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25 Wrong "Family Feud" Answers That Are Totally Hilarious

These Family Feud contestants are either confused or messing with us.

Asking someone to guess how other people answered a question is bound to go to some odd places. Unlike on Jeopardy!, the answers on Family Feud are not based on an objective fact that can be verified in an encyclopedia or biography. They're just the most popular opinions of the 100 people the show's producers surveyed. Sometimes a "wrong" answer can be right in its own way—just a bit too specific or clever for a large proportion of respondents to have suggested it. But while there are a couple of those on this list, most of these answers are just terrible—and hilarious.

Question: "During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?" Answer: "September"

september calendar

Many women no doubt start showing signs of pregnancy in September, as is true of every other month of the year. But that's not what the first Family Feud host, Richard Dawson, was asking. It seems this contestant listened to the first three words of the question and just winged it from there.

Question: "Name a day of the year when you really want to be with friends." Answer: "December"

december calendar

This contestant doesn't even have the excuse of not listening to the whole question; if he'd just paid attention to the first three words, he'd have had a better shot at a correct answer than what he guessed. To be fair, December, with all its holiday festivities, is probably the month when a person would want to be with friends. But that wasn't the question.

Question: "Name a part of the telephone." Answer: "The bottom part"

retro red telephone

If only this contestant could have phoned a friend she might have been able come up with a word slightly more specific than "bottom part." Perhaps "top part" or "ringing part"?

Question: "Name an animal with three letters in his name." Answer: "Frog"

three frogs on a branch

This contestant's teammates must have been hopping mad when he messed up this answer. When the pressure's on, it might be hard to think of an animal with just three letters—cow, fox, ant perhaps?—but at least his wrong answer made enough of a splash that we're still watching videos of it now.

But by comparison, the first guy has a pretty good handle on spelling, considering the next contestant gets the same question and answers… "alligator."

Question: "What is something you squeeze?" Answer: "Peanut butter"

peanut butter

Is that a style of food preparation we've never heard of? Or does this contestant just have no idea how to make a PB&J sandwich? Either way, think we'll skip lunch at her house.

Question: "Something you might buy that could be phony." Answer: "A horse"

horse looking back at the camera

Maybe this guy has been burned by one of those counterfeit horse dealers we're always reading about—or maybe he fell asleep halfway through the question, because a "phony horse" is not something that exists.

Question: "A yellow fruit." Answer: "Orange"

oranges hanging from a tree

It's right there in the name. You have to give her some credit for guessing a fruit and not, say, a vegetable, or piece of furniture.

Question: "Name something that follows the word 'pork.'" Answer: "Cue-pine"


Here is one of those incorrect answers that is more right than all the other "correct" answers. Current Family Feud host Steve Harvey himself calls it "the greatest answer I have ever heard."

Question: "Name a word or phrase that starts with 'pot.'" Answer: "Potato"

potatoes on wooden surface

Another wrong answer that works better than a technically correct answer. While Harvey was looking for "pot pie" or "pot calling the kettle black," this contestant went a little more literal and came up with a word that does literally begin with "pot," even if it's one that very few of those surveyed would have thought to answer.

Question: "Name a kind of bear." Answer: "Papa"

papa bear with cubs

While Goldilocks might appreciate this fairytale answer to the question, Dawson was less impressed. The contestant could have guessed "grizzly," "black," "brown" or any number of other, actual bears. But he opted for a response that you'd more likely expect a kid to suggest than an adult with a bit more knowledge of the world. Perhaps he just needs a nap, or a full hibernation.

Question: "Name something you feel before you buy it." Answer: "Excited"

excited woman outdoors

Not a bad answer, actually, depending on what "it" means. It's hard to tell if this contestant is confused or knows exactly what he's doing and thinks he's completely hilarious. Either way, his answer is quite witty.

Question: "Something you wash once a week." Answer: "Yourself"

young woman showering

One of those answers that tells you more about the contestant than they probably intended. No doubt she just panicked in the moment and could not think of such things as "bedding," or even "hair." But you can't help noticing that her teammates do seem to be keeping their distance from her.

