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Leigh Taylor-Young Played Kimberley Cryder on "Dallas." See Her Now at 76.

The actor, who played one of J.R.'s girlfriends, is about to make her return to TV.

After 14 seasons and a reboot, it's safe to say that Dallas has secured its place in pop culture history. And while it tells the story of a wealthy family who own an oil company—and all the drama that comes with it—the soap opera wasn't just about the Ewings. The huge ensemble cast also included those they crossed path with while doing business. For example, in Seasons 11 and 12 of Dallas, Leigh Taylor-Young played Kimberley Cryder, the wife of another oil executive who had an affair with J.R. (Larry Hagman). The actor took a break from the business after appearing in a few other soap operas but she's about to make her return to the screen. Read on to find out more about the 76-year-old's life today.

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Taylor-Young is about to play her first role in 11 years.

Leigh Taylor-Young in 1988
Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Taylor-Young found fame in the '60s, long before Dallas, when she was cast as Rachel Wells in Peyton Place. From there, she began a film career that includes roles in The AdventurersSoylent Green, and I Love You, Alice B. Toklas. She took a break from working to be a full-time parent but took on more film and TV parts in the '80s. Come 1987, she made her return to the primetime soap opera world playing Kimberley on Dallas.

Her most notable projects since Dallas include Picket Fences and the soaps Sunset Beach and Passions. Her last credit is the 2011 movie The Wayshower, but Taylor-Young hasn't retired for good. It's been announced that she'll be playing the character Gail St. John in the American Gigolo TV series, which also stars Jon Bernthal and will premiere on Showtime sometime this year.

Spirituality is important to her.


Taylor-Young was married to her Peyton Place co-star Ryan O'Neal from 1967 to 1971, and they share one child, Patrick O'Neal. Since 2013, the actor has been married to John Morton, and she's also the vice president of his spiritual non-profit organization, John Morton Ministries.

"In recent years, Leigh has traveled the world with her husband, John Morton, together presenting seminars, workshops and heartfelt service to assist others in awakening spiritually, and for creating a better world," reads her bio on the ministry's website. Taylor-Young has shared plenty of photos of their travels on her Instagram.

Taylor-Young has also taken on her own projects related to her spiritual beliefs, including narrating a meditation called Spirit of Peace and serving as an ambassador for the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens in Los Angeles, a spiritual center that seeks to help people "connect, reflect, recharge and renew spiritually."

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She enjoyed her time on Dallas.

Leigh Taylor-Young in 2018
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On Taylor-Young's official website, she reflects on her time on Dallas, admitting that she was particularly drawn to her character's glamorous wardrobe.

"I did 21 shows of Dallas as Kimberly Cryder. I was home only a week, then on a plane to Dallas, Texas," she wrote. "I was rapidly immersed in shopping for Kimberly's wardrobe. She was very rich, and it was the eighties, so courtierère clothing was the order of the day. What fun for me ! We bought gorgeous clothes, and the Dallas wardrobe designer, Nancy Renard, lent her extraordinary eye to the fine tuning."

She goes on to share that she and Hagman were drinking real champagne when they shot their first restaurant scene together—and due to her low tolerance for alcohol, it led to her being a bit drunk on set. But she looks back fondly on shooting another episode with Hagman, who passed away in 2012.

"There is, however, one wonderful scene we did where I once again drank champagne with Larry. I was in a huge bubble bath, drinking and eating bon-bons," she said "My hair was up in a very Rita Hayworth way, my nails were long and red and I was negotiating a business deal for millions of dollars, manipulating JR with sense and sensuality. It remains one of my favorite and most outrageous scenes."

Taylor-Young and Morton host a daily livestream.

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A post shared by Leigh Taylor-Young (@spiritlty)

There's one regular way to keep up with Taylor-Young these days. Though she hasn't posted on her Instagram account since 2019, she and Morton can be found hosting a livestream called Blessing This Day every weekday.

"Join our Traveler John Morton and Leigh Taylor-Young Morton sharing their insights and wisdom, helping us find the blessings that truly are all around us, and providing Light and loving in these extraordinary times," the description reads.

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