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The More the Merrier

The 17 Celebs With the Most Kids

Call this "extreme parenting."
Normal Life

19 Child Actors Who Quit Hollywood for Good

"I had no desire to be a cautionary tale."
One and Done

18 "SNL" Stars Who Left After One Season

See who quit and who was fired.
Au Naturel

Celebs Who Vow to Never Get Cosmetic Surgery

“I just want to always look like myself."
Not Taking It Lightly

12 Celebs Who Claim They've Been Canceled

"The things you say will come back and bite you."
Fan for Life

Former Teen Idols Who Married Their Fans

Now that's commitment.
Water, Please

14 Celebrities Who Don't Drink

And why they choose to be sober.
Forgotten Fling

'70s Celeb Couples You Totally Forgot Dated

These celebs were together until they weren't.

Child Stars Who Left Hollywood and Came Back

They needed time away from the spotlight.
Career Regrets

12 Stars Who Hated Their Biggest Role

"There's a lot I don't enjoy about him."
Rough Waters

Celebs Who've Clashed With Their Co-Stars

And, in some cases, trashed them publicly.
Teen Beat-Worthy

15 '70s Teen Idols You Totally Forgot About

It wasn't all about David Cassidy & the Bradys.
Checking In

See "Hotel" Star Connie Sellecca Now at 66

The actor hasn't appeared onscreen in 10 years.
Hello Neighbor

See Harley From "The Waltons" Now at 83

Hal Williams also starred on "Sanford and Son."
Normal Lives

'70s Child Actors Who Quit Hollywood and Why

Fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.
On the Case

See Sally From "McMillan & Wife" Now at 75

Susan Saint James was a major '70s & '80s TV star.
Always Live from NY

See "SNL" Star Laraine Newman Now

The original cast member turns 70 today!
Life Onscreen

See Barney Miller's Wife Liz Now

Actor Barbara Barrie is 90 years old.
Keeping the Music Alive

See Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees Now at 75

He's the only living member of the band.
Tiger Beat Throwback

See '70s Teen Idol Robby Benson at 66

The "Ice Castles" star is still in the industry.