Question: "Name a tradition associated with Christmas." Answer: "Hanukkah"

menorah with fried pastries

True, it does tend to fall around the same time of year as Christmas, so menorahs are a common sight when we're seeing Christmas trees. But to say Hanukkah is a Christmas tradition is truly a gift to fans of dumb answers everywhere.

Question: "Name a city in the state of Georgia." Answer: "Alabama"

welcome sign for alabama

This contestant was clearly in a state of confusion when she suggested that a city in a particular state was… another state. At least she had the right region, considering Alabama is next door to Georgia, and we'll guess she meant to say "Atlanta," which also a bunch of A's in its name. But the answer is still less than peachy.

Question: "Name a children's story about an animal." Answer: "David and Goliath"

david and goliath
Faith Warrior Productions/IMDB

This person doesn't even have the excuse of time pressure, as he takes a conspicuous pause before finally slapping his buzzer and naming a story about two men who may be of very different sizes, but are not animals.

Question: "Name a question such as 'how old are you?' that you might answer with a lie." Answer: "18"

girl on her 18th birthday

The contestant here doesn't give Dawson time to even finish his question before providing her joke answer.

But after Dawson provides the full answer, the next contestant gives an equally confused answer. Saying "I would say 50," before asking, "Did I understand that right?" and that's not even the last person to jump into what turns into a baffling scene of mass confusion.

Question: "Something you make conversation about when you meet a stranger." Answer: "Mutual friends"

group of friends taking a selfie

Maybe this contestant just goes through life seeing every stranger as a friend she hasn't made yet, but unless she is able to read minds, it might be tough to start chatting up someone about shared friends before they even open their mouth. Dawson does his own riff on this, saying, "I don't think I've ever seen you before. How's Harry?"

Question: "Tell me a man's name that starts with the letter K." Answer: "Kentucky Fried Chicken"

kentucky fried chicken

This contestant was clearly feeling the pressure of being the second in his family up to bat in the Fast Money round. But unfortunately, his answer was not so finger lickin' good.

Question: "Name a kind of suit that's not appropriate for the office." Answer: "Chicken noodle"

chicken noodle soup on wooden table

A chicken noodle suit probably would not be very appropriate for any workplace, if one could somehow create that. But this guy was not trying to suggest some surrealistic new office uniform—he clearly just misheard the question.

Question: "Tell me another way that people say 'mother.'" Answer: "Mom-Me"

mom with her daughter on the bed

Just after this contestant's teammate has guessed, and lost, on "Nana," she then guesses "Nah-Nah." Harvery tries to give her another chance, but then she goes with "Mom-Me" because "Mommy" is already on the board, too. "Y'all are crazy," Harvey says, summing it all up.

Question: "A reason you might stay indoors on a beautiful day." Answer: "Because it's raining."

child jumping in puddle on a rainy day

Dawson had to rain on this contestant's parade by pointing out that the wrong answer was right there in the question. Of all the answers he could have opted for, this was the one that made the least sense.

Question: "Name an animal whose eggs you'd probably never eat for breakfast." Answer: "Hamster"

a hamster eating cheese in his cage

This answer wouldn't be too bad, if hamsters actually laid eggs.

Question: "Name something you'd probably never want the police to find in the trunk of your car." Answer: "Pickles"

pickles in a bowl on table

It actually sounds like a really intriguing opening to a thriller: A cop pulls a guy over and the driver is sweating bullets, worried the officer will discover the jar of pickles in his trunk. It raises so many questions—did he use them as a weapon? Are they proof of some other crime? In reality, this contestant is probably just confused… and maybe a little weird.

Question: "Name a noisy bird." Answer: "Chipmunk"

chipmunk eating a peanut

It's not a bird. It's not even noisy. Moving on!

Question: "Name something that's better than being rich." Answer: "Poor"

man holding out empty wallet

This guy might have been getting philosophical, pointing out that lacking in material wealth could make one more spiritually rich. Or he just said the first thing that popped into his head that was different than rich.

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