They risk sidelining their own needs, which only stresses them out more when they aren't met.


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While Pisces may seem aloof and chill on the outside, there's a whirlwind of anxiety going on upstairs. "This sign is very intuitive—which means they're taking in a lot of emotional information all at once," adds Bristol. "Because of this, they can forget to set boundaries because they want to help." The result? They then stress out over others crowding their space.

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While Pisces is the healer, Cancer is "the emotional sponge of the zodiac," says Bristol. "They truly feel what you feel," she adds. What's more, is that they're ruled by the moon, which changes zodiac signs every two and a half days. So the fact that they're a moody sign is no surprise. "Because Cancer isn't able to control these things—the moon or emotions of others—they often feel wildly out of control and stress over the inability to keep structure or stability," she says.


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Of course, Virgo would be in the top six. After all, it's "the workhorse" of the zodiac. With a mind like a constant checklist, this sign's anxiety largely comes from themselves. "When you have so much to do all the time, you feel like you're never finished," says Bristol. "And then you feel like a failure because you never finish." That pressure to constantly produce wears them down, and ultimately, they max themselves out.


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It makes sense that all the air signs made this list. They rule thought, intellect, and the mind, so it's only natural that they should get caught up in their own head. Gemini, though not too dissimilar to Virgo, is the worst of them all. "This sign is seriously on-the-go, all the time," says Bristol. "They have a million thoughts a minute—similar to someone who has ADD or ADHD." Because their mind moves at warp speed, they can easily find themselves overwhelmed by everything on their to-do list. Out of the signs on this list this one, in particular, will benefit from a deep breath (or two).

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